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Solta: Thermage & Fraxel > Solta Medical, Thermage, Fraxel, Reliant, Steven J. Fanning, Bill Brodie, Twitter

I just got an email from Steven J. Fanning, Chairman, President and CEO of Solta Medical (formerly Thermage & Reliant). He has blocked my emails and he intends “to carefully monitor [my] future activities”. He suggests that I am mentally ill, “we do not intend to try to diagnose your problem, whatever it is” and he suggests that I have lost my dignity, “we can only hope that sometime soon you will come to your senses and recover your dignity”.

What Mr. Fanning does not understand is that I do what I do because laser executives will not listen to you unless you insult them, you curse at them and you make things personal. You have to be aggressive and disruptive to get their attention. Looks like I got Mr. Fanning’s attention. I am glad that he is carefully monitoring my activities because I have things that HE needs to hear! (Mr. Fanning sent his email without directly interacting with me, without looking into the situation personally. I guess he is too important to do that. I guess he is “better” than me because he went to business school and I only went to medical school. I love these guys who are Chairman, President & CEO!).

Mr. Fanning, my dignity is in tact (don’t worry about that) and I keep my sanity by staying focused on doing the right thing by my patients and my fellow laser providers. My main interest is in patient safety and clinical results. If I have to insult you and be aggressively disruptive to get you to do “the right thing”, then I will happily continue to insult you and call you names and “engage in juvenile taunts”. It is kind of fun taunting people with iron rods up their butts!

So, in the spirit of “Twitter”. I will twitt on this blog space ( and tell Mr. Fanning what I think. You are all welcome to join in the conversation!

Now, many of you know me. I do this for the important cause of patient safety and improved clinical results. I try to be truthful, honest and transparent. My methods are aggressive and disruptive, but they work and, in my mind, the “ends justify the means”. If any of you don’t like how I do this, then I suggest YOU have your priorities wrong. We need help from the laser companies in starting, maintaining and promoting “robust clinical exchange”. We need to learn from each other. My issue with Mr. Fanning and Solta Medical is that they “talk the talk, but have not walked the walk”. It is TIME to get their “Clinical Exchange Program” going. The time is NOW. They don’t like being told what to do and they don’t like “the way that I tell them” – too bad. To Mr. Fanning and Solta, I say, “grow up” and “thicken your pretty, little, sensitive, executive skin”. Do the right thing and quit whining like a baby!

Depending on how things go, I may have to release all of our emails to demonstrate the problems. I hope Mr. Fanning will do “the right thing” and we can avoid all “the drama”, but if we have to resort to “drama”, I hope you will enjoy it. I try to be entertaining and keep things interesting.

Sounds like Solta Medical is just as bad as Lumenis!

04.29 | Unregistered CommenterMax Plank

Doesn't Randy Freed work for Solta now?
"Birds of a feather flock together"
He sold me some worthless Cutera lasers.

04.29 | Unregistered CommenterPA Doc

Arrogant Laser Executives (Like Fanning, Mann and others) are screwing up Cosmetic Medicine. They want to stomp out any hint of dissent (and alternate point of view) so they can sell more lasers. They don't care about the providers or the patients. They don't care about our patient's faces (just see how they deal with complications and side effects). They just care about their bonus and their stock options. They don't realize that in this dissent is the "customer feedback" they need to get better. They don't realize that in this dissent, the innovation takes place and the field advances. They don't realize that they are ruining our field by being dishonest and opaque. They try to discredit and stomp out any individual who disagrees with their "sacred" agenda. They are idiots. It is time for a paradigm change. The providers need to take control and stop being abused by these arrogant, inept business majors (they were the losers we all knew in college) who don't understand medicine and don't understand medical care. They would sell their children if they could make a buck!

04.29 | Unregistered CommenterEHR

Has anyone sufferred from post inflammatory hyperpigmentation post fraxel co2 laser ? Is this permanant. I am seven months post procedure and being treated with 4% hydroquinone with little effect.

04.14.2009 | nanetti

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterNanetti

"If I have to insult you and be aggressively disruptive to get you to do “the right thing”, then I will happily continue to insult you and call you names and “engage in juvenile taunts”. It is kind of fun taunting people with iron rods up their butts! "

I love it! We need to call those CEOs out more often. Stiff jerks who can't take a joke!

Steven J. Fanning, CEO, Chairman, President, do the right thing! Where is your Clinical Exchange?

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterMcomment

Why doesn’t this patient’s physician know how to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation. Bill Brodie, VP of Sales of Solta (a typical shady salesman) would argue that the doctor is stupid and does not care. Bill Brodie, who has zero medical education, does not think it has anything to do with Solta’s Training or lack of “clinical exchange”. Bill Brodie and Stephen J. Fanning are business guys who don’t care about patients or providers and THEY are making these kind of decisions without ANY medical training. They think they know more than the doctors! They know SO MUCH and are so smart that anyone who disagrees with them must be mentally ill. They are a couple of idiots. I would NOT buy their overpriced lasers (which also have expensive disposables). For the price, they should have the best support and the best clinical exchange in the business. Their support stinks! Their Fraxel CO2 laser costs in excess of $150,000 while the competitor costs $60,000. The competitor has better support and is less than half the price! What is the extra $90,000 for Bill? What is the extra $90,000 for Stephen?

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

"He intends “to carefully monitor [my] future activities”

Hey Steven, monitor this ....

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterJeffrey

It is outrageous that these nitwit laser executives have the audacity to call a concerned, experience, expert physician mentally ill and unprofessional. This doctor wants to provide better and safer care for all patients and these mental midgets refuse to engage, cut him off and belittle him? Is this what Laser Medicine has come to? Who is in charge? The mental patients seem to be running the asylum!

Dr. Epstein, you are so right on! I applaud you for telling it like it is - I think the fact that they are incapable of a clinical exchange speaks volumes about the kind of people they are. I am continually amazed by the audacity of some of these "executives!" Hey guys, wake up! A new era is beginning and it's time for some honest exchange. You had better pay attention because we are all watching and waiting and are supportive of Dr. Epstein in trying to shake you out of your arrogant dream world!

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterFiona

The pure arrogance is breathtaking.
I think that the are all afraid that if we talk, we will discover that they are all a bunch of idiots.
"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" -- Wizard of Oz
"The Emperor has no clothes" -- Hans Christian Anderson
I am glad that some of us are not intimidated.
Go get 'em boy!

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterBob

Dr. Jeff Epstein you are my HERO....Right the indignities put upon the Aesthetic Medicine community by exposing "those certain" laser executives for the CHARLATANS that they are...and the MD's who "sell-out" for the Fools Gold they offer!!
I have had first hand experience in my 11 plus years in the Aesthetic Medicine "business" to work in the "bowels" so to speak of Reliant Technologies before they where bought by Thermage...who was bought by Solta..and WHAT A JOKE it was....their "clinical exchange" data consisted of one Manufacturing VP's forray into a locked room where "clinical" experiments were preformed with a "MAD MAX " futuristic shell of a Fraxel Laser and screams of pain could literally be heard coming from the room as different fluences were plummeted on this nameless executive, and then discussed at a weekly meeting in which this same executive would appear in some new "burn and bandage attire" or "staff infectious diseased" state while the "moles" of the company were taken to delivering tirades on the competition through the competitors laser manufacturing schematics obtained through unscrupulous means, and then put in a power point presentation for all to see. I was never so HAPPY to leave the Manufacturing and Executive World of Laser Technology as I was to leave Reliant and watch with passive and unsurprised eyes as they were sold to another "Laser Giant of Technology" .....Thermage. I can only HOPE this was the exception and not the rule when it comes to HOW these technology companies are run and the means by which they obtain their "EXECUTIVE" status. PLEASE do not give up the quest for the TRUTH IN TECHNOLOGY we SO need to keep the integrity and above all safety we offer to our patients...First and Foremost, "To do no harm"....

I hope YOU (MedicalSpaMD bloggers) will contribute to this debate.
Have you ever benefitted from clinical exchange? Would you like more?
SkinScience and Fiona, thank you for weighing in! We need more people weighing in!

We need to send a message to Stevie Boy Fanning and the other a-hole laser executives.
I can't do this alone. They will just "shoot the messenger" and try to discredit me.
If you have feelings about clinical exchange and the support Laser Companies give, please post here!
They deserve an angry mob with pitch forks knocking down their nice expensive corporate gates!

05.1 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

"He (Stevie Boy Fanning) intends “to carefully monitor [my] future activities”

Hey Stevie Boy! If you want to monitor my future activities, you can "subscribe to this page" by signing in, going to your name in the upper left area, dropping down to "subscribe to this page" and clicking.

My next post will be about Billy Boy Brodie and what a gutless wonder he is!

Email from Billy Boy Brodie. ALL CAPS ARE MY COMMENTS:


Wow, again we just don’t seem to get on the same page YES, BECAUSE YOU ARE SUCH A LYING DICK HEAD. Weakness, change of heart? Never thought that. YES YOU DID. Never meant to lecture, either. HE SAYS THIS AFTER HE GAVE ME A LECTURE ON HOW TO BEHAVE AND HOW TO INTERACT WITH THE SOLTA EXECUTIVES. I was simply trying to help reach our goal. NO YOU WERE NOT. YOU ARE A LYING BASTARD. YOUR GOAL IS TO SHUT ME UP BY LYING AND DECEIVING AND STALLING AND MAKING EXCUSES ...



Thank You, (NO ... THANK YOU! )

Bill Brodie Vice President, Global SalesSOLTA MEDICAL


I support your cause. Although I am not a doctor….just a doctor wanna be…..I feel it’s just as important for someone like myself (practice manager) to understand how these lasers work and the best and correct energy levels to use for optimal results and patient satisfaction.
I’ve had plenty of experience dealing with patients that were unhappy after receiving treatments by Cutera, Fraxel, Fractional CO2 Alta. Clinical Exchange from these big laser companies should be forthcoming and expected. They’ve gotten off far too long and have gotten rich in the process while we struggle in the trenches to meet and exceed patient expectations. Enough is enough….once again, I support your cause and applaud your efforts in your struggle to make our treatments more effective and our businesses more profitable! I’ll continue to MONITOR your blogs!!!

First Samuel 17:34-35

And David said unto Saul: "Thy servant kept his father's sheep; and when there came a lion, or a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock, I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth; and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him."

05.2 | Unregistered CommenterMrSmote

"I've posted on how Thermage brings out the heavy anger here. Some docs think Thermage is a totally bogus technology. That's the rep that many new treatments encounter. I think Thermage brought most of that trouble on themselves with inadequate training and price gouging. The move to quicker treatments with bigger heads (effectively cutting the price) is a step in the right direction. Thermacool as a treatment is improving, Thermage as a company has been a pain in the ass. I hope that is changing."

Steven J. Fanning was in charge then and is in charge now. Same management and same disdain for doctors.

Inadequate training, inadequate support, price gouging ($400 per diposable head with 30% clinical failure rate!), $150,000 Fraxel CO2 Laser with expensive disposible per treatment (when competition is $60,000 with no disposable).

Loser CEO and loser company. Fanning bought Reliant for 100 Million dollars when it was not profitable and in this economy Reliant would be worth 20 million! Good move loser! The grapevine is talking and it is saying that Fanning is a jerk.

05.2 | Unregistered CommenterThermage

Check out this story about College Football and the BCS Bowl Championship Series. It involves an idiot corporate executive (John Swofford) making a ridiculous argument and a congressman (Joe Barton of Texas) giving him a deadline and threatening him with a bill (a punishment and consequences). Normally I am not in favor for government getting involved in these type of things, but this just illustrates how corporate executives can be idiots and they need to be given strict deadlines and they must be held accountable. I bet Swofford is whining about being threatened. That is what executives are best at ... whining about being threatened and whining about unprofessional behavior.

“… [he] bluntly warned Swofford: "If we don't see some action in the next two months, on a voluntary switch to a playoff system, then you will see this bill move."

(drag across the link, copy it and paste it into your browser) or just google: "College Football Congress"

"Laser executives will not listen to you unless you insult them, you curse at them and you make things personal. You have to be aggressive and disruptive to get their attention."

“I have a concern, after reading much of your members exchange the last couple of months; an alarming number of responses are inaccurate. This speaks to two things: 1) the need for more training and education, also 2) how do you control doctors who don’t spend the time to learn their facts and study the science behind their technologies?” – Bill Brodie, VP of Sales, Solta Medical

If THIS QUOTATION does not show what an idiot Bill Brodie is … I don’t know what will. He and his company do nothing to promote or encourage clinical exchange and then he has the nerve to blame the providers for not spending the time to “learn their facts and study the science behind their technology”. He is an idiot!

He also has a concern … he is alarmed … he has read “much” of some exchange (I am not sure what exchange he is reading) and he is alarmed about inaccurate responses! Bill you should be ALARMED about the complications YOUR doctors are having with YOUR lasers! That is why we need clinical exchange, you idiot!!! You should be alarmed if responses are inaccurate on an exchange and that is precisely why YOUR COMPANY should be organizing, promoting and supporting clinical exchange.

It is very frustrating when you are trying to work with a brick wall who is as dumb as a tree stump. Bill Brodie, you are an idiot and Steve Fanning you are no better.

05.2 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

"This is the reason we spend almost 20% of our revenue on R&D and clinical research; we have a built-in world-class Clinic and Laboratory, in Hayward; doing more research and studies than all the other companies in this market space combined. We are a science based company. We also happen to be one of the only companies that report all of our patient complications to the FDA. (This has been repeatedly stated by the FDA at many meetings, including Controversies)" -- Bill Brodie, VP of Sales or Marketing, Solta Medical

Bill, this is a bunch of sales and marketing double talk. This is what you are best at ... Bull Sh_t. The fact remains that your company sucks when it comes to continuing education. You love to tell how great you are, but i say you suck. The results from your lasers are not as good as they should be and the complication rate is much too high.

Guess who pays YOUR salary and guess who pays for YOUR stock options. It is the providers who buy your overpriced lasers and light devices and pay for your overpriced disposable tips!

Clnical Exchange is very inexpensive.

When I TELL YOU that you need to start, promote and support CLINICAL EXCHANGE, I don't want to hear about your R&D and your research facilities and all the other crap that you think is so cool. I want clinical exchange and I really don't care about the other stuff. You are just like the rest of the salesman selling swamp land in Florida. You are not as great as you think you are. You should start listening to your providers a little more and shut up with the self congradulatory bull sh-t.

05.2 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

"just had my 2nd procedure of fraxel restore. Pain was excrutiating, like razors scraping off my skin. I'm crying...after 4 days my nose looks like a huge fake halloween nose and every minute I keep looking at it wondering if it will ever return to being normal." -

Hey Bill and Stevie, do you teach your providers about pain control? this provider does not know how to do a Fraxel Re:store treatment and I blame YOU (yes, you ... Bill and Stevie). I blame the two knuckleheads at corporate who don't care about patients or providers. You just care about your end of the year bonus and your stock options. You are so smart, smarter than the rest of us. Smarter than people who have gone to medical school and do dozens of treatments every day. You are the smartest and the best. You are executives!

Bill Brodie and Little Stevie Fanny ( I mean Fanning).

05.2 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

Copied from the Wall Street Journal

Here's an excerpt:

Mr. Fanning said that Solta's business is more resilient than that of competitors whose sales rely largely on equipment. A big chunk of Solta's revenue comes from consumable "tips" for its machines. "It's like going over a toll bridge; every time you pass through you pay," Mr. Fanning said. On some machines, tips must be replaced after each cosmetic procedure. Each costs about $400.

I guess he doesn't think doctors read the Wall Street Journal. Good to know that my checkbook is like a toll bridge to him.

Speed Pass,
You would think that if we got better results with less complications, we would sell more treatments and use more tips. Since this is true, Solta Medical would be wise to go very aggressively into "clinical exchange" out of self interest (even though we all know they could care less about patients or doctors). The fact that they are in a big battle to NOT do this is very curious. They are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Just shows that these corportate dudes are not too bright! They use the fact that "we all have the same incentives" to sell their consumable tip program to prospects. Looks like they don't really believe their own lies. I would not buy any Solta Products until they HAVE a robust clinical exchange program up and running and running well. In the meantime there are plenty of companies with lasers half the price with NO consumable and NO clincial exchange (just like Solta).

05.2 | Unregistered CommenterConfused

Mr. Fanning's Total Compensation in 2007 $1,464,381.00

05.2 | Unregistered CommenterInvestor

"He has blocked my emails and he intends “to carefully monitor [my] future activities” -- The dick head (Steven J. Fanning can't intimidate me! He went to Textile University which is in Philadelphia. I hope that the next time he is in town, he will stop in and see me. I would love to have a "smack down" with this arrogant a-hole!

05.3 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

Hey Steve and Bill,

Why don't you just set up, promote and support Clinical Exchange?
What is the problem?

can someone tell me what "clinical exchange' are we talking about...

I am a physician and agree with what people are saying here but just not sure about the exchange!

"In the field of Cosmetic Dermatology, Continuing Clinical Education Programs are terrible and Clinical Exchange Programs are nonexistent. Who is to blame?
The big laser companies are to blame! Cutera, Lumenis, Cynosure, Palomar, Sciton and other big laser companies have not developed meaningful Clinical Education Programs and they have not encouraged or facilitated Clinical Exchange Programs. This includes Cutera’s bi-yearly Clinical Forums. "

You can find more information by copying the following links into your browser or searching in MedicalSpaMD for "clinical exchange":

An example of how Clinical Exchange can be Helpful

I have seen, not infrequently, a dusky hyperpigmentation in my Asian Patients getting Fraxel Re:store (1500) treatments. When this happens, I stop the treatments and treat with weekly Medlite C6 treatments (along with hydroquinone) until the pigmentation fades. Then I resume Fraxel at a lower setting. I have seen this dusky pigmentation at TL 5 and TL 4. I use the Medlite Q-Switched laser at 1064, 6 mm spot size, 2-3.5 j/cm2 to fade the pigmentation.

Posting this type of clinical experience can help others and when others respond with their experiences, I can learn how to avoid this complication while getting better ultimate results. Clinical Exchange is as simple as this. It boggles my mind that none of the laser companies are promoting, supporting and encouraging this type of activity.

We do this type of exchange on MedicalSpaMD and we do this in MAPA but the laser companies have access to all their users (not many users know about these exchanges). The more providers that participate, the better the exchange gets and more providers and patients benefit. Having the Laser Companies participate in the Clinical Exchange is critical to the best information becoming available.

It is very frustrating when laser executives are dismissive of this critical tool. I firmly believe that by delaying this activity many providers and many patients are being harmed each and every day.

05.4 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

I have to agree with Dr Epstein. I have used the fraxel 750, 1500 40MJ, re:store 70MJ. On each the training I received was watching the nurse educator perform two cases (illegal in Florida) and given some word of mouth parameter settings. After some undesirable results I spent time studying the laser, tissue interaction and efficacy of parameters.

I now know the laser inside and out and have proven results with over 1000 procedures done. I teach other users through Med Spa MD and MAPA covering a nation wide basis about the parameters and all variables involved. Those who have taken my advice see better efficacy, reduced adverse rxn's and happier patients. I have spoken with upper level Reliant personal and they are not interested. Solta is even worse, I hear on a regular basis the rep tells a peer parameters that WILL lead to complications. These facts proven with evidence based information will not deter the company from using uneducated reps, giving poor parameter advice. Why? I have no idea, but I see it all the time. You would think the company would support clinical exchange to improve outcomes. I know for a fact that they know the correct ranges to treat conditions, but they refuse to educate the provider public. This is bad business for longevity of the company.

"Science is always simple and always profound. It is only half-truths that are dangerous." -- George Benard Shaw 1856-1950

05.5 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

Dark Circles Under the Eyes:

Fraxel/fractional technology DOES NOT help, it makes it worse! There is long-term inflammation and I could almost swear that it created lipoatrophy in the periorbital area. It dose give great contracture for wrinkles and laxity, but I have also noticed that there is an increase in superficial vasculature afterward that does not respond well to ipl or yag.

05.7.2009 | ka

ka, DarkEyeCircles,

You obviously do not have much experience with fractional laser and lower lids. I have used fractional erbium in a technique described on this blog with much success. I personally know and have seen physicians use fractional and traditional CO2 with positive results time and time again on lower lids.

All of the leading experts in evidenced based literature will agree a lower bleph is not complete without laser resurfacing.

There are a lot of factors involved in lower lid appearance; shadowing , fat pad, dermal atrophy, genetics, ethnic background, etc.....

You must have got your parameters from the sales rep!

05.12 | Unregistered CommenterFlorida PA

Just a quick salesman story. I just got an e-mail from a Reliant rep calling the Fraxel RePair the "gold standard " in laser resurfacing. I sent him an e-mail discussing that no company can make that claim with a fractionated CO2 laser. I will see what he says.

I am just trying to keep these people honest. I want to hear what everyone else thinks and hope that you will do the same when a laser rep makes false statements.

05.14 | Unregistered CommenterLH

BusinessWeek. May 25, 2009. Headline. “How the Mighty Fall”

The Dynamics of Leadship-Team Behavior. How managers interact says a lot about the state of the company. “Teams of the way down”:

“People shield those in power from unpleasant facts, fearful of penalties and critism for shining light on the rough realities”. P. 028

I guess this would include when a CEO of a major company blocks his emails from an experienced provider who knows the technology and knows the field.

This is you Steven J. Fanning, CEO of Solta and Bill Brodie, VP of Sales of Solta. You guys have your heads in the sand (or up your B*tt. You are on your way “down and out”.

1.5 million dollars per year? Good job, Steve. What are you going to make this year?

05.17 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

"The team leader has a very low questions-to-statements ratio, avoiding critical input and/or allowing sloppy reasoning and unsupported opinions" -- BusinessWeek 5/25/09

Sounds like Stevie Boy Fanning and Billy Boy Brodie of Solta.

05.17 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

"Team members argue to look smart or to further their own interests rather than argue to find the best answers to support the overall cause" -- BusinessWeek 5/25/09

Again ... Stevie Boy and Bill Boy of Solta Medical. Fraxel Re:pain and Thermage.

05.17 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

Much like Cutera, Solta is now introducing a recertification policy. If you buy a used Fraxel or Thermage and want to buy parts or tips, you'll have to fork over about $20K for a Fraxel certification and $8K for a Thermage unit. Start thinking about alternatives, because this policy will kill the used market for both machines, and therefore, they will go the way of the Cutera Xeo. -- FYI.

Cutera sucks and now Solta is following in their foot steps. First they hire old, used-up Cutera Sales guys and then they start instituting Cutera self-destructive policies. Fanning, you are an idiot! see "Cutera: the old bulll and the young bull".

05.26 | Unregistered CommenterJS

Steven J. Fanning, CEO of Solta (the 1.5 million dollar man) is an idiot and a scum bag!
Bill Brodie is his a$$ wipe boy.
A couple of arrogant a-holes.
Overpriced lasers, terrible support, kiss a$$ executives who brown nosed their way to the top.
Got their noses up someboy's a$$.
Its a long way down, boys!

Solta's Losses in 2009 are Double what they were in 2008.

The Company reported a net loss of $4.8 million, or $0.10 per share for the first quarter of 2009 compared to a net loss of $2.2 million, or $0.09 per share reported in the first quarter of 2008

I want a job where I can lose $20 million per year and get paid 1.5 million dollars!

Hey Fanning and Brodie. Dale has a message for you: “Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.”
- Dale Carnegie

06.2 | Unregistered CommenterDC

Champion: A strong champion can make a critical difference in many clinical projects. The key test of a champion comes at any point when the project faces a challenge—usually from another physician. There are many ways in which a champion might respond to such a challenge in order to keep the project moving forward. But there are two ways that an effective champion will NOT respond: either with silence, or with an offensive attack on the individual objecting to the initiative. This leads to the identification of the two key attributes of an effective champion: COURAGE and social skills. -- Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Engaging Physicians in a Shared Quality Agenda. 2007.

Steven Fanning, CEO of Solta obviously has no courage. He is a big pu$$y. He cuts off discussion by blocking emails and then he attacks and casts aspersions. He is an arrogant little man who looks like a skeletan. Beedy eyes, sunken sockets. What a loser! , management team (check out the photo)!

Working with laser companies is one way to combat this problem. Laser companies can be particularly valuable in the clinical exchange arena. These companies have the resources to start, support and nurture this activity. They know who their users are, they can enlist the knowledge of luminaries, and they have company doctors and scientists who understand the clinical applications of their laser devices. It's important to mix all of these elements in the proper environment to spur the best advances and innovations from these groups.

M. Christine Lee, MD, MPH, writes that upstanding laser companies "put more money and resources into product development than in marketing and advertising. They have a corporate philosophy that's based on building relationships.investing in new technology and research.[and] nurturing forward vision."1

It seems almost foolish not to work with laser companies, especially since many providers are getting clinical results that are suboptimal. Furthermore, many patients are experiencing complications that can be avoided. (See for patient complaints and see www.MedicalSpaMD.?com for provider complaints.)

Although laser companies don't provide the clinical exchange we need, we can find useful models to emulate outside our field. For example, a medical device company produces Philips NetForum. This community connects Philips users from around the globe in a virtual users meeting so they can share clinical experiences, learn from peers and optimize results.

I'm sure many innovations have occurred when users simply share ideas and explore insights with each other via this Internet clinical forum. If we had this resource, our field would advance dramatically.

Complete Article:

It seems like Steven J. Fanning and William Brodie should be doing this with Solta, especially since they sell high priced disposable tips! Maybe if they did this they wouldn't be losing $5 million per quarter!

Obama's "Pay Czar" should visit Solta.
Steven J. Fanning and his band of idiots (Billy Boy Brodie) probably earn too much money.
Fanny Boy earns 1.5 milllion per year and the company loses $20 million per year.
Great job, boys!
Maybe if you cap Fanny Boy's Compensation at $500,000 he will leave to ruin another company.
Maybe we can then have some "clinical exchange"

Hey Fanny Boy, are you paying attention to Lumenis Malcontents?
Are you a heartless, money grubbing executive who doesn't care about our patient's?
Seems like alll you care about is your $1.5 million per year.

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