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IPL & Laser Treatments > Laser Hair Removal below the eyebrow

I wanted to get feedback on this subject. I have been doing laser hair removal for about 12 years and have worked with different devices and was even a trainer for a company. I have always been taught and I taught to never done laser hair removal in the orbital rim to include below the eyebrow. At one time, even my supervising MD gave me an article on an incident where a patients eye was burned related to laser hair removal. I had someone consult with me about permanent makeup because she was treated with a laser hair removal device below her eyebrow and it removed too much hair. She is an acquaintence so I discussed my view on treating below the eyebrow. She called tonight and has a friend due to go to the same place and is having her eyebrows treated with laser hair removal and wanted my opinion on whether she should have it done. I am very conservative but would like feedback, my response is no I wouldn't do it.

07.15 | Registered Commenterklearskin

hell no!
I thought it was against FDA protocol to treat below the eyebrow. Between and above is OK but it's way too close to the eye within the orbital bone. I wouldn't have it done or allow it to be performed in the medspa I manage.

If an MD wants to take that risk-well, let them, but I bet that the supervising medical director has no idea that this is going on.

what state is this in?

Not safe. I had a patient develop a damaged Iris after IPL performed by my nurse in this area. A pubmed search revealed 6 patients with the same injury after IPL or Laser - all but one of them were treated in the lower eye brow. Never treat here.

07.16 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

Absolutely, never ever treat within the orbital rim.

07.16 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Not only do you risk eye injury, But because the hair grow at an extreme angle in the brows you run the risk of deforming the brow shape. The hairs that protrude above the skin are actually centimeters away from where the dermal papilla resides below the surface. If you shoot a beam directly down into the skin and the hair grows at an angle, chances are that you are going to hit hairs that are not in line with the "target hairs" on the surface.

Thank you all so much! This is the first time I have requested advice and I am very impressed. Mostly to see that my recommendation to her is the same it seems many others would recommend. Even talking with a different MD yesterday I work with had the same exact answer.

07.17 | Registered Commenterklearskin

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