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I am in the early stages of opening a medical spa. I am trying to keep costs down as much as possible. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to decide on a platform laser to start out with. I like the Sciton Joule but must admit it is because I did some recent training with it. I don't really have much experience with others. I noticed that there are some used Sciton joules going for less then half that it would cost new. The laser sales guy told me it comes with a 90 day guarantee and they also told me there are tech's that can fix it when the warranty expires. Am I being mislead. Anyone have any good experiencing buying used lasers?

01.13 | Unregistered Commentertorresmd

Yes, I would never buy new laser.
However, you can also see my current past regarding re-certification fees.
These are fees charged by laser manufacturers to upgrade software, get repairs, order disposables, etc.
Some companies are terrible about this and seem to have an upper hand.
Read this by Vin Wells.
It is great advice:
This is probably the most important paragraph I am placing in this article. Please read and re-read this paragraph because it is so critically important and can save you thousands of dollars. You need to enter the purchase negotiations for a new medical laser with the goal of accomplishing these four objectives: (1) Revise the purchase agreement to allow the warranty to be transferred to a new buyer without penalties or fees of any kind, (2) Request that the warranty be extended beyond the standard one year to two or three years, (3) Eliminate any language in the agreement regarding a “recertification fee” should the laser be sold beyond the warranty period, and (4) require that the warranty include a Laser Depot service to be sure you have no downtime in your clinic. A laser depot service is when the manufacturer ships you a replacement laser should your laser break down during the warranty period. It is a critical service to have when you have just purchased a new laser. Be sure this is always included. If you can, request that the Depot service is extended through the entire life of the warranty, whether it be one year or up to three years. If you are able to accomplish these four objectives, you will be way ahead of the game.

02.4 | Registered CommenterDr C

Thanks for that info. Some good advice for sure. I am particularly interested in the Sciton Joule and have heard that it is very difficult to get the Sciton serviced unless you pay a huge fee to Sciton to re-certify the machine. This seems like a practice that only hurts Sciton because this makes me less likely to want to buy the machine new. The warranty is usually non-transferable and the laser depreciates by 50% almost immediately. So if I purchase a new one, the resale value is not good. If I buy used, it is a gamble but if I can get three years of good service out of the machine, it is worth the gamble. It's interesting that the ones that recommend always buying new are the ones that stand to gain the most. Most physicians that I speak to have bought used lasers and continue to recommend that practice.

02.6 | Unregistered Commentertorresmd

Regarding Off Lease Laser posted above, We have been able to resolve this issue with them and are satisfied with the outcome


We are a company that buys used aesthetic Laser equipment as well as have a very wide range of new lasers available for purchase in our inventory. I wanted to see if you had anything available for sale? I would love to assist you if there is an interest in selling something. Not sure if you know, but our company is the only company to have taken over the account of the American Laser Skincare account. It was a HUGE LIQUIDATION! So we hold the largest in-stock selection of Aesthetic Lasers. Some of the things featured are… 100 Gentlemax Pros, over 100 Vela shapes, and much more new lasers between 40-60% off. We do trade-ins as well if you wanting to change from your old Gentlemax to a new upgraded one. Attached below you will find a document detailing the relevant information we will need to evaluate your equipment. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. Or if you don’t have anything and just want our information, then keep us in mind for future changes and we would love to assist you with lasers that just are sitting around.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thank you,

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07.20 | Unregistered CommenterMIKE J

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