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Having finally chosen a system I would like to start up a users group for Syneron Laser/IPL/RF. I would like to get a mutually supportive group discussing the good and the bad, settings, real world experience. We are starting with the emax, SR, SRA, DSL, Matrix IR and Refirme. I would value comments on these but also the other options eg Matrix RF.

Thanks and looking forward to your comments.


03.9 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

I have the emax with all heads, elaser with lv , velasmooth. I have been using that for 2 years. Now eagerly waiting ematrix to be officially launched in Canada. Syneron offers very easy to use ipls and lasers, but it will take at least a while to produce excellent result. I seldom use sra, but i do use alot SR. Matrix IR is a nice little head and it can produce wonder if you dare to convince your patients to let you fire at high power.St is doing a decent job, but not great. DS is reliable, DSL is fast but heavy. Leg vein head ....hmm...can be better. Velasmooth is a nice little piece of machine that generate lot of clients for us.

03.22 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

Hi C Lee,

Thanks for replying, I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone out there.

We also have emax, SR, SRA, Matrix IR, ReFirme and DSL. So far it is going ok. Although we have had more enquiry's re Acne and spider veins. I noticed on the syneron site the have included an acne case under SR before and after - with good results. Is an AC handpiece necesdsary or worth it.



03.26 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

AC is a must for young ances patients. We are doing extremely well on AC as we offer very generous AC program. There is no way to cure acnes, thus a generous program like 16 AC visits + 4 microderms for 2000$ will generate high acnes volume for your business. Offer AC with some topical medication will do wonders. Patient may only need 6 visits, but they can use the remaining AC at the later time. DS applicator is a wonderful little tool to generate high enough revenue for me AC patients. I offer 50% off on underarm DS for all my AC patients. Most of the time, when they see 50% off on underrm DS, 99% of the time, my patients will more likely to jump in to do AC right away.

03.26 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

good to know that there are Syneron users out there...
i am planning to open a medical spa in queens New York. I've looked at Fraxel and Thermage (which happens to be more popular in this area) but decided to separate my self from them.
so far, i am getting close to the deal with the rep; eMax with Trinity protocol with possible hair removal.
my questions to you are as follows:
1. how's patient's satisfaction with eMax? do you have any experience with Fraxel and theramge? if yes, how are the comparison?
2. which heads should I start with?
3. did you receive any training from Syneron?

your input will be greatly appreciated.

thank you so much in advance.



We have only had our unit for appx 1 month. So far it appears to be working ok. The cooler is pretty essential for some of the proedures as it makes them more comfortable. We also have the SR, SRA, DSL, refirme and Fractional IR. Unfortunately u cannot use the chiller with ReFirme and Matrix IR as it reduces effectiveness. One of the criticisms of syneron heads is the possibility of arcing. So far this has not been an issue. We have no experience with Fraxel or Thermage. We did trial the Alma Accent and it looked good and it did not have any consumables.
Choosing heads - depends on what ur patients will want. Hair removal, preferrably the laser head as it is quicker seems to be a staple. SR is popular but it is limited by tanning in the summer etc. The SRA head is necessary for more stubborn lesions. We are looking at the acne head but probably we will go with Blu-U as it is easier and less time consuming. We will also look at the Vein laser to compliment sclerotherapy.

We were concerned re procedure discomfort with Syneron but were reassured by trying it and visiting other offices. never the less, some patients wont tollerate decent fluences and this limits the effectiveness. It is possible to use topical anaesthesia but u have to be careful as u have lost a main indicator of safety.

As for the training it was good, very friendly and informative. We chose to split up our training and have save a day for later.

Hope this helps and good luck as it is a minefield out there and reps can be Misleading and will spin things their way


04.13 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

i really do appreciate your remark and infos.
i am scheduling to see demos at local day spa in Manhattan to see how it really works.
i am not sure which area of US you are located but how much do you charge for each sessions, hair removal, SR, SRA, etc.
any other informations would also be appreciated.



I currently do carry all the heads from syneron. However, if I could go back in time, I would forgo the Leg vein and the DSL applicators. LV / LVA are not producing the results we expect. DSL head is too heavy.

Matrix RF is an amazing tool. SR is good enough for my clients. I rarely use the SRA head. I do use alot of refirme ST. I have the AC head, and couple with topical antibiotic, my clients are seeing good result. I have not used AC with levulan, but I will try it soon. I will ask syneron to offer us with the suggested protocols and parameters.

04.15 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee


I am not in the US I am in Canada, You need to set your prices based on what your area will sustain and what is offered locally as in this economy people will shop around. Be realistic with prices Do not undercut - certainly yourself, as a price war is harmful to everyone. Offer good service and periodic discounts, including a referral program. Syneron should help you with that.

I tend to agree with Dr Lees comment about the Leg vein handpiece unless you truly believe you will get a lot of custom. Personnaly I would prefer a Blu-U light rather than the handpiece as it is easier to use.

Matrix RF is not available here yet, I will look into it but be prepared to watch the post ops carefully due to risk of infection with ablative procedures.

Getting quite a lot of interest in Velashape which we are cross refering. Might get into that eventually.

Good luck and keep in touch.



04.16 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

C'mon Syneron users!

Stand up and be counted All we hear about is Sciton and their BBL etc. They are not the only player on the field - OK they are pretty good but I would hate to believe I bought the wrong system. How are we doing? Any tips questions or comments??? Sciton aficionados feel free to help but be gentle.


05.29 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

Every system will has its own peak and valley. I have Syneron, Alma , Hoya, Fotona, Aesthera, and Asclepion systems in my office. There is no one system that will do all the txt with flying colors. Syneron offers zero consumables, 3 years warranty, next day loaner service is something not many other laser manufacturers will offer. I am a staunch supporter of Syneron. Emax is my daily workhorse, and I am getting tons of mileage with my reliable Emax. Elos , either you believe or you dont. The customer support from Syneron is still the best in the industry in my honest opinion. My rep C.G. checks with me once in a while to see how I am doing with Emax, and my vela. I also have the direct number to my clinical trainer, T.G. Therefore I think Syneron is one the best in the industry. With the arrival of matrix RF, and eMatrix, Syneron is doing pretty well on fractional resurfacing. Refirme is one good old reliable ST option available. SR and SRA heads are clearing 60-70% of the lesions. DS , and DSL are doing well on the hair removal. Matrix IF, non fractional skin rejunevator ( wrinkle reduction) hurts like @#$% but it works really well on my clients. It is however difficult to compare txt parameters with other systems users as ELOS does not show the actual J / CM3 part of ELOS power is compensated by RF.

05.29 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee


You are a sales rep. The general consensus among experienced laser experts negate everything you have to say here. As a whole syneron does not produce acceptable efficacy in treatments across the board. This is a well known fact to those in the know.

In Florida the syneron reps have stopped calling on physicians and concentrate on non-medical spa owners and estheticians for a possible sale. ELOS technology has put more med spas to rest than all other manufacturers combined.

The number of ELOS systems on the used market is a strong indicator of these facts.

05.30 | Unregistered CommenterFlorida PA

We have a Syneron Aurora that is 5 years old. We started off with the SR and DS heads and added the SRA head a few years ago. I think it's a fine IPL. I don't know if the RF really adds anything. I've pretty much gone to using the SRA head for facial rejuvination and it wokrs well for browns and fair for reds. I use the DS head for hair removal in Fitzpatrick IV and higher, preferring my GentleLase for lighter skin patients. It does NOT work for while/grey hair as originally advertised. As per Bitters and Mullholland, I use the DS head as part of our FotoFacial package but I'm not convinced in it's utility.

Overall, I think the Aurora (or whatever the new name is) is a decent IPL. It's been reliable. We had to replace the DS head once (not at the end of it's life) while still under warrenty and when we purchased the SRA head we purchased the extended warrently. I can't say if there is a better IPL out there, having only used this one. I know that the machines they sell the American Laser are tweeked to keep the energy lower so their techs can't hurt (or probably help) anyone.

05.30 | Unregistered CommenterInnovaMed

M Mahan

I own an e-light with SR, AC, and ReFirm ST and a syneron profile system with BBL, 1064, erbium 2940 contour and profractional. My nurses really use both. Maybe the Sciton a little more. Perhaps its the sexiness of the touch screen, I don't know. I actually attended A course today with Dr. Mulholland. He was in rare form. I suspect the matrix RF will be the talked about system for awhile. If it holds true, and can treat type V's and VI's without hyperpigmentation and do a good job on scars and dark spots on those skin types, then they will have a winner. I however have come to the point in my career that I will have to see the results myself before biting anymore.

I am not a sales rep. Please dont get me wrong. I am just merely pointing out every system has its own pro and con. For freckles, age spots, st, hair removal on coarse hairs I use syneron. For acnes scars, I use pixel from alma. For acnes, I use isolaz + blu-u. For tattos, I use revlite from hoya. For vascular, i use fotona. For moles skin tags, i use Asclepion. When you have a hammer, all problem will be treated like the nails to you. I will get into fraxel, thermage or lumenis ultra eventually but not right now. I will try all other lasers as I have made zapping as my career, and I think it is a terrible waste not to try other technology from other manufacturers. My next purchase will be the perfecta, then the PSR plasma.

05.30 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

I want to buy a laser. syneron or palomar

I also am doing research and am looking to purchase the Syneron Comet for hair removal. Is anyone using this system and are the results good. My office is only looking to do hair removal at first so we want to be sure we get great results.

07.10 | Unregistered CommenterBare Image

Is there anyone who has experience with the e-matrix out there?

07.10 | Unregistered CommenterCanMD

I'd be careful about making statements on behalf of "all those who are in the know".

We have an eMax. I have no major complaints except the laser head for hair removal is - as many users agree - bulky. And no... there is not great success it getting white/gray/blond hair even with the RF.

The IPL (especially the SRA) is good, the ST is good, and the Matrix IR is good. And customer service is good.

The other know eMax users in my area include two of the premier free standing plastic surgery/medspa centers (those dumb surgeons... somebody should really make them take a break from counting their cash and bring them into the "in the know" club) as well as another regionally known plastic surgeon with a chic skin care practice. And then there is a few of us non-core practices. But what do we know. We have to rely on patient outcomes to guage if we made a good decision... that, or ebay.

07.10 | Unregistered CommenterBeth

Hi, newbie here on this site.. Came across while searching for some good BLT formulation. Anyway, I just began my venture in Syneron in March, the sales and support is true to their advertisment, and Dr. Moholland is a gem of the field.. With that said, I'm still very careful in choosing my sample patients, ie: existing office manager, associates, spouses, and very close friends. So far, SR, ST, IR, and DSL are working as promised. After taking Dr. Moholland's course, and took on some of his suggested settings, and worked on both my wife and a friend with new settins; the results were significant however both of them had to do with some peeling issues. I'm just wondering if my settings were too strong, or had too many passes.

p.s. David, I love the idea use this group as a place of discussion re settings and efficacies.

07.10 | Registered Commenterdrdjin

Hi & hello to my fellow blogger on the Syneron User Group,

Its been a while since I have posted although I have been watching with interest. I am pleased some people have come forward as syneron users but I remain a little suprised there are relatively few of us. Before anyone accuses me I am not a rep just relating my experience and looking for like minded individuals.

So far my experience with syneron has been quite good. Their support, (although not needed to much) has been good. It is summer therefore we are limted by tanning and therefore unable to do SR and have yet to use SRA. We are still doing some matrix IR and refirme. I have found the LV head reasonable for spider veins along side sclero. The DSL is reasonable although it does not have the 'ability' to fry the residual hais as can be done with other systems and the hair comes out gradually. My main complaint is the treatment window is small and I dread doing large areas. We have not had any peeling although I am embarassed to admit to the occasion arcing but it is a small area and heals rapidly, My impression is the recommended settings are probably conservative in terms of treatment results but can be quite sore. We also have the synercool and that has helped.

When we got into this we were also interested in body sculpting. We investigated various systems but did not buy as we were stretched by the emax with the heads we ordered. Since then we have felt it is reasonable and necessary to extend ourselves so we can provide a service. We have been trialing the 'old' velashape and have commited to the new unit Velashape 2. I am delighted we did not get it initially as the new unit is a lot less expensive but the downside is syneron has got into heads with a short time limit on them.

My findings are it works very well and the clients have been delighted with it and the results. There is the occasional complaint of mild pinching, local hot spots and mild bruising. None of the clients stated the side effects are a barrier to further treatment. This is completely at odds with reports in the public forums - realself etc where I was startled by burns, gross bruising and pain. Maybe I am missing something but with reasonable care, complications have been minimal.

I would be delighted to hear about your findings.


07.13 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

I've been using the Emax system for over two years now. I use the DSL for my Fitz IV and higher patients (faces only) with good results. If I have a dark-skinned patient, and I am treating a large body part, I will use a different laser. This is due to the heaviness of the handpiece, increased amount of gel, the necessity for perfect contact (RF), and the slow speed. The higher the RF the slower the speed. The DSL is not my laser of choice for hair removal, but it is safer for my dark-skinned patients. Also, the DSL is not effective on white hair.

As far as the SR, SRA, I use these often, and I can get good results on darks and reds. The LVA has been a disappointment, and I typically use it only for facial telangiectias.

I have happy ST patients (as long as we're dealing with minimal to mod. laxity) I encourage my patients to combine the skin tightening with HA and maybe some Botox, if needed, and this gives a nice result.

We also offer Velashape, which I believe is technician dependent as far as results. We use an infrared thermometer to ensure that our patients reach between 104-107 degrees. We have gotten good results on some, not all, patients.

07.17 | Unregistered CommenterCaliRN

Thank you Cali,

Interesting info - keep it comming.

With the velashape I try and suggest they come in wearing tight feeling pants as it gives them a good comparison before and after.

We tried both the LV and LVA we preferred the LV. I combine it with sclero for the larger veins.

Has Anyone tried the Matrix RF???? I am interested but it is not out up here in the boonies - Canada

If I had bags of money I would probably have a BBL as well or even the sciton profrac :{



07.17 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

I use the Syneron e-max, with the SRA, DSL, ReFirme, and Matrix heads. I also use the Velashape. Other equipment that I use are: thermage, Reliant's Fraxel, and Scitons ProFractional. I have just tried out the new Syneron e-matrix. I had a treatment done about two weeks ago here in the office as a demo. It's like doing a fraxel and thermage combo. I have not seen a lot of changes to my skin. I was surprised that the day after the treatment I was barely red. When I had a fraxel done, I was very red and swollen for a few days. Waiting for another 2 weeks to see what kind of change happens. But so far I am not impressed.

07.28 | Unregistered CommenterLisa

Carlos. Syneron and Palomar are both good systems. I have used Palomar for about 5 years and was certified in California at Palomar as a clinical trainer. I have used Syneron for 1 1/2 years. Syneron has a 3 year warranty where they will replace heads when they max out on pulses. Palomar, you have to purchase new heads when you max out on pulses, unless they are now offering better deals due to the economy. So, there is that additional cost with Palomar. Syneron has an extra safety feature to ensure you are giving a safe yet effective treatment. So, test out both pieces of equipment, and see what suits your needs better. Don't count on Syneron's DSL head to remove white blonde or red hair, it takes twice the treatments and only slightly reduces the hair. So, don't even look at that as a selling point of the Syneron. Both units are easy to use. If you have any questions just let me know and I'll be glad to answer them for you. I also teach lasers so, if I can help..

07.28 | Unregistered CommenterLisa

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