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Sciton: Joule & BBL > Microdots

I noted this on another part of the forum but without a reply as far as I could see

"Has anyone experienced microdot scarring following treatment with the PFX XC?

I've seen faintly hypogigmented microdotting in the grid pattern in 2 female patients, aged 32 and 58, 3 and 9 months after fairly conservative treatments - one pass, 200-250m 11% no coag - fortunately not apparent to either patient. In both cases, scarring was limitted to the midcheek just below the maxilla although both had full face treatments."

I too have have seen this in 4 patients. suspect it relates to depth and possibly the closed sapphire handpiece rather than the open handpiece.
It seems to fade with time, further PF seems to blur it and combination with resurfacing may also help.
Have others had this experience? Solutions?

05.8 | Registered Commentervseh

Just saw your post; but yes I have seen this before and asked a Sciton Luminary about who didn't think it was possible!. I have just resurfaced the patient and it faded. I use the open "goal-post" standoff so I don't think it has to do with the glass standoff. The area most notable was indeed the maxillary region. The only though I have on it is possibly? the handpiece was not held 90 degrees to the skin surface.

01.13 | Registered CommenterSRR

I have had others tell me this as well. I do not have the XC but own multiple Sciton products.I think it has to do with the size of each laser spot. If I remember correctly each spot is 420 microns which makes them visible to the naked eye. My friends with the Profractional have just added a micro laser peel of 30 to 50 microns over the top of the pro fractional. Now, they always do the Profractional treatment and then immediately go over it with the micro laser peel. This has eliminated it as a problem and does not add to the patients down time. They feel it has made the patients even happier with their results. The docs have been happy as well.

Lornell E. Hansen, M.D.
LazaDerm Skincare Centre

01.13 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Would you please share additional information regarding skin types of these patients? My experience with fractionated laser (Fraxel laser) years ago revealed that deep resurfacing on type IV and type V patients usually resulted in temporary hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. The pigments return to normal after 1 month of topical betamethasone. Melasma cases (epidermal or dermal) are complicated when choosing laser resurfacing as treatment option. When using my Sciton 2940nm laser, I don't go deeper than 100 micron on my type IV patients to prevent PIH or other temporary pigment changes. Can other docs jump in and share their experience with laser resurfacing?

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