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Is anyone interested in sharing treatment protocols for the different Cutera applications?

09.23 | Unregistered Commenterskinrenwal

Sure. Let's start with IPL.

I'm using the LP 560. Most common application: treating vascular / pink surgical incisions. Usually use a setting of 14-16. 1 pass. Repeat q4 weeks.

What tricks do you use?

09.24 | Unregistered CommenterTF

I used this trick. I put my Cutera back in the warehouse and I bought a Sciton BBLs.
It is costly but effective

09.26 | Unregistered CommenterMDR

The real trick would be to selling my Opus/ProWave to a sucker, but this would be like robbing someone of their money (and their business).

09.26 | Unregistered CommenterMDR


We use the photo genesis mostly as part of the 3 D rejuvenation . We usually start at 12 to 14 j and then increase by 2 j at every treatment. We have acquired the Lime .ight and are getting better results for sun spots and diffuse redness.

At what level (joules) are you treating patients withh Titan ? How many Titan XL shots are you giving per procedure .

09.27 | Unregistered Commenterskinrenwal

Has anyone ever tried the photo genesis protocol with a Fitz V patient??? What result?


I know you have a vested interest in Cutera because you own it. I also own it and as you have seen genesis really does not work. I was told (back when I was gullible) that Genesis would work on pigment as well as vascular improvement. Well, I have never seen Genesis have any significant improvement other than a minor improvement in the patients skin tone.

So what Cutera did was over promise and under deliver. Then they try to sell you something that is "better". They managed to get you to upgrade to the LimeLight. Next time you are looking at new technology make sure to look at other compnies.

I would take MDR's advice. The only thing I use on my Cutera is the 1064. That is the only thing Cutera has that comes close to what they promise but as we know they do over promise a little on the hair removal.

09.28 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Are Laser warranties worth purchasing.

Needing Advice,

It depends. If your system has been a problem then you may want to but if it has operated fine then I would say no. It also depends on the system as some companies like Cutera will not service your laser without the service contract or they over charge you for the repair. Cutera also will not train outside techs on their lasers and also will not sell parts to anyone that is not a Cutera tech.

So as you see it depends. I am also amazed at the cost of these service contracts. All of these companies tell you they have the most reliable lasers but then turn around and try to charge you the price of a new laser for a service contract. To me that is not logical.

10.27 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I have the Titan, Limelight, Prowave and the 1064 in my office and have found all of them to be very effective if you know how to choose the right patient. The Titan XL - used on the face I use 40-42J/cm, rows with four passes and about 200 pulses. The Limelight has a super powerful punch! I mostly use the B mode with 16-17J/cm with the sunmode on. Prowave is the best hair removal device!! It's fast and as comfortable as it gets. Laser Genesis gives me an option for darker skin and tan skin so I don't have to turn away a patient because of color, I love that. I have seen BIG changes in acne scars with my dark fitz. I always use 15J/cm .3ms and 10Hz and pack as many pulses in as they can take (or your arm can take) 15,000 is what I always aim for. To end....Cutera has made SOOOO many of my clients VERY happy!!

In my opinion, laser warranties are rarely worth purchasing. You should not sign a contract for service that costs more than ten percent of the total price of your laser annually. In other words, if you paid $100K for your laser, you should be paying $10K or less as an annual contract. On the other hand, a la carte repairs can surpass the $10K mark, but a major repair of that cost will occur rarely in the life of your laser. Overall they are most likely not worth it. Also, you won't get the ANSI Z136.1 recommended two PM's per year. Most laser manufacturer's only perform one.

As far as lies from manufacturer's, it is important for all you to realize that you have the right to report these deficiencies to the FDA. If your complaint about a laser is related to a lack of performance, a loss of business, high cost of repairs, or anything where a patient or user is not injured, you can report the issues via FDA form 3500 (available at

If a patient or user is injured for WHATEVER reason, it is MANDATORY that your report the incident via FDA form 3500A. This is MANDATORY reporting that most users are not aware of.

If you have any questions you can email me at

I had rep demo of xeo in my office, I really like the navigation and automation of this machine, thinking about getting it, but price tag is 75k, so I look up used macine, 30k for 3 year old, should I go with the used one, i would think the machine will last for another 3-5 years, then it worth the investment, since I am a full time IM and part time Aesthetician,
what is your opinion on this...

08.6 | Unregistered CommenterDustin

It would seem to me that it maybe best to go the route of buying a used one. Pro's and cons to both. But when it is half the price for a system...hard to not seriously consider.

Make sure you can get it serviced before you buy it. If you do not live in US it can be very difficult.

Becareful you are exactly right. It is difficult enough getting service even if you are in the US.


You can contact me directly at if you have any additional questions. I would be happy to help if you like.

I'm looking at Xeo. I like the self calibration. Ive looked at StarLux which does not have realtime calibration (until the Artisan model which is new). Is this feature important to anyone else? It seems that being able to have constant output (in theory) would be an advantage.

02.21 | Unregistered CommenterWaDerm

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