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Medical Spa Business Forum > Do you use background music?

Hi all, I'm just asking for feedback here on if you use music within your centre and if so, what type of music styles do you use. Of course not all wellbeing or medical services suit the use of music in the background but in some situations music can help to calm and relax clients waiting for and during treatments.

I run a music library and we license music to the spa, Wellbeing and beauty markets but I was keen to hear more about medical services businesses.

Thanks all.


05.10 | Registered CommenterGuy Lewis

Hello Guy! I frequently write and lecture on hospitality in the medical spa and feel that music is an important element in creating a great atmosphere and setting the stage for a relaxed treatment. Tell me more!

Hi Patti, thanks for your reply.

Yes there is some useful research that quantifies the positive effect of the right music in subconsciously assisting people to relax which clearly is valuable in preparing clients for an appointment.

Of course many clients entering a reception are anxious, particularly those who are coming for the first time. Anything that will help people relax has got to be a good thing in helping make the whole experience positive. I have heard examples of where new clients have also been in pain and are anxious about what can be done for them and so have paced up an down a reception area.

High reception beaches can become a barrier to receptionists evoking a warm welcome to clients.

In terms of music, of course we all have our own taste and choice of music that relaxes us, it's quite a personal thing. So while we address this by providing a system to offer personalised music choices in treatment rooms where practical to do so, reception areas have a need to cater for all.

Therefore the more subtle the music is, the more likely the music is going to connect at a subconscious level and assist relaxation rather than each client consciously considering the music in terms of how well it matches their own personal choice.

Email me if you would like to chat more.


07.10 | Unregistered CommenterGuy Lewis


can you advice me for some bands or artist which are appropriate for a background for medspa - aesthetic dermatology, massages, lasertherapy etc. I don't like typical meditation chill out music where you can hear wave sounds or chineese gongs. I was thinking about something like smooth jazz. Any help will be much appreciated.


06.2 | Unregistered CommenterIvan

Hi Ivan,
What my business clients ask for ranges from a low tempo relaxing jazz style of music across to a meditative ambient style. What doesn't seem popular these days is, as you have mentioned, traditional new age styles that use waves gongs and flutes.

However some clients still like this so its best to try to put together a wide range of music styles into playlists that your therapists can select based on the client's own taste.

Low tempo jazz styles are great for reception areas to begin to calm clients as they enter your clinic, preparing them to focus less on the journey to get there and more relaxing and being ready for the treatment. Some clients obviously will still be anxious about a treatment for what ever reason so it is important to make the reception music generic. relaxing jazz styles are great for that.

Then in the treatment rooms you can even choose an upbeat style (jazz, lounge and variants) if the treatment is something like, for example, a waxing. At the other end of the spectrum you will need long playing ambient tracks, preferably with acoustic instruments leading, for treatments that need detailed work and require clients to stay still for prolonged periods (e.g. dermatology, massages, and laser therapy). The same goes for massages. Long play ambient tracks, optimistic, with no percussion work well for massage.

I am happy to offer you a trail of our music at Melody Pods if you want to try out some music styles with your clients. Please just let me know.

Hope that helps.

Guy Lewis
Melody Pods

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