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How can we offer hCG diets, when there are no studies to show its efficacy. Jeff, how is the iSlim/hCG diet doing for your spas? I really want to believe in them before offering them in my medspa. They seem to be popular in medspas, but can't seem to get expert info on them. Thanks

Hi William, I'm not sure if your question was directed at me but by way of clarification; we never offered HCG in any of my medical spas. I was also concerned about both it's efficacy as well as how we'd actually make any profit from it. Since I wasn't satisfied in either of these two areas we never brought it in. I'd also be interested in learning more from anyone who's using it in their medical spa.

Hello, I have never offered HCG to any patients but did review some of the guidelines regarding the overall diet. I also have a unique perspective regarding HCG in being that I have pituitary failure and have required 2000iu if HCG IM QOD since 1979. HCG has the same effect as LH. I can assure you appetite controll is not a major side effect.
I believe that the majority of the weight loss comes from the restrictive diet of 500cal/day.
Once I brought up my situation to a guest speaker at a local conf and asked why would 100iu supress the apetite and 2000iu have no appreciable affect on appetite ( at least in my case which I guess would be a study of and they replied that chronic useage causes the effect to be lost and thats why the HCG use is for a limited time.
Who knows, I still believe the diet causes most of the weight loss taking a person who consumes 5000cal/d and decreasing it to 500cal/day would have a dramatic effect on weight.

I'd guess that playing video games and eating 500 kcal/day would lead to weight loss as well.

What other activities combined with 500 kcal/day diets can we come up with?

06.8 | Unregistered CommenterWa Derm

It is nothing more than a marketing tool. People can't stay on a 500kcal diet (starvation diet) for very long. There is no legitimate medical organization that backs up hcg use.

08.31 | Unregistered CommenterJL

I met the diet expert with hcg in Italy and I assure you that this diet is very high, though very dangerous .. because they eat 500 calories .. and why hgc can affect the risk of tumor pathologies. The Hgc most likely affects the hunger with injections on alternate days and combines with a range of specific thyroid, diuretic, oral, anti-acid, and ephedrine drugs .... is a pharmacological bomb ....

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