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Medical Spa Medspa Advertising Marketing > Is medical advertising ethical?

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists have been at it for years but now many new doctors are entering the cosmetic market and are turning to advertising to grow their practice. It brings up the question: Is advertising medical treatments ethical? Where is the line?
warning! These ramblings are not to slight the publication 'NEW BEAUTY', I am an avid reader and

Just a thought...
I recently ended my employment at a Non-Surgical/Laser Medical Spa which was owned by a PA and directed by a derm. (This is legal in my state) A few months back I recall a lot of hooplah one day as my workplace was bombarded by a small army of photographers and make-up artists. Apparantly, the magazine New Beauty was there to include our practice in their 'index'. For those of you not familiar, NEW BEAUTY, is a fabulously flashy and addictive publication which hits stands quarterly, I believe. Dependent upon the region of its dispersion, it includes, in the back, a sort of index of 'the best' (rolling my eyes) plastic surgeons, cosmetic derms, cosmetic dentists, etc...
Don't get me wrong, some of these practices, I am sure, are the best of the best. To them I extend my respect and awe. But, upon putting on my cat burglar attire and seeking the 'cost' of placing this 'ad' in the publication, I was disheartened to find out it was something absurd like $60,000.
Alright, I'm young and idealistic and absolutely love being involved with skin in general, and maybe this is the 'real world' of advertising cost etc...If this is the case, I am the first to admit my bad. The adversion that I have to this is the hidden principle behind it. As a young woman, or any patient for that matter, attempting to navigate your way through the internet, publications, etc to try and find a reputable and honest MD for a procedure....isn't this index not a realistic representation of the best of the best, but instead the "Hope to be best who are willing to spend the most?" Or even worse! The ones who are willing to pull from other budgets to fatten up their marketing/advertising budget to splurge on flashy publications such as this? ( this where all of my gas money went?lol)
Hey..I know this sells. I'm a young female consumer product junkie! I'm guilty. But I know some amazing docs out there who are wild about not just getting spectacular results for their patients, but have respect and kindness for these patients as well. You know...the "Clan who remaineth true to the Oath"

I'm sure those physicians benefit from 'word of mouth' advertising. They don't need to do eblasts with cut out botox coupons and 2 for 1's....

I would just hate to see someone be disappointed with a procedure (or worse...injured!!!) because they were misled by the advertising Pied Piper....or because they couldn't resist that Radiesse coupon leering at them from page four.

Hats off to all the good men and women (regardless of their advertising budget) Good work is not always appreciated where and when it is due.

09.12 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest

I think there is actually a debate in terms of advertising. If its ethical or not. I am not really that familiar with the laws from other countries. But for what i have heard, other countries are already allowed to market their plastic surgery services. Being in the philippines, the two well known medical clinics are being run by the media but the thing is I think that its a bit unethical if your doing a false advertisement and whether they can deliver.

Sometimes those who are really considered as the best plastic surgeons would be the more conservative one and do follow the rules of board certified surgeons that medical advertising is unethical.

Working with a very good plastic surgeon in the Philippines. They have already been in the business for almost 20 years but had never considered advertising in billboards or magazine.

I think for the medical industry. It is still the best to hear it through word of mouth of patients. False advertising may cause death and even distrust to the real doctors/surgeons who have really undergo the proper training and certification.

02.27 | Unregistered CommenterRoville

I just wanted to add that when I opened my salon the advertising was unrealistic-so I found this company called Vmercial they came to my salon helped me design and word the video commerical to attack people to my site-this video is yours, and cost a fraction of what magazine or phone book ads cost-the best part is you can put it on your web site, people rather see and hear at the same time-so you can project the image you want your future clients to know about you-my business has grown 20% since I have done this-I am doing a new one now. Advertising is a catch 22 you need to let the consurmer know what you do, but the cost is ridiculous so then we hope for word of mouth, but that doesn't always work I found that on my first video I a straightening treatment and the response was unbelieveable, so I thinkj that because of the internet people feel more confortable again listening and seeing-hope this helps

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