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Lumenis: LightSheer, AcuPulse & UltraPulse > Demo Lightsheer Duet

I had the chance to try out the new Lumenis Lightsheer Duet yesterday on 20 volunteers for my study. The volunteers had their axilla and leg hair treated on both side. One side was treated with the Sciton BBL 560nm @ 40ms 13J Double pulse for 3 passes. The other side was treated with the Lightsheer Duet Vacuum tip + Diode laser with parameters provided by the sales rep under their supervision. The lightsheer Duet is very eash and quick to use. However some pinching of the treatment area was needed to enhance the vacuum seal. The laser will not fire unless the vacuum seal is tight. The lightsheer duet was very quick to perform. I averaged 1 minute 20 seconds to treat one side of axilla and close to 4 minutes to treat one side of lower leg. The Sciton BBL averaged 2 minutes for the axilla and 6 minutes for the lower leg. All the volunteers were asked about discomfort immediately after the treatment. Surprisingly comfort level was almost the same for both the Sciton and the Lumenis machine. Volunteers will be asked back one month from now to assess amount of hair growth and satisfaction. I am contemplating on buying a lightsheer duet for my practice. Due to plans of recent expansion to add another clinic to our medspa, I have to purchase another set of laser equipments. Does anyone have a favorite hair removal machine they can recommend? I've been using the Sciton BBL for 4 years with great result.

07.23 | Unregistered CommenterKW


If you are interested in sending me an email, I would like to discuss our new Alexandrite laser with you.

Thank you for the kind words regarding our BBL.


Doug Carrow
Director of Sales Development

What happened? Is there an update?

The Light Sheer Duet for sure. I've used Lumenis lasers and in my opinion Lumenus make GOLD STANDARD equipment. I tried, so very hard, to talk my Doc/Boss into getting the Duet...we already had their Light Sheer....but he just didn't want to spend the money. When you think about the time saved and the increase in number of pts that can be treated in a day, it simply makes sense to go with h the duet.

I hope this helps.

IT is difficult to make a purchase decision based on just one demo session. OF the 20 or so volunteers (my employees) who tried the laser stated that the Sciton unit was less painful (probably due to the contact cooling and additional Zimmer chiller). The rate of growth for Left and Right side comparison was almost the same for both units. The Duet is slightly faster than the Sciton unit but one has to get used to the vaccuum to get a good seal before the laser fires. In my case, I was faster with the sciton unit because I've been using the BBL for the past 5 years. However the Duet is definitely quicker than my Sciton 1064 hair removal scanner. The Lumenis Duet costs around $60,000. I think it is a quality piece of equipment. Wish it was as versatile as the Sciton BBL though.

Kenneth: Are you sure the Duet costs only $60K? I thought it sold for a much higher price. I am still surprised that you are able to get PERMANENT reduction using such low fluence levels. This contradicts most of the studies I have seen -- edveral hundred-- over the years that typically use much higher energy levels. You will not really know if you are getting long term results until at least four months after treating. Someone needs to do a controlled hair count study showing the results of a single treatment about 120 days post-treatment (to allow full time for hair regrowth based on the anagen/telogen/catagen cycles). If the Duet works I can't argue with the speed of treatment analysis. Time is money in this business.

Duet cost around 95000, its so expensive for only epilation, but if you have many many patients , its a good business.

The tecnology using lower fluence in duet, because the total energy per flash is very high... the spots is 22X35 mm. It is the difference.

I have some studies about duet, but the tecnology is new...anyone serius dermatologist can´t affirmate that is better tecnology.

10.25 | Unregistered Commentercarlos

Try Palomar's Vectus Laser - Fantastic !

10.10 | Unregistered CommenterTuvya

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