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Other IPL & Laser Technologies > zerona laser for fat loss

Can anyone share experience with zerona laser, do patients like results? does it generate reasonalbe income?
Thanks for the help

01.28 | Unregistered Commentergm

As long as you tell your patients to starve themselves completely during the treatment cycle they will see great results. Otherwise it is the same as putting a patient on an exam table naked under surgical lights. What will that do for them? Nothing


The company keeps saying they are going to put out long term studies but have yet to do it. I have lloked at there studies and the longest study they have is 2 weeks after the last treatment. I want to know what happens with the laser alone and not all of the other accompanying requirements like diet and exercise? I also want to know what happens at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks etc. If you look at there studies you will start to see a trend toward pretreatment measurements at the 2 weeks post treatment. That does not make me very optimistic.

We need to make these companies do real research that will show long term benefits for the patient. The Zerona is being marked by an investment company and all they care about is getting as many machines out there as quickly as possible to suck as much money out of physicians and patients as they possibly can. They are placing in as many chiropractors offices as they can as well.

Lornell E. Hansen II, M.D.
LazaDerm Skincare Centre

01.29 | Unregistered CommenterLH

You should check out Smooth Shapes .. If you really want a true cellulite solution for your patients then you bwill get them on the SmoothShapes program.



01.29 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Meek


Do you work for SmoothShapes? the people I have talked to about it have not been that thrilled with it.


01.29 | Unregistered CommenterLH

LH, were the people you spoke to about smoothshapes not thrilled about the results with cellulite? Or circumfrential reduction? Or both?
We have a smoothshapes system and see good results with cellulite and improvement of the skin's condition. We are still not totally convinced on the volume reduction side. We think with respect to this aspect treatments like smoothshapes function like a carrot to the patient to loose weight with diet and excersice etc.
We worked with an endomology system first which required 15-20 treatments and results did not persist for longer than 4 weeks. Smoothshapes requires 8-10 treatments and results will last for 4-9 months. We are thrilled about this but agree that alot of work needs to be done and clinically proven in the domain of fat reduction.

01.30 | Unregistered CommenterRT


It was overall performance. I did not ask specifics about why they did not like it. They just felt they had not been able to achieve what the company promised. As a physician, I did not think that it is worth the money they are asking we pay for the unit so I have not been paying attention to advances in SmoothShapes technology. I have heard they did some upgrades but I still will not purchase a unit like that until they start to show either permanent or long term results (minimum 1 year or longer).


01.30 | Unregistered CommenterLH

If it's too good to be true...... Come on..

03.14 | Unregistered CommenterGene

The wavelength of the Zerona laser is the same as your $5 laser pointer. You are putting yourself, or your client, under a bunch of "laser pointers".
This is typical "voodoo", the kind you usually see coming in from overseas.

It's the diet and excersise that will drop pounds, if any.

04.22 | Unregistered CommenterHF

HF is right on target. I would stick with the staples - hair, veins, spots, blemishes - and leave the fat to Curves and Biggest Loser!

07.13 | Registered CommenterOSTspa

We have a medispa with the iLipo laser by Chromogenex. A 20 minute treatment nets a 1-2" circumference loss through fat cell content release and a 20-35 minute post treatment moderate cardio workout burns the majority of released fatty acid and glycerol. Go to and check out the clinical studies yourself.

David Sandrock, I visited site and they mention clinical studies but yet I didn't find any proof of clinical studies. I invite you to visit this link
as an example of what to look for when acquiring a new device: FDA approval (with no warnings), PUBLICLY available Clinical Studies, as well as the biographies of the Doctors that have use the technologies.

This treatment is pointless. Time consuming with unsatisfactory results. There are a lot of older devices in the market that can deliver better results.

08.7 | Unregistered CommenterClarice

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