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Skin Type: Pigment & Complexion > Dark Circles Treatment Options For East Indian Skin

Apologies for posting as a patient but I am in desperate need for genuine guidance, assistance and accurate information due to the conflicting information I am encountering. I am of East Indian origin and suffer from 'Extremely Dark Circles Around The Eyes' caused by excessive pigmentation to the area. After having tried a number of products which have all failed to eliminate the problem, I feel now that the only avenue I can explore is the cosmetic surgery/treatment route in which you all are experts.

In the past, I have been told that any cosmetic procedure whether laser, peels, light therapy etc are simply not suitable for my skin type. I am wondering now if there is any new technology or treatments that can be safely used and that genuinely eliminates dark circles around the eyes for people of East Indian ethnicity? I would be very grateful for any assistance you can give me.

03.28 | Unregistered CommenterBazzy77

I am treating an african-american patient with dark circles (pigment, not vascular or shadow) with Hydroquinone and MedLiteC6 1064 Q-Switched Laser. He looked like a racoon. 4 Treatments so far with 50% fading. Weekly treatments x 10 planned. You must be very careful. I use 4 mm spot size and 1.8 j/cm2. I use the Syris Headlamp to visualize the pigment granules and treat very gently. My only worry is that the pigment will come back (hopefully not for a while and not worse than when we started).

Dark circles around the eyes due to pigment is a very difficult problem. Still looking for the best solution. Any other ideas would be greatlly appreciated. What do you think of q-switched lasers for this problem?

I am afraid to use Fraxel because it makes Melasma worse sometimes. Who is Dr. Walia? Can he post here?

01.1 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

have you considered undereye filler?

04.27 | Unregistered CommenterSS

I have tried aluma laser. I'm of east indian descent. It has not been working. I've also been using aurederm-sp? and that too doesn't seem to work. my next step will be restylane. Dr Puneet-how were the results after some time? 50% lighter is pretty good.

10.2 | Unregistered Commenterohsha

As for coloured skin, you may try Dual yellow laser. It's wavelength focus for the blood cell but, make som improvement in skin colour too.

I dont think laser is a permanent way of treating dark circles. It is more of systemic condition and i know cause my partner was also suffering from the same condition. nothing really worked but chinese herbal therapy helped her a lot. Why dont you try some herbal medicine first also to see if that can help you. Nothing to loose right?

02.16 | Unregistered Commenternatural

Dear Bazzy,

I apologize for what seems like a dilatory reply; I just joined this forum.

I do not, of course, know all the details of your case; however, if your periorbital hyperpigmentation is due to deposition of melanin and/or iron, I would recommend the use of a Q-switched ruby laser by a qualified practitioner . This type of laser is an effective treatment for both types of hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, it is quite probable the hyperpigmentation will be a recurring problem.

Please keep us abreast of your progress.

I am undergoing Mesolis treatments, although my dark circles are more vascular than pigmented. I have had one treatment so far with a noticeable improvement. I have used combination of retinol and vitamin C eye creams to lighten the pigment that had also contributed the extreme darkness around my eyes.

09.20 | Unregistered CommenterYC

Hi all,
I am an MD from Ghana, Practising Cosmetic Dermatology. I am Dark skinned grade VI, I treated my own dark eye circles with AHA's, Hydroquinone, Chemical Peels and Daily vitamin c serums. I did 6 weeks skin conditioning prior to the peels hence no risk of PIH.
I still have a number of challenges with women over 40years with Melasma....seems it becomes difficult to condition their skin type.

be greatful hyperpigmentation is treatble,since the eye area is extremely delicate
henc its wiser to use treatmnts tht are specificly formulatd
for tht area.eye creams can be useful(avoid HQ) because,there
are plenty of precautions tht must be considerd.Lumixyle is a
great sub and has light.reflcn properties,conclusive studies hav bin
done check th web_if that doesnt work,itl be bettr for u to wait until
thrz a solution thts suitbl for u.

I am an aesthetic GP practicing in Singapore
I am a South Indian Skin type 4/5
I suffer from dark under eye circles and sunken eyes.
I have been doing weekly RF treatments for my eyes at least > 10 sessions and monthly RevLite.
I have also been concomitantly using Arbutin based cream and also Lumixyl under the eye
My dark eye circles are definitely improving.
I guess in aesthetics there is no one treatment that does the job rather a combination of treatments.The next thing I shd do is fillers!


12.2 | Unregistered CommenterDr MM

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