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Cynosure: Elite, Affirm, Cynergy & Smartlipo > Cynosure Elite MPX - help!

I am starting a medispa and am deciding on a laser purchase. Has anyone used the Cynosure Elite MPX? How does it perform for hair removal (all skin types) and vascular/pigmented lesions and facial rejuvenation procedures?
We are looking at only buying one laser for now. Is this a good choice?

06.27 | Unregistered Commenterdra

I do have the Elite MPX and have loved it. I have used it now for several months. Happy to share my experiences with this laser.
You can even email me at

MPX is exactly the same as Modular or Newlook. The only difference is when you are treating East-Indian people, then you are good to go. big difference is coming from the huge amount of money you are paying for MPX.

07.21 | Unregistered CommenterSaeed

The MPX is the Elite in a newer, sexier box!
They integrated the chiller and increased the spot size to 18 mm which is great, and did bump up the Hz a bit BUT it's basically the Elite and has the same issues:
Over heating,
Marginal laser heads that might last 1-2 years before replacement (at a HUGE expense).
Expensive parts to replace and, of course, those incredably insensative, money hungry Cynosure corporate thugs which you need to apease before they do you the honor of servicing your laser at half your annual salary!

07.22 | Unregistered CommenterGlass

I'm sorry Glass, but even though you may have had a bad experience with Cynosure, or whomever you hired to fix your laser that didn't do it right, but your not right in your information.

The MPX has overheating problems because they built the chiller into it, which was a bad idea as it just adds more heat to the laser. The Elite never had overheating problems if utilized with air conditioning and room temp controlled, which is basically all lasers, but diode lasers. The MPX on the otherhand is more difficult to cool because of the excess heat produced is in the laser cabinet. No matter how cool the room or how many fans they build in the laser, it produces too much heat. Smaller isn't always better.

The Cynosure pump chambers for the Elite were very good if maintenanced by someone who cared and were good technicians. I've stated this before, no matter how good a product whether a car or a laser, it will only be as good as the quality of technical support and services done on them. I've got customers who have used me for service and have close to 5 million pulses on their laser cavity, and approximately 5 years of use. A laser cavity can be had, even from Cynosure for about $12k give or take if they do the work, some IPL handpieces cost $8000 give or take to rebuild.

Glass did have one thing right, you will be at the mercy of Cynosure if you hire them to do the work on your laser.

If I were looking for a laser, I would buy the Apogee Elite from someone like myself or a reputable selle, which there aren't too many. You can get a very low use laser, with years of use left for $25,000-$45,000 depending on year, which is a lot less than that MPX, and you have options other than Cynosure to work on it. I have customers who bought 2004 model Elites and I gave a 6 month warranty, and they are past a year with no problems.

Thank You
Independent Laser

Actually, the Elite MPX is different than the Elite in a couple of ways.
You can combine the Alex and Yag together in multiplex fashion. That helps if you have a dark skin type IV or even V and you want something just a bit stronger than standard Yag. So you can add low levels of Alex which won't cause epidermal issues along with the Yag.

I also like that if you use single mode, you can use 2 Hz instead of 1.5.

A lot of disadvantages in comparison to the gentlemax. I regret the MPX. Overheating, often failures.

03.26 | Unregistered Commenterminirock

You should look at Sciton's Joule platform. It's a multi-platform laser and light system. Full disclosure, I am biased, I work for Sciton. Although, you are doing your research in a good place. If you haven't already, look at Medical Spa MD's Medical Spa Physician Report under the members tab. It has a lot of good unbiased information. I think after you finish your homework on all your options the Joule will be one you like. You can find a lot of good systems out there... it's more about finding the perfect system for you.

Regarding your question about one system. The answer depends on what all you want to be treating and how big your staff is going to be. Generally three to four modalities in one works great. You never want a system sitting in a room unused... you're wasting space and money. With three or four you have a lot of treatment options and you know it will be used. Above that (depending on the modalities) I would consider two systems. It's common to have two Joule's or a Joule and a BBL's... starting with one and adding the second as business increases.

Last, you need to find a system that is reliable and has a good reputation... otherwise you're back to a system sitting in a room wasting space and money.

06.29 | Unregistered Commenteraburton

I own a Cynosure Elite MPX. It offers a wide array of treatments on different skin types. I have also looked into other machines, but this is still the best by far. Trust me dra, you won't regret having this. Even though there are lots of vendors currently out in the market, assess and evaluate what is best for you and your patient population. Be wary of sales reps who over promise but under deliver.

You WILL regret the MPX.
Often failures, after just one year head pump broke down, 12K for repair!

Cynosure, never again!

10.24 | Unregistered Commenterminirock

Hello everyone. I am in Australia and this is my first post. I am looking at buying either Cynosure demo Elite MPX New Elite Plus. I will be using for both light skin and dark skin Hair Removal (75% Hair Removal) and for vascular and pigmentation treatments. Any advice would be appreciated. Additionally the others I have looked seriously looked at and priced are at the Candela GentleMax Pro and the Cutera Excel V. I currently have a Revlite, GentleLASE mini and Gemini laser. I am looking to replace the GentleLase and Gemini.

12.18 | Registered CommenterLily B

Lily, please feel free to contact me via WhatsApp to discuss your issues. My phone number is +1 4694359041.

I would stay as far away from the MPX as possible. This machine has several extremely common issues that unfortunately all carry a premium to repair correctly. Parts are much harder to source for this machine (everyone stating it is the same as the Modular or Newlook Elite are absolutely incorrect) and since Cynosure is removing this from their product line this parts supply shortage is not going to get any better any time soon. You would be much better off purchasing the Elite ELMD (modular) or Plus model as they are both much better in terms of efficiency, efficacy, and repairability.

12.4 | Unregistered CommenterJeremyB

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