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Medical Spa Medspa Advertising Marketing > What is the best advertising for your medical spa?

You've tried magazines, postcards, radio, maybe even television. What is the advertising that you think works best for your medspa?
I read somewhere on this site that aquiring new patients is the number one problem of every cosmetic practice. As a plastic surgeon, I've been advertising for years. I've found that a well rounded campaign that incorporates multiple venues works the best for me. (I also use TV.)
11.11 | Unregistered CommenterPlasticDoc
The absolutely best advertising we do is our bi-monthly medspa newsletter that goes out to our own patients. Yeah, it's expensive on a cost per piece basis, but it generates ten times the revenue per dollar of any other form of advertising we do.
04.13 | Unregistered CommenterDr. Ring
Dr. Ring, how can I see your newsletter(s)? Sounds interesting.
04.13 | Unregistered Commenterinterested
Dr. Ring - feel free to click on my name and email me the information, thanks!!
04.13 | Unregistered Commenterinterested
Dr. Ring could you click on my name and send me a copy as well?
05.22 | Unregistered CommenterJK

Jeff is working on something like this. We can all use somewhat of a generic form and get them cheaper even with our logos on them. I think Jeff is hoping to have available soon. This will help keep costs down.
05.22 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Has anyone had much success with radio spots? Our clinic's marketing/ad rep is recommending quite a bit of radio. I am hesitant because I honestly can't say that I remember the last time I heard a 'classy', witty, or sophisticated radio commercial.

Do you think it is best to first introduce ourselves and our clinic's philosophy on beauty/wellness?


Introduce a specific procedure, such as Botox, which has a reputation that precedes itself?

I want to make sure we launch ourselves with the right image. A lot of interest has already been generated for our opening, merely because we are affiliated with another medical clinic.

I appreciate any opinions, experiences, and/or advice.

06.17 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest

Midwest: lead generation is best done w/ one get people to repond to that ad. Don't try to combine 2 things (ie a seminar and a Botox plug). BTW seminars are great to introduce yourself to the surrounding business' (have them bring a friend..and have a drawing). Be sure to track your client and their e-mail addresses as you can keep in touch w/ them via email ( I use If you do a newsletter be sure to include useful content like sun-safety or retinoids or cosmeceuticals.... You can then announce your new technology, product or philosophy on skin rejuvenation. I enjoy a guy named Dan Kennedy's book "No BS marketing" a great read and quite addictive. hope that helps. I got totally away from big yellow pages ads.

06.18 | Unregistered CommenterDermaRogue

Midwest -
We just tried radio again after a 4 year hiatus. Unfortunately it simply does not work. We did a 6 month campaign on the most popular station in the 30-45 age group and used the female radio hosts for endorsements/testimonials. Hardly any inquiries and definitely a losing effort. I think that since we market visible results, people need to "see to believe" At the same time we also were featured in the morning news and ran tv commercials. The results were excellent and really boosted our reputation. If you can entice your local news team to do a feature on you that will definitely set you apart.

Our top sources of leads are:
1. client referrals
2. our website
3. television
4. print

06.18 | Unregistered CommenterRichard

Midwest: If you dig deeply into the "science" of radio advertising you will quickly find out that you need to pay enormous sums of money to purchase each of the tiny slices that make up each station's market share of radio listeners. Then you do the math on what percentage of THOSE individuals are listening to that particular station at the time of day your ads air, etc. I found-- as did many other med spa owners I know-- that my radio ads virtually NEVER cost justified on a lead per sale or cost per lead analysis. In my opinion radio is an expensive way to try to reach the tiny percentage of individuals who MIGHT be interested in your offerings. You are paying to try to market to the world-- and it is terribly inefficient.


You are getting good information in the replies above. However, an ad or advertising campaign that works well in Portland may not be as effective in Peoria or Provo. At first you may be doing some trial and error in you promotional efforts. That is one of the reasons why it is imperative that you accurately track customers (discussed on another page in this site). If you do a good job tracking you will quickly learn what works and what doesn't in your community. Track every phone call and every customer from the first day of business. You need to know that your advertising dollars are being spent efficiently and that your advertising is producing customer calls, who schedule appointments, who pay for services, who then return for more services and refer their family and friends.

06.19 | Unregistered CommenterPro Docs

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive company that makes good medspa brochures for the inside of the clinic?

06.22 | Unregistered CommenterJK


We use this company for some of the promotional material we don't produce ourselves. You can customize the back page of the brochures with info about your company.

06.22 | Unregistered CommenterPro Docs

Thank you ProDocs!

06.23 | Unregistered CommenterJk

QUESTION: HOW DO YOU PROMOTE REFERRALS-Do you give sorrounding business a hundred dollars off for each referral?
WHAT ABOUT FRIENDS AND FAMILY? For services and products what do you charge?

09.12 | Unregistered CommenterJK

Regarding the radio debate: I was a radio rep for four years before I began marketing with the medspa industry, and all comments are generally on the right track in my opinion, but there is also cost-efficient ways to maximize reach. Radio has recognized its need to adapt to stay competitive, and companies like Clear Channel are offering high-frequency options through :10 and :15 second spots. Ask for added value opportunities with their websites, i.e. banner ads w/hyperlink or bonus spots in the live stream, and also supply gift certificates for in-programming giveaways. Some also offer "pre-emptable" deals at lowest rates for remnant inventory. The marketplace demographics and their respective listening habits also has a lot to do with it - big markets like Philly, NY, LA will be hard to get long term efficiency at a low investment, but a friend of mine in West Palm Beach has had some success with radio.

My 2 cents on radio. Just did a free promo where I gave a radio station gift certificates to sell in exchange for 60 second commercials and on air promo's. They were to sell them for half off and keep the money and I was to honor at face value. They sold 10 at half off ($500). According to the sales rep these commercials would have cost me 12K. Not a ringing endorsement to use radio or at least this station anytime soon. Unfortunately the same is true for many media outlets, spend thousands to recoup hundreds.

10.24 | Unregistered CommenterMedspabuzz

Buzz: I have to honest w/ you the best (IMHO) lead generation activities are done through you current (satisfied) customers. Have a "bring a friend" seminar.. you'll be glad you did.

PS also collect e-mail addresses and senfd out a monthly newsletter

10.24 | Unregistered CommenterDermaRogue


We email blast 2400 clients a couple times a month, usually with a newsletter and a followup. It is the best way to retain and have client referal with relatively no cost. We did the radio for branding as well as to attract new clients with no cost risk other than the redemption of the GC the station sold. When we first opened and ahd no client base we wasted thousands on this type just to build that initial client base and brand. Just wanted to share with others what a waste of money this can be.

10.24 | Unregistered CommenterMedspabuzz

Is anybody out there managing their website SEO? Would anyone be interested in starting a forum? I'd like to talk about what keywords you are finding success with, how much your spending, linking partners etc., analytics etc.

03.17 | Unregistered Commenterdexter

Here's my 2 cents. I like very targeted tv campaings with a strong call to action. You have to be very careful with budget, keep it low, and stick to what makes the phone ring. It is imperitive that the person that is answering the phones finds out when they called and askes how they heard about the place. It is their job to do this, do let them give you any slack, advertising is expensive. If the phone does not ring, and your ad is a sale ad with a strong call to action, move it, and don't wait more than two weeks, it is not working!

We also offer a low price teaser special that creates foot traffic in the paper, it is a glossy flier that runs about every 6 to eight weeks, usually around a holiday.

Medspa owners should unite as a community. I would like to site the California Milk Advisory Board. They unite many different levels of the community, big famers, little farmers, big producers, and cheese artisans. Members of this agency pay dues, and they get the "SEAL" of real california cheese, access to coupons, national advertising efforts with the silly talking cow commercials, they create market awareness and increase market share. Happy Cheese, Happy Cows, Rich Dairy Farmers, Rich Cheese Makers. Right now, medspas are always told that we should be experiencing huge growth and all this potential, blah blah blah, yadda, yadda, yadaa, BUT the burdon of educating the masses is placed on the few and tapped out. Ok, a majority of the people in this site know what the 1540 is, but here is what I found out from my mini focus group when I asked them what they thought the Lux 1540 was.

My husband 42: A lawn mower
My 11 year old daughter, A McDonalds Happy Meal
my mother in law: 60 A vacumn

These laser companies and allergan and restylane have sucked the money out of the medspas are the only ones making any money, and yet they do a piss poor job of creating any new markets for there wonderful products. Everone's ads all look the sames, they are too full of too much information about things that people don't care about. Medicis has been generous as to product samples, but I would much rather have clients calling me and asking for the product rather than spending an hour convincing them why they need it and that they won't look like that dancing with the stars actress lady or why they won't look frozen, or why they won't get burned.

It is late, I have insomnia, and I have been in this business for a long, long time. There are 900 members plus on this site. 900 times $300.00 mthly membership is $270,000 times 12 mths is $3,240,000.00. Nice ad budget. They get the Seal, they referral links, marketing support, reps would be begging to give group discounts and deal on a large scale. No franchises, just the America Medspa Advisory Board

Dear Do You....

Bravo. That was one of the more accurate and heartfelt assessments of the state of this industry. The Devil is in the details. I have personal experience in bringing together 20 or so former franchisees into a marketing cooperative and I can tell you that it became a full time job to the detriment of my medspa. We saw the same thing with Jeff, the founder of this site, who had to pull away to move forward on other issues.
Hopefully one of those initiatives, i.e. the marketing support will become available soon and the type of coming together you are speaking about will evolve within this community.

Regardless of what one thinks of the tone and tenor of some of the ongoing discussions here, one must admit that this site stands alone in bringing individual medspa owners together into one community.

If and how that can be harnessed remains to be seen.


P.S. Where are you located?

03.19 | Unregistered CommenterMark

Response to the above about REFERRALS:

Be careful with the referrals thing. It is illegal in most states for a doctor or doctor owned facility to pay for referrals.

03.19 | Unregistered CommenterAK

Do You & Mark,
Certainly there is the possibility to do that very thing with Medspa MD. I'm guessing here but the medical marking portal that we're rolling out should be absolutely killer and there have been some major tech companies who have expressed interest in getting in front of the members of this site.

In the past I've said no. In general, because the site lacked the numbers to pose significant enough buying power. The 'offers' would have been of little to no value. (There was also a problem in that I could have been placed in a situation where I had a conflict of interest with existing Surface clinics.) However, that's changing.

Medical Spa MD will pass 1,000 signed up members within days. Approximately 70% of these members are physicians with the remainder being nurses, PA's, estheticians and tech companies. The buying power of 1000+ physicians practicing retail cosmetic medicine is considerable and there's a very real possibility that Medspa MD's members could now get considerable pricing considerations, very high quality products, and I could make enough money to make it worthwhile. (I'm of the opinion that transparency on my end is important and there's certainly something of a financial consideration on my end.)

So, I'd really like to get some feedback on this.

What would you like to see on this site? How should it be structured? How much would you be willing to pay? How much would you think I should make?

There are some thinks in the works that I've posted about before for sure, but I'd really like some feedback from you guys.

I'm going to make this a main post as well...


I am in Las Vegas. I started as a receptionist for an "aesthetic medical group" in mid 2001 for. I became a study monitor for IRB on NewFill/Sculptra, we would import under the compassionate use guideline from France, then Mexico, then FDA pulled the plug, so we had to start the study. We received the 8th delivered unit of the Thermage in the Country. It was 50K back then tips were $250, and a vial of Botox was $345.00.

Oh ya, one more thing about the co op....In cali, there are a few more companies that one can rent a laser from. That is a sweet option, especially for those starting out. Or at least the ability to have a networking community to rent from each other, none of this cut throat stuff. We would rent a laser for hair removal every 6 weeks only, book everyone on the same day. Same thing with the NLite and Smooth Beam, they never bought a laser until the Thermage, and at that time they did make the money back within a few months. They actually made some money.

We help numerous Medi-Spa's generate additional business with customized on hold messages. The fee ranges from about $1-3 per day including equipment and professional copywriting, voicing, and music with the price depending on how frequently your messages are updated.

As mundane as being on hold sounds at first glance, there is a big reason why it really works well for medi-spa's in particular. When someone calls you, they already have an interest and are a good prospect for one of your services. While their attention is on you and they are waiting on hold, you tell them all about your full range of services. You have their undivided attention, and someone is coming to the line. With the law of averages, you are going to have inquiries from a number of these people about additional services they learned about while on hold. Most medi-spa's offer a variety of services, many which will appeal to someone calling in pertaining to just one.

If you would like a free customized demo, give me a call at 800-832-4653 ext. 240 or visit We will provide references at your request.

Here's what kind of advertising that has worked for me. I have been in the Medi Spa business for 11 years, have owned 2 and worked for 2. 3 of these spa's were in complete different areas. First and foremost you MUST be at least listed on all your area phone books, local newspaper with small, but frequent ad's worked the best. Make these ad's simple and don't put too much focus on your name, but on "whar is it that you do". A catchy logo works wonders. (Make sure you stick to ONE logo.) TV also worked well, however it can be very expensive... radio did nothing for me. I kept a close eye on where my clients were coming from and how far my dollars went with a particular ad campaign. Advertising is costly, but it is absolutely necessary to spend has much money has you can in advertising the first two years you are in opersations. You can ease off of it after that, if you are reputable it will speak for itself. If you find that after two years of heavy advertising you are still not getting referrals from your current clients... then you are doing something very wrong. Oh yes the most important part.... reward you current clients for any referrals. YES, I do have more tricks up my sleeve, but don't want to give away all my secrets. Business is tough right now with the economy and the saturation of Medi Spas, so you really are going to have to take that extra step to stay ahead of the game... just don't forget to smile at your clients and to treat your staff well... and if for some reason it does not work out, just remember that every time one door closes at least another one will open, don't spend too much time looking at the closed one you may miss the one that was opened for you. :) Good luck!

Hi Director,

Two quick question: The TV campaign you used, was it local cable across a spectrum of channels or network based?. Also, if you care to share what was the monthly budget? I have been toying with the idea for over year and have not pulled the trigger.


10.1 | Unregistered CommenterMark

Just thought I would chime in. The things that have worked best for us have been print in local newspapers and advertising to our existing client base. We have tried many other avenues with very poor results.

We have been open for two years now and I am just starting to see the light. It's a very tough business and takes a lot of money - of which I no longer have! But with the coming holiday season, I am very hopeful for a good 4th qtr.

This holiday season, we will run heavy ads on Botox, fillers and skin tightening. We are also doing Smart Lipo at my facility and we will market that this fall - starting this week. Come the end of October, it will be all about looking good for the holidays and selling gift cards. I've been through two holiday seasons and learned a lot. I believe this is the way to go.

Before a Medspa spends/wastes money on advertising, make sure your website is doing the job.

I am a web developer researching deepfx/fraxel treatment for myself, and I am blown away by how poorly done most of the websites are. Hard to navigate, out of date, and just not informative.

I have been research via the web and by phone. The phone experience is pretty awful. The people cluelessly answering the phone generally have never heard of re:pair or deepfx and really just want you to come in and get a consultation. Not helpful and a pain to go through that over and over. Just a crappy user experience.

The websites are awful as well, for the most part. And we are not talking about using flashy design and animations. The basics aren't in place.

For example, some medspas build arty websites using the program Flash, which gives very fluid transitions. Unfortunately, it is completely invisible to search engines (like google), you can't adjust the type size so it may be too small for your target audience to read, and navigation is usually horrid, slow loading and with a lot of scrolling text. And corny music that starts playing when you are "researching" in the office. Very uncool.

Some websites I've been on I've had to dig high and low to find out where the heck they are even located!

I did a consultation with a Dr. here in Chicago (who is the only Fraxel repair within 35 miles of downtown). He didn't even have a website, so while he had this expensive piece of laser technology any potential clients don't even know he is in the Chicago area (the reliant website only goes to 25 miles so he doesn't show up, and a google search for fraxel repair chicago doesn't come up with anything). Maybe he doesn't need the business, but it really casts doubt on the whole operation, imho.

Maybe its just me, but I firmly believe most people who are going to spend thousands of dollars on a procedure will google it before they pull the trigger. That is an open door for an outstanding website.

As someone who has spent 30 years in design and marketing, here is my take on what I think medspas should be doing (from the point of view of someone who has been trying to find a totalfx or fraxel repair doctor and am becoming really, really frustrated by the experience),,,

Forget radio -- just not cost effective for the scale we are talking about

Forget TV -- unless you can get on it free, which I highly recommend (local news, health, etc. these people have airtime to fill if you come to them with a compelling story to pitch). Once you're on tv, you're the expert. Viewers will go straight to google to find out more.

Make your website crystal clear, beautifully designed (of course) but no animations, no BS, informative, credible, with organized access to information and easy navigation, fast loading and clear. I am a huge proponent of putting information out there, including ballpark prices.

Build your website so it is picked up by google and other search engines.

If you want to try it, sign up for google ads. A lot of local medspas here use them so they are worth a try. But don't pay for an ad that takes the user to your crappy website. Good website first.

Engage web communities. Some of these have forums with topics read by as many as 20, 30, even 70 thousand people who are passionately researching a topic. is an example. These people are joining together to find treatments that work and you could be a part of that. If that isn't a gold mine I don't know what is.

Other web 2.0 ideas -- put videos on youtube. Get on Facebook and similar sites. There are tons of free ways to get your name out there.

And make sure you are listed on the manufacturers physician finder website. In my experience these are woefully out of date and generally a mess (are you listening lumenis?), and you may be missing out on referrals you should be getting. Make sure you come up when a potential client searches for you.

And make sure you answer your email. I have yet to get a return email inquiry when I have sent doctors emails asking if they use re:pair or deepfx. Amazing, really.

Hope this helps. Meanwhile, my search continues to find a fraxel/totalfx treatment -- so wish me luck finding it. Any suggestions are welcomed.

10.1 | Unregistered Commenterdave

my consultant at cuetera success recommend I use Yodle. They give us discounts based on our membership but have any of you used them. I saw that the work with Google and many directories but wanted more feedback.

10.2 | Unregistered CommenterLipo doc

Yes I use them Lipo doc. Well worth the money.

Here's my high-level review of advertising experience for laser tattoo removal in a large market:

1) Radio doesn't work - doesn't matter if you try 20-35 age demo, sports radio, women, late night, etc. Radio doesn't lead to phone calls. Perhaps because tattoo removal is visual and people want to do their own web-based research first.

2) Yellow pages - disaster. I didn't spend more than a few hundred a month, but once you get in one book you get a call a day from the yellow pages people. There are 10+ different books in a market, and it is hard to get a feel for which matter and which don't. Many of the books "fall off the back of the truck" and never get delivered. The online yellow pages are similar in that they don't produce results. The yellow pages as a whole are a dying breed, and they've been slow to understand how to use the web to promote. Almost guaranteed - the web positions you think you are buying are not in fact what you will receive.

3) TV - haven't tried it personally (aside from being featured on some local news coverage). Know a few people who have made small ad purchases (5-10k/month) - they tried it for 2 months and gave it up. Were getting a decent volume of calls (3-5 a day) but most were just people sitting in front of the TV wanting to talk on the phone to someone. They weren't informed potential patients. They were just curious.

I've found the key is being able to access potential patients who have already made the decision to pursue information on the procedure - which means search engine-related marketing efforts.

I would very much enjoy communicating with other clinic owners (or practice managers) who focus on tattoo removal. I am also interested in purchasing used tattoo removal lasers. Please email ryannlambert [at] if interested.

Dave - We have the Lumenis Ultrapulse Active and DeepFX procedures available which, in my humble opinion, will give better results than the Fraxel Re:pair with a single treatment. The doc-finder site is - you can search by product (ActiveFX Ultrapulse) and we are listed there within 35 miles of downtown Chicago. If you like I will let you know my direct email as well. I hate to market shamelessly in this forum, but it sounds like you are looking for customer service as well as results. Thank you and good luck.

10.3 | Unregistered CommenterIndyDoc

IndyDoc -

Thanks for responding; I would like to talk to you. Are you in Geneva?


10.3 | Unregistered CommenterDave

Hi all,

I have worked with many med spas over the past 7 years of running a monthly shared mail magazine with 1 million distribution in the greater Phoenix market. The companies that have had the most success use a over sized full color insert, or a full page ad to market their services. The spas that use this as their main media while utilizing other media each month have had the most success and continue to do so even in this tough economy. Solo postcards are also a great approach though the cost is much higher than the shared mailed magazine but you can really target your ideal demographics. With over 85% of shared mail magazines readers being female, you can saturate a market for pennies per household. Most major markets will have a magazine like ours if you are looking for a good ROI on your marketing dollars, I suggest looking into it. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions.



I find reading the comments about advertising interesting, and all too familiar. I own an advertising agency that specializes in the medical aesthetics industry, specifically with medical spas. And I've been working with spas for over a decade. Please contact me if anyone is interested in discussing commitments, just talk. I hate to see doctors and medspa owners putting themselves out of business with poor marketing.

Advertising success is based on more than just the media sources, and is very much driven on your market and service offerings. We've had HUGE success with radio in small markets. Find the top female DJ at the top female-targeting radio station and get them to endorse your spa. And then pound the airwaves. In small markets where it costs $10 or $20 a spot, you almost can't go wrong. But it will run its course quickly as your reach is small.

I've spent millions and millions of advertising dollars for medspas in markets big and small. From that, our usual order of media/advertising preference:

1. All things web. A strong web site. organic search. Pay per click.
2. Programs that target your current customers and referrals. Preferred Customer Programs and Permission-Based marketing programs.
3. Daily Newspapers.
4. Weekly Newspapers.
5. Shared Mailers (I've used the AZTrib owned one in Arizona. Its a good one. Some others can be terrible though)
6. Sometimes magazines are good - sometimes terrible - depends upon the market and the magazine.
7. TV - segments are great. Daytime broadcast for direct response. Late fringe and overnights on broadcast and cable to drive web traffic.
8. Radio
9. Direct Mail only to very specified groups (solo mail)

How much to spend? The general rule for service-oriented businesses (including medspas) is 15% of your gross revenue goal. That's 15% of your goal, not of what you are doing already. Know your break even point and set it as your first target goal. Every dollar you make over your break even becomes more and more profitable, so spend enough to make the advertising work so you can make money rather than shooting for a below break even point. ALL successful businesses make it through repeat and referral business. So if you are doing it right, you should start seeing those dollars coming in by about 9 to 12 months after you open. If you are not, then you are doing something wrong or simply not asking for the business. As your business grows, depending upon how much you want it to grow, you COULD decrease your ad spend after a couple of years. But my really successful clients (medspa and other industries) don't cut back. Make yourself the leader and stay that way. If you are number 2 in your market, you have to watch out for number 1 and number 3+. If you are number one, you only have to look in one direction for competition.

Drop me an email at if you're interested in discussing any medspa topics, or possibly looking at us for our services.


10.5 | Unregistered Commenterecorder

You should consider taking your marketing on-line. 81% of people go on-line to find products and services of interest. They're more likely to look to the internet for advise and guidance than a professional, and 94% are satisfied with what they find. So, you really need to get yourself out there in front of them.

66% of people are going to search engines to start their search. So obviously you need to be listed as many times as possible for related search terms. Paid search terms can get costly with the bidding wars. The algorithm that the search engines are using right now for the "free" or organic listings are based upon listing the experts on specific subjects first, just under the paid listings. To be considered the expert you should be blogging, getting yourself on as many free listings and paid listings, working on reputation management, commenting on articles, putting photos of procedures on YouTube, and Flickr, have a presence on social networking sites, just to name a few. This is a lot for one practice, so we do that for you.

You should also consider pay-per-click advertising. The beauty of pay-per-click is you don't pay unless someone actually clicks on your ad and goes to your website. The ads that aren't clicked are just "FREE" branding. The clicked ads can get leads in the door at about $.80 per click on average for some social sites. What are you paying for that ad in the magazine, and what is your cost per lead? Can you even tell who came in off the ad?

With a web marketing program everything is tracked. You know where every lead came from , what wasn't successful and needs to be adjusted. You don't have to wait several months like you do with radio, TV or print ads to see if they are successful. Plus web marketing is much more cost effective from $3,000-$10,000 per month depending upon how much content you want out there.

We've been doing this type of advertising for clients and the results speak for themselves. We have a hospital who's been a part of our program for 3 months and have seen a 25% increase in traffic to their website, community education class sign-ups increase 300% (the web marketing program is the only advertising for this, no paid advertising), e-mail list sign-ups have increased by 100%, newsletter sign-ups increased over 200%, and their entire schedule for a CT heart scan promotion filled-up twice.

We did a case study for a potential client to show them how we could help them. In 5 days we had them as the number one blog for mammograms, we where starting to be picked-up by news sites, many of the search terms were leading back to the test blog on the search engines.

If you'd like to learn more just drop me a line, We do webinars on a regular basis so you could also sit in on a 30 minutes more in-depth discussion on web marketing. Teresa Britton

11.12 | Unregistered CommenterTeresa

The key to successful marketing is two-fold:
1. Repetition
2. Customization

The most success any health care provider will have is with existing patients. A positive, educational, relevant, and fully customized newsletter program is vital to your marketing mix. You need to touch base with your patients in a way that they will respond to, that promotes your other marketing initiatives (websites, tv, radio, etc.), and speaks to them about the things they care about! And, you need to have a piece that reflects your unique practice, and is not just a pre-designed piece with your headshot.

Your marketing to aesthetic patients must be focused on the patient and what they want, while emphasizing why YOU are the one they can get it from.
It's simply a no-brainer that your patients will spend more, refer more, and come to see you more if they feel important to you.
Contacting your patients after they have been in for a consultation, a procedure, or a treatment will have a HUGE impact on your relationship - and increase your bottom line and your market share!

And, a newsletter will drive traffic to your website, inform about the latest products and services, promote speaking engagements, etc.

Hi Barbara-Anne,
Couldn't agree more about newsletters. It and/or email monthly (at the very least) contact ... packed with useful and relevant information builds a "fence around your herd" without which you'll lose 10% of your base per month.

However, I have a different take on your comment, "Your marketing to aesthetic patients must be focused on the patient and what they want, while emphasizing why YOU are the one they can get it from."

Focusing on what the client really wants and being able to resonate with that is a topic I'll discuss in my User Group: Marketing 101 on this site.
Jim Fairfield

Matt at Aurora-- Glad to hear you recommend Yodle. If anyone has questions about how my company works or would like more information on getting calls to your business and tracking your ROI, please feel free to shoot me an email

Thanks "About to Graduate." I really want to see body workers do well. One thing they have to understand is that there is a psychologocal component to personal services like getting a massage. Massage Envy would have you believe that people are seeking a "bargain basement price" and I just don't see that mindset being as pervasive as they would have you believe.

Lots of newcomers fall for this. My business went crazy busy when many years ago I "raised" my prices. It has a psychological effect on people. They figure that higher end MT's have separated themselves from the pack and they want the best hands they can get.

Getting a massage is a very personal and intimate thing. For many it's a rewarding respite from a stress filled life. I'll give you an example, if a person likes wine and is going to have a glass of wine to reward themselves and take the edge off do they pick a warm bottle of Thunderbird off a 7/11 shelf or something perhaps more expensive and thereby more of a reward? Do they get a quarter pounder with cheese or a nice filet? Which makes them feel more rewarded?

Let ME's serve "mac and cheese", differentiate yourselves by being AAA gourmet. Don't dream it, be it. You are selling yourself. If you've put good time and money into an education aren't you worth more? Don't you think you deserve it?
lawyer directory

Our most successful marketing efforts for our Cosmetic Dermatology practice from most successful to least successful are :

What Works:

1. Staff and physician interaction in the clinic with existing patients. When patients are happy with the results they have already experienced, trust you to do what is best for them, and you don't upsell in an high pressure manner they are very receptive to asking about and hearing suggestions about additional treatments. It's free and works for us.

2. In office brochures, posters, videos. I do most of the brochures myself (we do use some provided by Allergan etc) and all of the posters in Photoshop. We have a 24 x 36 framed color poster in each room promoting a different procedure with the procedure and our tag line. (Love Your Legs--Spider Vein Removal etc) You would be surprised at how many patients point at it and ask "tell me about that"? Very low cost and good return.

3. Newsletters sent twice a year to all patients by mail and by email to those who have requested it by email or who have registed online. Again we design it ourselves on Adobe InDesign have it printed professionally which keeps costs down and allows us to personalize it for our particular practice. We encourage all patients to provide their email. Initially we sent all out by mail now about half email half snail mail. Obviously email is much cheaper.

3. SEO optimized web site with a page for our Current Cosmetic Procedure Specials with specific pages optimized for local organic search. I manage and write all copy for our site myself and use a web design firm for the site design. More expensive but well worth it. We get many new patients who have found us on organic or paid search and many of our current patients research a procedure they are interested on our site and then come in ready to do it. A good website is essential.

5. Paid search with Google AdWords. Again I manage this myself (can you say "type A"). Once it is set up it takes me about 2 hours a week to manage. We tried using a Search management company and it was a disaster. They didn't really understand our business or the terms actual prospective patients would use to search online.

6. TV. We have 2 different 30 second TV ads that we purchase the local rights to use through Spot Runner (I am not associated with them just a customer). They are about $500 each and are high quality. We run half of our spend on "The Doctors"--very successful for us, and the other half on cable mainly HGTV, A&E, Bravo, Lifetime. It is expensive but successful, especially "The Doctos" segment.

7. Charity sponsorship with Susan B Komen for the Cure local affiliate. We have been the local presenting sponsor for years. Last year we did a "Botox Benefit Day" where we gave patients 20 units free with the purchase of 50 units. We advertised in local paper, by an email blast and on local online newspaper and I appeared on the morning TV shows. Very successful for us. We got a lot of publicity, made a profit, donated a large amount to the local charity and got new patients out of the deal. Win-win for all. It generates a lot of good will in the community, motivates staff and positions the practice as a part of the community. I believe in doing only one charity and doing it big to get prime sponsorship levels rather than small amount to a lot of charities where no one notices your sponsorship.

8. Monthly Local magazine--large ad. More for awareness rather than for direct response. Kind of works but is expensive.

What doesn't work for us:

1. Print Yellow Pages. Used to work 10 years ago not now. We have small business listings only.
2. Radio--has never worked for us. We haven't done it in years.
3. Online Yellow Pages ( etc). People use Google or Yahoo. We do some but not really effective.
4. Newspaper--again worked even 3 years ago. We have decreased our ad spend a lot and put it into the local newspaper online banner ads.
5. Local shared mailers. In our community these are too "downscale" for our practice.

Last year we spent 6.7% of revenues on advertising. We are a mature practice (14 years). In the early years we spent around 15% on advertising. Unfortunately a fair amount of it was worthless. Live and learn. And track.

05.25 | Unregistered CommenterEC


Before starting my own company I was the administrator of a large dermatology and plastic surgery practice in Florida. We had a surgery center and a hand full of offices spread out across the city. We spent about 25k a couple years ago on just web site development and SEO. We built a dedicated site for our laser center, an online store, and of course our corporate site. We saw more revenue from investing the money on the web design and search engine optimization than all other avenues(bill boards, magazine, radio, tv, yellowpages, etc.) combined. We are in a very competitive market so the search engine traffic is pretty heavy. Patients are educating themselves before their procedures so it adds a level of comfort when are looking up the procedure in the area and notice that you have the top two spots. Not only does it bring in revenue but I think that it adds credibility.


I have a couple sites that I would like to speak with you about. I launched a couple sites targeting the cosmetic referral market and the fractional laser technology. One is which gives physicians free profiles that patients can access and contact the doctor. It allows the doc to upload before and after photos etc. I also launched which is a laser information and directory. It is being developed but I hope to use it is as a place for the laser companies to upload their individual directories so patients know at least who to call. I am building it manually and answering questions from patients when they come in. For instance, a patient emailed us asking for a fractional co2 specialist in Denver. So we checked out the different laser directories and found a smartxide plastic surgeon within four miles of this person. She could not even find the doctor with google. Sounds like you have some insight and I would love to speak with you about these projects.

I hope to tie the directories into our SEO and web development services. We provide our SEO service for free for the first month to show how quickly we can improve search engine traffic and rankings.

Check out and, both provide free profiles and help increase traffic.

email me with any questions.

05.27 | Unregistered CommenterDrew

Drew please email me. An off shoot of my main company is On Call Medical Marketing. We have something you may be very interested in.

05.27 | Unregistered CommenterFlorida PA

Of all mediums Radio is by the far toughest to turn into results. But it’s not because Radio does not work; t’s because Radio is the most challenging medium to work. However when done correctly it can/will work so well that you can literally take your market over (assuming you are not in a top five market with one location).

I know because my Advertising Agency does this for clients across many industries and tracks the results on a daily basis. Radio is an invasive medium that sells with emotion. You should be using it to point out the endless number of emotional reasons to take advantage of the services at your Med Spa. Even when all other campaign elements are executed to perfection you will still fail with a poor creative message.

Here are seven reasons Radio (and many other broadcast mediums) won't work:

1-Unrealistic Expectations 2- Thin Schedule, 3- Marketing Problems (inside the advertisers business), 4- Wrong Station/Demo, 5- You paid to much per spot, 6- Did not buy an efficient schedule (it takes a lot of analysis), 7- BAD Creative

If you have already run an unsuccessful campaign and want to know what went wrong feel free to contact me. If you are considering or already doing TV, Radio, or Newspaper we can make it great.

When we place Media for our clients our services are free.

Please contact me with any questions.

Kindest regards,
Michael -

06.5 | Unregistered CommenterMrose

How you market and advertise depends on your region, timing, knowing who your clients are, and knowing your competition.
Once you've decided how you will brand your med spa, then you can determine the print/media and develop the creative. It's a fun process, but does take time and effort. Before you do any advertising, I'd suggest doing a survey to existing clients. If you are a start-up, survey clients as they come in. Collect email addresses, while you are at it, for future use.

08.4 | Unregistered Commentershirley

I've read through most of the threads and something that I feel should should be pointed out is that you can have the most comprehensive and lead producing advertising/marketing campaigns, but if your staff does not know how to discuss procedures and really "sale" your practice it's all for nothing. Staff training in sales is absolutely vital to your business success. In most cases, we hire staff & clinicians expecting them to know how to "sale" the practice and "sale" the procedures, but unfortunately, they just don't know how to do it and owners do not know how to teach them. Education and training is the most important aspect of an aesthetic practice. Knowing to focus on the current patients and how to fit a patient with the right procedure(s) and follow up procedures, without being a discounter is the key to success. We need to value the procedures we offer as well as the physicians/clinicians time to perform the procedure and stop all the discounting within the industry. I say take your marketing dollars and invest it in the staff. A talented team will make you a successful business.

We have the best results, by far, by investing a lot of time (writing) and reasonable money in an informative, content-rich, Search Engine Optimized website. Then we added Google adwords, done professionally.

People today, especially those new to an area, Google what they are looking for.
Client referrals, of course, remain essential.
Also, we have about 30 (!!!) amazing reviews on CitySearch, which help tremendously. (Ask for them. Happy clients are happy to help.)


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