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Medical Spa Business Forum > Marketing success stories

As a medspa owner in NC, I'd be interested in knowing what types of marketing efforts have been most successful in attracting new clients.

So far word of mouth has been our greatest asset, but also the slowest to produce the numbers we need for success.

Any hints?
12.18 | Unregistered Commenterncspadoc
Word of mouth is definitly the cheapest advertising, but takes time. I've tried yellow pages which are a waste. I've done radio which is very expensive and turned out to be a waste. I've done entertainment type magazines which are just okay, not great. I've done magazines targeted to certain populations like the gay/lesbian, and that was a waste. I've done ads in the gyms and they are a waste. Put brochures in other people's office, waste. The only thing that has kept our spa alive is personalized, targeted, mass mailers.

First I used a huge company off the internet to do post card type mailers. Expensive and a waste. So I tried flyers in the newspaper, cheap but didn't work. I tried personal mailers from another local priner, better response but more like 1:2. Then I heard about a small printer from a friend who was very cheap and good. I started working with him about 6 months ago and it has saved us. I went from doing 2 mailers a month to doing 8. I spend 90% of my ad budget with this guy. Return in the normal months is 1:5, in summer about 1:3.

I recently read an article that said the average medspa sees only 20 pts per week. Since I started doing mailers our average pts per week has been 50. Plus the awesome thing is the mailers are so nice I've had people keep them for months and then come in. I've had teachers and office workers copy them and post them in lunch rooms, we have a fantastic response and the pts love the personalization. People share these mailers with friends and bring them in too.

I gave the info to my medical director who has a practice in the next county and he loves it too. We both get not only our mailers done there but our brochures too. They have predesigned samples they will send you.

If anyone wants the contact info for this guy email me.

PS- I should mention that I am in area where there are 6-10 medspas within 10 miles of my spa. Competition is unreal. The other ideas that didn't work for me may work better in your area, esp. if it's less saturated.
Yes, I'd love the name of your printer and to see more of what you did,I'am new as a owner of a spa, and as all of us don't have the $ to waste, thanks much for your post, may haved save many of us. Chandler George.
As far as direct mailings, does the printing company supply the addresses (pay for list) or are you sending out to pre-existing clients?
I would also like the name of this person as well.
I hope this post does not get deleted but the contact info for the printer I use is a company called eColorPrint based out of Miami,FL. The contact is Fernando email

I have to pay extra for my targeted lists and I give it to the printer. I probably have 50,000 people to mail to and each mailer is different so I can use these same names over several times. These lists are not pre-existing clients.

I hope it works for you all!
I am interested in marketing with targeted postal mailings. Please let me know how to proceed. Jeannie Bell

Hello, Does anyone have any recommendations on a good medspa software program? We need one that can schedule appointments, track expenses, track product sales, manage payroll, etc. Please let me know if you have had a good (or bad) experience with a particular product. Thank you, Mid city

08.2 | Unregistered Commentermid city

Mid: we use Orchid, just started but it appears to do all the stuff you need. hope that helps.

My company uses very targeted direct marketing along with Personal URLs and personalized landing pages to increase response and track effectiveness.

With it you can provide prospects with their own personal site and use this to gather information and track response. For example, you can send direct mail to Jane Sample and direct her to go to:

This site can greet Jane by name and can provide specific information about procedures and other info. As soon as Jane visits, you are automatically notified by email so you can follow up with her.

It's a very powerful solution and I would be willing to provide you with a detailed proposal with no obligation if you email

A couple of winners.

A waiting room video: Patients sit and watch it over and over. (Recommend the advertiser on this site for that.)

A waiting room 'booklet' of treatments you offer for the readers. Should have before and after photos.

A well trained staff that can handle questions and treats patients really well.

We've had great success with quarterly 'group consultations' where we have a get-together for patients and do a presentation. Its' really a focus to educate potential patients about WHY they would make certain decisions. It's worth an extra $25k a month to us.

07.5 | Unregistered CommenterDermgal

I am opening an aesthetic practice offering injectables, platelet rich plasma (vampire, o shot, p shot), Cool Sculpting, Miradry, some laser services and additional services through an aesthetician (microderm, facials, etc)

I am very confused and torn as to how to start with marketing. We have a website, I have been making videos with me discussing the procedure or the problem it addresses and posting to youtube. SEO is so expensive for a startup! Some say direct mailers but as a start up I don't have an established clientele (although my aesthetician does have some established clients).


Any advice is much appreciated.

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