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Other IPL & Laser Technologies > Exilis versus Vaser Shape MC1

Any one with any hands-on experience with either of these machines (BTL Exilis, or Vaser's MC1 aka Vaser Shape)?
Are they worth the investment? Little objective data out there so far....

03.31 | Unregistered CommenterTF

Absolutely worthed! I've posted another reply, please read. My Exilis paid for itself in one month in NJ

We've been performing body shaping and skin tightening since 2005. In that time we've used VelaSmooth, VelaShape, Palomar Deep IR, Syneron RF, Zerona and now Exilis. We also demoed the MC1, Thermage, Venus Freeze, Lipoex, Zeltiq and other next generation systems.

First let me state that all these devices require experience in order to get the best results. As an example the VelaShape in the proper hands is great tool for both body contouring and cellulite reduction but an inexperienced operator or someone who just does not give the 110% effort is not going to get a great result.

The Exilis is the single best device we've ever used for both anywhere on the body skin tightening and body contouring. The before and after patient pictures create the WOW factor that few non-surgical devices ever do.

We've performed over 10,000 body shaping, skin tightening & cellulite treatments over the past 6 years and IMO, the Exilis is the best of the new technologies we evaluated.

03.19 | Unregistered Commenternickal

I have personally been treated and been using the Exilis technology for one year now. Initially skeptical with skin tightening results performed on face/neck vectors but results are not noticeable immediate after the recommended optimal treatments. The results are actually phenomenal at the 3rd and 6 month s/p treatment follow up protocol. After reviewing and performing multiple photos (before and after) clients were 75% pleased with the results. No downtime, very minimal risk, low cost and pleased clients.
I will say it definetly is in the knowledge, education and skill of the Exilis device that is in control of such great results. Proper care and technique will produce the maximum results, profits, and satisfied clients.
If there are any future or current prospects considering purchasing or comments regarding the Exilis technology I would love to hear more stories or see pics.

Fully agree with all the comments above. I have been using Exilis since last December. My results are truly outstanding and our schedule has been at the capacity since December.
I must admit that I do not follow BTL's suggested protocols eg. division of areas, timing and adjustment of parameters. In certain areas I implement additional maneuvers that are commonly used in Europe and enhance the results.
As I posted elsewhere, I would be happy to provide the link to "before" and "after" images of my patients to those who are interested in Exilis.


I work with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers, the new distributer of the Vaser Shape. What information could I provide you? There are several differences between ultrasound and radio frequency when it comes to skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Please, email me and I would gladly explain the differences. I can provide you with the 510k clearance, brochures, before/after photos, technical specifications, and complete presentations on the devices. If this would be helpful in your evaluation, please, get in touch with me at

01.28 | Unregistered CommenterShawn

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