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Lumenis: LightSheer, AcuPulse & UltraPulse > Lumenis

Hello Everyone, This is Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD. In the last few weeks I have been working very productivly with top executives at Lumenis. They have great lasers and now they are committed to providing great support and training. They have made a 180 degree turnaround in the last few weeks. Our NEW, very productive, relationship is very new, but so far, so good. I am very happy to be working WITH them to make things better for me and all of you. I know many of the posters on this site and most were NOT laser reps. There was a REAL problem (which still exists at most other Laser Companies) and they are working to fix it. I will keep you all informed if they don't do what they say they are going to do. Have a great Christmas and Hannukah! If anyone is interested in the questions that I have had and the details of the what we are now doing, feel free to email me at If your laser company does not provide strong clinical support and a robust "clinical exchange" program, you should read my article in this month's HealthyAging Magazine and insist (the way I did) that they provide this essential support. Lumenis is making great strides now to provide this type of support!

12.24 | Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD 12-24-08

Lumenis Sucks Again.

They have let me down.

They just don't care, they are stupid or they are incompetent or inept.

See "Mitchel P. Goldman, MD" and "Lumenis Malcontents"

Lumenis made another big splash at the recent AAD annual meeting in San Francisco with the introduction of the new LightSheer DUET diode laser. I checked their web site to find out the specs and - quite frankly - what I am seeing is rather hard to believe. Most experienced practitioners would agree that the basic LightSheer diode -- albeit quite expensive - is a good device for hair removal. The integrated contact cooling -- which allows the safe and comfortable use of very high fluenxces --has always been one of the stellar features. The only problem has been the small spot size requiring TONS of pulses (equaling LONG treatment times --which wear out patients and staff alike).

With the NEW duet -- which I am sure costs a TON of money to buy --you can purchase the Light Sheer with BOTH the 9 mm x 9 mm spot size hand piece (for smaller areas such as the face) AND the new head with a gigantic 22 x 35 mm spot size hand piece. Naturally - since the new hand piece covers an area per pulse almost TEN TIMES the size of the 9 mm x 9 mm head, you can perform treatments quickly (imagine a back in only 15 minutes!) and - supposedly - comfortably (the big handpiece suposedly doesn't need - or have - integrated contact cooling). What's the deal here??

1. The maximum energy fluence of the new large hand piece is only TWELVE J/cm2! This compares to a max of 100 J/cm2 with the tried and tested 9 mmm x 9 mm hand piece. No wonder they don't need epidermal cooling!

2. Their web site mentions ZERO clinical articles or studies giving a prospective buyer reason to believe it is possible to get clinical efficacy with a fluence of only 12 J/cm2!!

3. The "magic" that makes this all possible is that Lumenis has apparently integrated the "famous" vacuum assist technology originally brought to market by the Aesthera people with their IPL a couple years ago. The Aesthera guys made the same argument -- and we know how wel their device has done in the market place.

4. Motto: If something sounds too good to be true -- it probably is!!

The great thing about laser hair removal results is that we alll know it takes at least a year to find out whether or not the technology is really effective (based on those pesky hair growth schedules). They can probably sell a TON of systems before the unfortunate buyers find out the verdict!! Many of us have seen this happen with other low fluence devices in the past (i.e., Radiancy, Aesthera, et al).

Maybe it will work-- who knows. But I don't want to b one of the sacrificial lambs in this experiment. I will wait until Dr. Jeffrey Epstein buys one and gives it his MAPA "seal of approval"!!

Completely agree with above. Laser hair removal is not very profitiable all together. Why would anyone want to burn more money buying a "faster" light sheer , I don't know... Apparently, Dr. Goldman and Beth Haney think this is great. "completely impressed, the speed and efficacy is unbeatable" Everyone should go out an buy one or if you are Mitch Goldman get 2 or 3 ......

03.14 | Unregistered Commentermdman

I agree with mdman. If you buy this device which only can do LHR, the only one laughing all the way to the bank is Lumenis. If you are new in the business, this is definitely NOT a device you would purchase. Do not listen to the song and dance of the Lumenis salesmen. This is not worth the investment.

03.14 | Unregistered CommenterCanMD

Have there been any efficacy studies to show that this laser actually works?
Is it safe and effective?

There is not much doubt that the laser will be SAFE. I am having a hard time believing, on the other hand, that you can get clinical efficacy for anything with only 12 Joules/cm2. I'm just not convinced that the pneumatic business really makes that much difference. If it did we would all be using the Aesthera IPL device for everything (and not just acne).

Wall Stree Journal Tuesdy March 31, 2009

“At least six directors of General Motors Corp, will soon join former CEO Rick Wagoner in heading out the door … During one meeting [of Obama’s Auto Task Force], the board was described as a “collection of failed CEOs”.

So, you can see that even CEOs and members of Board of Directors of large corporations can be idiots!

I think we have a couple of idiots in Dov Ofer and Robert Mann. They run Lumenis. I will soon be looking into who is on their board of directors. Maybe they are idiots as well! I am bored with bugging Ofer and Mann, I think I will find out who is on their board and start up a conversation with them.

Why do I think they (Mann and Ofer) are idiots? I will explain in future posts.

The only thing I know (about the new LightSheer DUET) for certain is this............

Two years ago they were supposed to roll this laser out at the AAD. All the clinical trials came back and they were horrible. No efficacy whatsoever. They shelved the project. Now, they have nothing new to talk about or any new products. The execs in their wisdom decided to just roll it (The DUET) back out after making zero changes to the system after the poor trails. Buyer beware. They are basically trashing the best product they have (The Regular LightSheer) for the sake of new money. Unreal.

03.31 | Unregistered CommenterBB

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