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Lumenis: LightSheer, AcuPulse & UltraPulse > TotalFx: Calling All UltraPulse Users!

This is what I was asking Robert Mann to do.

I believe that if you put 10 smart people in a room and have them discuss how they do things, they will learn from each other and get better. I believe that there a few BEST ways to do things and some of these people might be doing it the best way or perhaps none are doing it the best way but by comparing notes and exchanging ideas they are better positioned to find the best way, or better ways, to do what they are doing.

This is the case with laser treatments. If you put 10 top laser experts in a room and ask them to disclose and discuss how they do their treatments, they will learn from each other and probably they will all change their technique at least a little bit. Some will change their technique a lot as they learn how their colleagues are doing treatments and learn the rational behind their settings.

I have asked Robert Mann to try to get 10 of his top experts to engage in this type of activity. I am confident that there are plenty who would be willing and eager to do this. We can watch and learn from them and interact with them (there are busy, experienced, exceptional community laser surgeons who might be doing treatments using better techniques than the experts). By engaging in this type of activity we can all learn and get better at what we do and produce better clinical outcomes with fewer complications.

We need to discuss techniques and settings for acne scars and wrinkles and we need to discuss special settings to use around the eyes, mouth and on the neck and chest. We also need to discuss pre and post treatment protocols which minimize the redness and pigmentation complications and produce the most collagen stimulation.

Robert Mann will not do this. He will not even try to do this. This is why I am so angry at him. He is not a doctor. He is not a laser surgeon. He is an idiot in my opinion. He has lots of power and has the ability to do this, but he won’t. My plan is to do this on my own and to work hard to get him fired so we can have a General Manager of Lumenis Aesthetics who understands our needs, a general manager who will help us rather than hold us back.

If you have the UltraPulse and can do TotalFx treatments and you want to join our Users Group, please email me at We will be innovating and helping each other achieve excellent clinical results with fewer complications and side effects.

If you have another fractional laser and would like to join us, we will be discussing our treatments in terms of depth of penetration and percent area covered as well as energy and density settings. We welcome Fraxel users, ProFractional users and users of the other fractional devices to contribute and learn.

I agree. An exchange of treatment pearls would help us all.

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