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Hello All,
I will start by stating that I am very happy about the debates on the Zerona treatment. It is because of our differing opinions that the truth will EVENTUALLY come out. There are many cases stating Zerona works and many stating it does nothing. I joined this site to try and get a clear understanding of this product and its pros and cons but it seems that too many of us are concerned with how our OPINION are regarded.

So since I could not find any definitive answers I have taken it upon myself to try Zerona and see the results 1st hand. I am going in for a consult today and should have my first treatment in 1 week. I will keep my results posted weekly. I am not a physician and I don't work for any laser company trying to pedal a product. What I am, is a truth seeker, and will post only facts when pertaining to my case. I will post the regiment the physician would like me to follow preceding my first treatment once I've received his instruction. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Thank you all for your input.

*This post was copied from a blog I responded to in late march*

I really don't have any objective other than to test the validity of this ZERONA product. I'm not a "large" guy sort of average 5'10" 200lb have a little bit of a spare tire that I would mind disappearing which is why I'm interested in this little study. At the initial consult I was given niacin supplements to take daily, I'm also to walk at least 20 min a day and was directed to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. Other than the 9 treatments I will get I also get 3 "complementary" lymphatic massages. I already exercise 4 days a week so the walking isn't something new. The only real change is the drinking of 64 ounces of water which I was told was to help keep the "melting fat" flowing. Please let me know of any other suggestions anyone might have.

I have now done my first Zerona treatment and obviously there is no noticeable change but it was just the first treatment. I also received my first lymphatic massage, I will receive another massage following my fourth and my last treeatment.

Danny: please keep us posted! Also, did you feel the initial measurements were done accurately and consistently? Have you changed your diet / calorie intake at all?

04.7 | Unregistered CommenterTF

Hi Danny,
Hope it works out well for you. Drinking 64 oz of water will not help the fat melting process. It will make you full, so you eat less.
If youre having probs getting rid of your spare tire, might I suggest you read a book called "Wheat Belly" It is written by an interventional cardiologist in Minnesota. I'm not a "fad" person, but I figured I could try anything for two weeks (suggested by my MD)-- synopsis: I lost eight inches off of my waist in four weeks (yes, I kept going because I felt so good), my Synthroid dose was decreased from 200mcg/day to 133mcg/day, I havent taken any Humira (for Rheum. Arthritis) in almost two months with ZERO joint pain, my insomnia has decreased by a good 60%, but best of all, I feel as healthy and energetic as when I was a teenager. My patients have noticed my improved mood, glowing skin, energy, etc and quite a few of them are also going wheat-free but amazing results.
Just adding in my two cents worth...

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