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Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help with this.

Regarding Photofacials and laser hair removal. What can I do to increase my volume.

How much should I be spending?
I want to increase volumes to where I'm bringing in around 15 to 20 K per months from the above and possibly Botox/fillers.

I know this is not an exact science. I want some good suggestions from people who have been doing this for awhile.

Thank you.

10.31 | Unregistered Commentercosmodoc1

There's two ways to make more money: increase the number of clients recieving these services or sell more services to the existing base of patients.
-How many clients do you have now?
-What is the average that they are spending?
-how many consultations do you have now? How many of those are actually signing up and paying the money?
-What type of referral business do you have? Do you offer specials to clients that are bringing in more patienst for you?
-who is performing the service? are they on some type of a bonus/commission plan so they are partnered into your goals?
LHR will bring in more money than the PhotoFacials, everyone has hair not everyone buys into the whole IPL for wrinkle therories.
shoot for 15K in Photfacials, 25K for LHR.
Do you offer micros or chemical peels for the Fotofacials? can you stand alone packages for those? you could get another 2-4K on a packages of micros alone

Lots of good questions. Thank you for the detailted response. It sounds like I need to get more organized. I don't have the answer to many of those questions and I'm not doing some of the things you mentioned.

Should I spend money on tv, radio, etc?

10.31 | Unregistered Commentercosmodoc1

Really it's a matter of what you're trying to accomplish. There are 2 types of advertising strategies: "Branding" and "Call to Action" Branding is more general warm and fuzzy, this is who we are and what we do.
Call to Action is specific: a special, a sale something that gets the consumer to ACT RIGHT NOW. Typically TV is better for branding. I have heard Call to Action ads on different radio stations for local medspas but it is super hard to quantify the return on your investment no matter what the radio salesperson says.
A cheaper and I think more effective route is local magazine, and newspaper ads with a coupon attached, SouperCoups if that is in your area, and most importantly reaching out to your existing patients. Can you partner with any local businesses like tanning places or modeling agencies?
Unless you know the answeres to the very basic business questions above you will never be able to know if your money is driving new business in the door or if it's going down a dark hole. Until you get some sytems in place I wouldn't invest in ads yet.
Do you have a website?

Hi Cosmodoc 1,

We opened Ageless Remedies SouthPark Med Spa and Laser Clinic in 2002. Since then, we have been growing steadily (except for a disastrous 3 months during the depths of the recession).

Traditional advertising methods are no longer effective. Targeted advertising via the internet is extremely effective.

If You Build It, They Don’t Necessarily Come
Therefore, This is What You Must Do:

• Content-rich website, easily navigable. This is ours:
Need separate pages for
o Special promotions
o Each service
o Every page should have “sign up for our newsletter.”
• Search engine optimized website.
• PPC – Google Adwords – professionally done
• Get testimonials online. In Charlotte, this means CitySearch. This is a huge help when potential clients are deciding where to do. Check us out.
• Blog. Here’s mine: “Ageless Elaine:
• Facebook Business/Fan page:
• LinkedIn – Sign up.
Put your qualifications and experience – join groups in our industry and internet marketing. Look at my groups.
• Collect email addresses – every person you know or who comes through the door– monthly raffle or free gift. Use for email newsletter. Monthly email newsletter announcing specials. We use “Constant Contact.” If you’d like to receive our newsletter, email us at

Remember ROI – Return on Investment
This type of marketing does involve a large investment of money.
The big investment is your time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Dear,

We are Medical aesthetic equipment supplier from China.

If you are looking for some can let me know.
We can offer some informations and price list for your reference.


HIfu face lift
HIFU fat reduction
Cryolipolysis coolsculpting
Microneedling radio frequency
Diode laser/SHR/OPT hair removal
CO2 Fractional laser
ND yag laser
Jet peel
Oxygen jet
Ultrasonic cavitation
Tripolar RF

Any comments will be appreciated.

Thanks and nice day.

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