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Cynosure: Elite, Affirm, Cynergy & Smartlipo > Cynosure Apogee Elite laser techs

This is my first post and I am excited to speak with other Cynosure technicians. I have an Apogee Elite laser and I was wondering if anyone uses the 15mm handpiece?

04.25 | Unregistered Commenterdlr

The 15mm is used often

04.28 | Unregistered Commenterps

What would you like to know, the 15mm is the most commonly used for hair removal; the 3 and 5mm for vascular, 5, 7 and 10mm for skin rejuvenation, 12 and 15 for hair removal.

05.10 | Registered CommenterDee Greene

15mm too painful never use it.

05.14 | Unregistered Commenteramy z

I would like to have a tech in Minneapolis St paul trained on my Apogee Elite. Does anyone know where I can get him certified to maintain this laser?

05.14 | Unregistered Commenteramy z

Amy: I don't think Cynosure allows this. At one point earlier in the decade my partner and I owner $1 million worth of their lasers and we found the company to be extremely controlling and greedy. They would give us zip for lasers that became outmoded after a couple years -- all they would do was try to squeeze you to upgrade to new models that cost a great deal of money. I do not believe they make their parts available to third party repair companies which gives them a "stranglehold" over you. I am also in the Twin Cities. Good luck.

Amy: Please contact me by email. There are solutions for your problem.

I would like to start using the 15mm headpiece for hair removal. is it still as effective as the 12mm?

06.5 | Unregistered Commenterdlr

I love the 15 mm handpiece. The larger the handpiece the deeper the penetration because there is less scattering of the wavelength used.
When you switch from the 12mm to the 15 mm, adjust your fluence because your joules will be lower.

A larger handpiece does not ensure greater coherence of the laser. The greatest benefit is larger area of coverage. Also, Minni, your last statement is not correct.

By changing your handpiece, even if left at the same settings, you just DID adjust your fluence.

06.7 | Unregistered CommenterMickey


Amy Z. was my customer for over a year, until she decided to try and barter on the payment of her bill. Her husband was on location and he called to clear all repairs. I serviced the laser internal calport window and focus lens, as well as rebuilt handpieces that were bad. I even did her 15mm for free. When arguing about paying the bill, all of which I have emails to prove, she told me she didn't want anything free from me thinking maybe I'd reduce her bill. She also tried to say her husband couldn't approve or be responsible for repairs, even though we both spoke to her about what needed to be done. She tried to say she didn't want the anything replaced but the focus lens, even though she didn't know what was wrong till I told her. I explained to her that she agreed to services on handpieces and the calport and that in order to pass spec. and my work to be warrantied it had to be done. I wouldn't do service and give the laser a passing grade without service to the other parts because if the laser breaks down, customers expect me to cover the service call because I was just there.

Basically she stopped payment on the check and claimed it was because she never received an invoice for the bill, which was mailed, and then it was all the above excuses. I sent her a scanned copy, twice and she still was fighting paying.

This is why she wants to train someone, she thinks that you can just train a monkey and pay them nothing to work on lasers. Sad thing is that her laser has only cost approximately $3,000 a year including consumables, like handpiece repairs and parts replace because her staff broke them. I don't know what she expects.

When she first bought the laser from one of my customers and her staff broke something, she literally cried about the cost to me over the phone, now I know it was all for show and to get her bill reduced, which I think I cut her a cheaper price. Now I know that it's always been to weasel out of paying.

Only way I got her to pay was to threaten legal action, collections and posting information on the internet about her business.


What is involved in rebuilding a 12mm Cynosure Apogee Elite Handpiece? It is getting pretty hot!
Chuck W. (540) 213-3633

11.16 | Unregistered CommenterChuck W MD

People beware!
You have seen Leon "Libels' rants on these pages in various areas.
This guy is former Cynosure tech whom was termnated for, among other things, stealing parts from the company.
If you bought a parts or had hin do service on your Elite, Affirm or Cynergy there is a good chance he used a stolen part for your "repair"
The only way this guy can drum up business is by trashing every other person, user or service person out there. You've seen his "Hillbilly" lectures on this site, ask yourself how does a guy have this much time to write this stuff if he SO busy repairing lasers? And why does he have to trash talk others?
The short answer is he is incompetent and trying to create a smoke screen to confuse you!

05.30 | Unregistered CommenterJay S

Very true, Jay Z!
This zero talent hillbilly couldn't put a screw on a nut, let alone actually have a intelligent conversation with a customer!
That was just one of the reasons he was fired!
He, by his own admission, has been fired/terminsated from every job he has ever had!
I seriously doubt he has 3 teeth, or 3 brains cells that actually connect!!

Every laser owner/salon owner or doctor who has had the terrible misfortune of using his "services" has regreted it!
Do your self a favor and avoid this barefoot country bumpkin!

06.11 | Unregistered CommenterMike P

Cynosure Apogee Elite handpiece rebuilds require the removal and replacement of specialized lenses within the handpieces, and testing after the replacement is complete. This can cost anywhere from $300-$600 depending on who performs the service. Beware of purchasing lenses from third parties, as many are not the correct size. Also beware of purchasing rebuilt handpieces from third parties, or sending yours out as many techs do not test the lens size, nor do they bother to check the handpieces after being rebuilt.

I don't like Cynosure. Reps overhype their treatments. I am not impressed with their results at all. Barely noticeable improvement, insignificant transformation. I bought one of their machines and it broke down after a couple of weeks. We sought service tech only for them to offer false hopes. Note to self: I'm not buying anything from them anymore!

06.25 | Unregistered CommenterJ. Consult

Leon did a repair on a laser I owned and it was very effective and affordable. I am not sure why you guys have issues with him but he is. Good tech in my experience.

11.10 | Unregistered CommenterKim

Has anyone ever sued Cynosure??

06.18 | Registered CommenterMiss Laser

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