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Anyone using the Ultera??? What are the results you are getting. We are looking for a good skin tightening device face and or body.

07.9 | Unregistered Commenterlaserdoc

If you are plastic surgeon/dermatologist in Beverly Hills or you earn 1 million dollars per month….then yes you must buy Ulthera. If you aren’t…. you will waste your “nice” money.
I am very upset with this device and with some companies which sell to the doctors extremely expensive devices and the results are extremely poor. It is worthy only for advertisement and marketing of your clinic….nothing else. It has disposables which are also expensive, so you will offer an expensive treatment to your patients and finally nobody will be satisfied. You will not see any lifting effect especially after one treatment. Maybe after two or three treatments some results will be visible, but you should have patients to pay a lot and be patient.
The screen is totally not necessary. The theory that you will see the SMAS and the ultrasound will be focused to the SMAS it seems to be like a candy for children.
If you search for ulthera in pubmed there is only one result from 2008. Maybe there other articles which describe the same method of treatment (focused ultrasound) but they don’t mention the name Ulthera.
In conclusion my opinion is NOT to buy it. It is better to buy a cheap radiofrequency (monopolar and bipolar). It has the same results and you will be more flexible to make offers to you patients.

My friends told me that there is only 1mm improvement compared to an 8 mm reduction with a facelift. 1 mm?? That's nothing so why even offer a procedure with that little improvement? Better invest your money somewhere else. Peter Pan is right.

I work for a marketing company for cosmetic surgeons. One of my clients, Dr. Choe in Virginia Beach, has seen fantastic results with Ulthera and it has quickly become one of his practice's main selling points. He even speaks about it regularly. I think if you're looking to fill the space of a non-surgical facial treatment, there is an existing clientele that is looking for it.

Ultherapy can work beautifully in some patients but it is not a facelift, in my case. Why do Ultherapy if it doesn't do what a facelift does?

02.2 | Unregistered Commenterkcc

As far as I know, noninvasive skin tightening isn't for everyone and a competent practice will tell you if you are not a good candidate. As long as a patient has realistic expectations, Ulthera is the best choice there is.

02.8 | Unregistered Commenteredgar


That is a pretty strong statement stating that Ulthera is the BEST. I would like to see the studies that show a head to head double blind study with every other skin tightening system on the market that shows Ulthera to be the best.

It would also be nice to know which other skin tightening systems you have experience with. If all you have ever used is Ulthera then the opinion does not mean much. If you have had experience with Thermage, SkinTyte, Titan, Viora and all of the others then you opinion is much stronger.

Let us know a little about your background.

Lornell E. Hansen II, M.D.
Owner / Medical Director
LazaDerm Skincare Centre

02.9 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I've used the Skintyte and have been almost universally disappointed with it, to the point that I no longer recommend it. I've heard the new radiofrequency machines such as the Endymed are more reliable. Has anyone had any experience with them?

02.23 | Unregistered CommenterDICD

we have been using the pelleve system and are seeing some very nice results. You really need to manage patient expectations. The system is easy to use and the handpieces are great for contouring especially around the eye area. The nice thing is that I can use this device for other things and the price was reasonable.

02.23 | Unregistered Commenterlaserdoc

Thanks Laserdoc,
What other things are you doing with Pelleve?

02.29 | Unregistered CommenterDICD

as a female physician I have had personal experience with Ulthera having purchased a machine for my clinic 6 months ago. I can see narrowing of my lower face and neck that have been documented in the before and after photos. Those of my staff who have been treated have also been impressed.
I decided to acquire the device after speaking with a physician in California who had used Thermage for years and who now mainly uses Ulthera other than for the eyes which he still treats with Thermage. His before and after photos were very striking. A colleague who lives in another city had started using Ulthera several months prior to my last seeing her. I immediately recognized that she looked more lean in the lower face with a more clearly defined jaw line. I later learned that she had been treated at her own clinic.
The device does not produce significant change on everyone that is treated but my patients have been happy -and so am I.

03.29 | Unregistered CommenterGR

I am evaluating Ulthera vs Thermage for my practice. Based on your experiences, which device would you recommend?

08.16 | Unregistered Commenterwilson

Ulthera uses high frequency ultrasound and according to my patients, it hurts a lot (to a degree of non-tolerable pain). I have been struggling of promoting this treatment. It's rather hard to get new patients to try this out.

02.8 | Unregistered CommenterBea472

Does anyone still offer Ulthera? How much does your clinic charge for a session?

09.23 | Unregistered Commenterkeri g.

I have an Ulthera. It is remarkable in that it does something that no other laser does at this point. It has the ability to reach the 'smas' layer. This is the layer of tissue only reached during a facelift. It is the only FDA approved technology for not only tightening but 'lifting' I tested many different options side by side before making a decision. Ulthera definitely offered results that I did not see with anything else. I think it's most comparable to Thermage, but I still went with Ulthera based on results.

09.25 | Unregistered Commentershawna s

pdo lifting is creating big news in other parts of the world.
it is cheap, fast, and offers remarkable result.

09.25 | Unregistered Commentervivien

I would NOT direct ultrasonic sound waves into live dermis and deeper subcutaneous tissue. It 'stimulates' the tissue and heats the tissue to about 158 degrees... Anything that inflames something causes swelling. No wonder the face tightens. IMHO that is such very little improvement, and if there is some, it seems to be after multiple treatments and generally improvement is not evidenced until a few months. Download their client intake form and look at all the contraindications. This link is just an ad. In all honesty, don't you think if it really 'lifted' anything appreciably it'd be all over the media? As an holistic practitioner, I would seriously rethink doing something unnatural to live tissue. Who knows years later what havoc it will wreak with the DNA. I hear the rental/purchase costs are up there, and I wouldn't get myself imbued in something like that in this economy. Check with your insurance company before getting into it also. I recently saw on well-known one is upcharging their rates if you practice with this modality.

10.3 | Unregistered Commentervswankie

I used to work with this system. My opinion is that it is neither good for business nor the result. Treatment is extremely painful. In order to finish the treatment, it is necessary to reduce parameters. Consumes a lot of time for the application of topical anesthetic and then for the anesthesia. Because of pain, it is a necessity to interrupt the treatment. It's time consuming! As promised, you will obtain results within 2 month. Bottom line--the result I with RF is better.

10.12 | Unregistered CommenterM

i have the rf and ulthera.
if you want instant looking " result " , due to contraction, rf is the way to go.
if you want long lasting and superb result, ulthera is the one to go for.

Painful? well, perhaps you have not mastered the skills yet.
Reducing the parameters? you have not done enough treatments to figure out a way to give the best result.
yes the consumables are expensive, a highway robbery. --this i have to agree.

yes I do apply numming cream, but usually only 30 minutes.

Rf like the themage, accent, exilis, etc, all are good. But you are not hitting the smas level.

The koreans are coming out with their ulthera. 0.20$ usd per shot.

10.12 | Unregistered Commentertita

Hello everybody!
If you could invest in a aesthetic machine.... Which one could be?
CO2 láser
Waiting for your advises

12.1 | Unregistered CommenterJen

Has anyone done off label areas? how many lines would you recommend for arms, buttox, abdomen, knees?

12.13 | Unregistered Commenterwestmd

what are the sale price for ultera

03.10 | Unregistered Commenterplastsurg

I am a broker for cosmetic equipment. I have many clients over seas wanting to purchase used and new Ultheras
Please email me if you have are know of anybody that is looking to sell.
I also buy Transducers new and used.
Laser Marketing Group.

03.12 | Unregistered CommenterMike

Worked with both Ulthera and Exilis elite. Here goes the results are practically indistinguishable between the two.
In a nut shell 30% of your patients will get no results ( try to please someone who spend 2-3k) of the remaining 70% just over half will say it was okay, I helped and just less than that will say its the greatest.

The patients must be young, have mild laxity mild rhytids and you have to tell them 30% nothing 40% okay and 30% great results and I can not tell you which percent you will be

03.14 | Unregistered Commentergm

The information that many of you have added is very helpful, thank you! I am currently looking to add 3 of the Ulthera systems. If you are interested in selling or know of anyone who might be willing to sell their Ulthera System please email me and I will contact you via telephone. Thank you again for all of your input and I appreciate any referrals where I may be able to purchase pre-owned systems.



If you are interested in buying preowned Ulthera System please email me: and I will contact you.

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