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Medical Spa Business Forum > Buying a new franchise

I'm a new esthetician and laser tech in Dallas, TX. I am considering buying a new franchise that will use lasers. Can anyone provide any further guidance?

06.5 | Unregistered CommenterThornton

Talk to your state board about where Class 4 devices can be used and what training is required in your state. IPL may be different so it depends on what you are planning on using. Regulations can change at any time so be sure before you spend a ton of money, Our state is now looking into scope of practice issues . Make sure there is no legislation coming that will change in Texas.

06.11 | Unregistered Commenterd.m.

Thanks d.m., I have discovered that all I have to do now is find a medical director so that my techs can perform the services. Funny, that's exactly what I was trying to get around by buying into the franchise and let the franchisor handle all of that. As it stands now if I can find a medical director I may as well open my own business.....

06.27 | Unregistered Commenterthornton

Can you do class II devices without a doctor in Texas? Is so I would go that way. Do IPL not laser and you will keep more of your earnings.

07.13 | Unregistered Commenterd.m.

No, an IPL here is considered to be medical equipment and would fall under medical jurisdiction.

09.6 | Unregistered Commenterthornton

IPL can potentially be more dangerous than a laser. More parameters to select than a laser.

I just became a Certified Laser Tech. I worked part time for a few months to get experience and opened up my own business after I bought a used Palomar IPL.. I am renting space from a nurse that specializes in botox and fillers.

Doing it this way has kept costs to a minimum and I will grow as the patients/clients grow. I sold franchises for 7 years and saw most businesses fail because they didn't have enough capital, poor leadership or they overbuilt vs starting out small and growing. Hope that helps.

I am located in Texas as well. You cannot hire a Medical Director on your own..TX does not permit the "Corporate Practice of Medicine" . You need to be in touch with the TX Medical Board, the Radiation Safety Board. Respond privately as you also want to be very careful concerning your Laser Liability Insurance. There is no "getting around" the need for a medical director in Texas- and laser burns/complications are one of the largest causes of lawsuits.

09.28 | Unregistered CommenterVanHoose

Thanks all! I am definitely aware that there is no way to get around the need for a medical director or the issues concerning Laser Liability Insurance. I did not know about the exact route needed in terms of how to get a Medical Director. But it's certainly possible as I have worked at a place that is doing exactly what I am considering.

11.28 | Unregistered CommenterThornton

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