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Has anyone had any experience with an Angelite IPL system? I am looking to purchase a new system and would appreciate any comments - good or bad.

02.20 | Unregistered CommenterAaron

I a have not bought a Angelite IPL system yet, however I met a rep in March at a trade show and we agreed to let me try their machine and we even wrote an interm sale agreement.

They also have a new piece of equipment coming out, a tightening hand pc, yet I have not seen it nor have I been able to find any write up about this pc. I am not sure if the rep just said something about this new tech because I stated I was looking for a tightening machine.

It is now July 15th I have been telling my clients about this since March and our interm agreement was singed in May, and they flew me to toronto to see the machine turn on ? Not sure why I went there, but I still do not have the machine sitting in my office.

Let me tell you another story , Sept 2008 I was looking for a laser machine and was seriously looking at a Cutera laser, I thought a reputable company. This rep came to my house, I explained I was a normal working person, I had owned my own esthetics salon for 6 yrs and was now just going to open a small business doing laser treatments. She was well informed of my money situation and that is was to be used very carefully. She began to phone me regularly , like lots and as Dec was approaching the calls became even more and she became alittle more pushy for me to make up my mind.

There were some Drs in the area looking and researching the business and she told me they were looking at getting their system in spring, so she suggested I get a good jump on the clients. Later after I singed the papers I no longer heard from her She never made it to my open house. My hand pc stopped working 4 times and I d call her and she d tell me to call the 1 800 number. I was getting up set after the 4th replacement. I soon asked could it be my machine.She had told me if alot of hand pc break down that I get a whole new machine. She also told me the maintain program was one way and ended up totally different . And how their maintaince worked was one of my main decisions of going with them.

She finally came to help me but only because I started to talk about getting an up grade, then the calls to me began again etc. also I realised the time of the year again, guess what it was Dec , year end ! I finally caught on to the sale push.
She suggested me doing an open house ( I was very busy and throughing this together was something I did not need toreally be doing but she said she d do the push of sale on the new sevice we d be getting ) She even designed a promo fo me to offer. So that night , I told her no talking about buying this was a client night. Just before the end of the night she pulls the contract of sale out ( also with an amount we never even agreed to ) she then took the contact over to my husband to talk to him about it ( he was talking to one of my clients ! ) and proceeded to sell him on the deal. I was shocked, pissed off and down right very mad.

I was so mad and felt so fooled by her by the first purchase, you see I told her what I needed to make the business work and just doing laser hair removal was not enough, ( at the first deal she becan to panic that I might not do the deal ) she
changed it so I only needed one more thing and a lower console with a promise of a cross the board trade up.
That never happened. I left the xmas deal because I was so mad and needed to cool down I finally callled her and explained why she never heard from me for awhile. I started to say I was upset at the open house at Xmas, she says I was too. I said oh really why was that. She said you were wasting my time to come up here to sell me a machine. She said I have other clients that I sell to that buy large medical machines and that basically I was just a little fish in her sea. And I was more of an inconvenience to service.I had proceeded to tell her that the leasing company had the same feeling that she was really having the push on and it might not be to what is in my best interest.

Oh by the way when I was looking at buying this large expensive pc of equipment ( at least to me ) she was to bring up all the hand pcs I was interested in and she did not, she was also 1 hr late, and because of that did not do the demo on me on my face as promised. When she came to the open house, she got there just before the clients and she left half of the stuff she was to bring at home. She then went on to sell my clients on product I did not carry and picked out a service for one of my clients and recommended one of my competitors to do her treatment.

I have had bad luck on reps, My advise is :
1) research with your peers on the equipment
2) Phone different laser clinics and ask them what they like and why, its amazing how much each other helps one another
3) Do not buy at year end unless YOU are the one benefitting from an awesome deal
4) Get everything in writing right down to delivery date expected and training date. ( i had my machine and was paying on it for 3 weeks before I got my trainer, then my training was to be 2 days , I got 6 hours )
5) Get the service agreement written down that was part of your deal.
6) Last figure out everything with handpiece costs per yea, service maintenance and yearly payments and divide and see if they are worth it.
7) Make sure you ask a few people if the service has been good and what your were told it would be

I hope this helps

As far as the Angelite, if it gets delivered, I think it is a good bang for the buck.


Dear Jeanne: It is none of my business, but I can't resist asking you if you realize that it is absolutely illegal for any company in the USA to sell you a laser or IPL system if you are not a licensed physician? Perhaps that is one reason you keep running into these strange situations?? Any legitimate company would have to tell you they are sorry but they cannot sell you a prescription device.

If you are caught operating these devices YOU can be fined and face criminal charges for practicing medicine without a license.

I'm also a little confused by Jeanne.

I HAVE bought lasers from reputable companies, but you better believe my Medical Director's license was used for the purchase, because I have no medical background.

There are some middle man companies that you can buy from (like when you see Velashape machines on Ebay) but even they require documentation of a MD medical license.

maybe that's why she was required to fly to Toronto-different laws?

Sounds like the rep knows the laws, doesn't care, and wasn't interested in educating Jeanne on them. Not her responsibility.

In some states the fines are as high as $5000 PER treatment performed without a medical director as well as jail time.

p.s. the rep came to your HOUSE??? why not the business you were operating in? are you running your business out of your house?

I am not running a business out of my house , however while my spa was getting set up, this was where the rep chose to
bring the system for me to see.

I also live in Canada and there is no laws here nor is there laws up here giving only certain grades of equipment to certain
professionals. I wanted to add hair removal and non invasive treatments to my business. I checked with all the licensing bodies and found there were no stipulations on equipment here , in BC anyways,

I made it clear to the rep that I did not want to work a machine I was not qualified to work and she assured me, I would receive a machine that could compete against a certain laser place. In Canada many medi spa estheticians are opening their own spas with lasers. The unfortunate thing is I did not want to do this with out adequate training and I was assured it can with the purchase, I also took additional trainings at 2 clinics run by physicians.

I ran into a rep desperate for a sale and sold to me and left me hanging without what was promised to me.

As far as most laser clinics in bc even ones Drs are suppose to be at, I have yet to go in , have a consult by the Dr nor has the Dr did my treatment !


We had an Angelite ipl machine and we couldn't wait to get rid of it which we finally did. the machine itself was ok (pls keep in mind that these machines are made in China) but the service and looking for parts were to the point that we wanted to throw the machine out. we will never buy any ipl or system made in China ever again.

01.4 | Unregistered CommenterM.

I agree with M. I know a few clinics that were using Angelite IPL by ATL and were not happy with their IPLs at all. Their machine were heating up and the Photofacial treatments were not effective at all. I also remember them saying that they weren't able to get any parts or proper service.

02.10 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

Angelite IPL Systems have a tarnished reputation mainly due to the reps and previous distributor. I am a technician working for a well reputable company who is servicing and carrying parts for these systems. Anyone looking for service or any kind of help email me .

11.4 | Unregistered CommenterSLS

I am about to purshase a Angelite machine. SLS, i would like to have your email so that I can get a contact incase I have trouble with the machine. Please send me a e-mail.

06.20 | Unregistered Commentermimi

MIMI our email is sna.laserservices Gmail com

06.20 | Unregistered CommenterSLS

To the group,

Not all systems made in China are bad. You have to do your research and make sure you have a valid service agreement. I am the owner and President of DermaLight Technologies and we are US distributors of FDA IPL and laser systems from China. These systems are made in new and advanced factories and most of the parts are similar to the US systems that are so expensive. I can tell you more if you want to call or email me. We sell our equipment at half of what you will pay from bigger laser companies and we charge less for the service after the warranty. I have been in this industry as a business owner for 23 years and promise good products and service for all our customers. Give us a call.

Thank you.

Tracy Swicegood
DermaLight Technologies, Inc.

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