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Medical Spa Medspa Advertising Marketing > Naming a new Medspa

I am adding an aesthetic component to my medical practice. Rather than using my medical practice's name, I was going to name it according to our local town. I figure something like Newtown Medspa would make it easier to drive a lot of search engine traffic directly to our medspa website,

Is this a effective idea?

01.3 | Unregistered Commenterdrashish

I think your name sounds great. one mistake i see people make is they come up with a rediculous name that no one can spell or "clinique jollie amie" or rejouvance ...seriously!

Your name sounds fine and everyone in your area will know how to spell it.


I agree. Your name is great for Search Engine Optimization, and people will know how to spell it.


03.1 | Unregistered CommenterJBird

I'll agree with JBird that you'll make it easy for patients to find your med spa online. (Anything that doesn't have advanced in the name... pet peeve.)

Newtown Medspa is not a bad name but I think you could have a more effective name. First, look in your Yellow Pages and you will see businesses using your town name from Newtown Auto Parts to Newtown Zoo. You will be just another Newtown ___ . Try and find a name that defines you and separates you from the crowd, something your patients will recognize and remember.

Here is an example of what I consider the, almost, perfect business name: "Staples". Yes, they sell staples for your stapler but they also stock business staples. They could have named themselves "Newtown Office Supply Store" but "Staples" nails it. If you decide to order a pizza and you have 2 choices and you know nothing about either business, do you order from "Newtown Pizza" or "Tony's Original Pizza"? But, please don't name your business, "Lasers R Us".

05.13 | Unregistered CommenterProDocs

Something else to keep in mind is to not pigeon hole yourself with your name. For example, we all know Frigidaire makes fridges, but when they wanted to come out with different appliances they had a name that mean cold. See where I am going. If you name yourself Lasers R us. (please DO NOT be stupid enough to reverse the R cause Babies R Us will get you big time) Then you are limiting yourself to being a laser spa and it will be harder to market new treatments like massage, injectables and facials in general. Just my 2 cents.

I think your instincts are spot on to use a name that is locally recognized and easy to remember. I have 19 years experience in the aesthetic/cosmetic laser business as a laser center owner and as a marketing consultant. For years I specialized in meeting with new laser owners during their start-up phase,

The first issue I address is the naming issue. My advice regarding naming is to try to say what you do within your name. Make it clear and easy for people to immediately know what you do and to easily remember your name.

Most business owners do not put enough time into naming their business. It is a critical decision you need to make early in the business development process. I 100% agree with the response to not give your name a trendy European or Asian name with a hidden meaning. I can't tell you how many La Bella businesses I have encountered. La Bella Spa tells me nothing about what they business offers, but it sounds cool and trendy.

My one suggestion is to use a "tag line" to amplify your name. This can be used very effectively when advertising a service or product. For example, Newtown MedSpa - "Experienced Medical Skin Care" printed under your name could be used as a generic tag line.

Or if for example you are doing a specific marketing piece to your patient base offering a special on laser hair removal, you can change your tag line for that mailing to be Newtown Medspa - "We Specialize in Laser Hair Removal"

Best wishes.

06.14 | Registered CommenterJeff

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