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IPL & Cosmetic Laser User Groups > SCITON Forum (Exclusively for Sciton's users) 

I am opening a Forum exclusively for Sciton's users.Please come here and share your experience for Sciton's lasers and combination treatments with them.Good morning from Greece.

02.20 | Unregistered CommenterCharry

Alright! Let's talk. Charry, do you have the profractional yet? We have been blown away by the results. We are combining most of them with microlaserpeels. Are you doing microlaserpeels? It seems like you have really figured out the vascular component. Are you floating the handpiece in gel and adjusting your cooling? I see you are using 590 for vascular. We haven't done that. When would you use 560 as opposed to 590?

Looking forward to the dialogue. Thanks for setting up the forum.

02.20 | Unregistered Commenterdexter


I haven't yet erbium module on my Profile,so i can't talk about this.I intend to add it in the near future.I have the Nd 1064 +BBL(+(ST) on my system.I think that 590 is safer for dark type patients,so i am using this for vascular.I am using BBL + Nd YAG in rosacea and fine telangiectasias at the face and the legs with very good results.I am also using the combination of microdermabration + BBL(590)+ ST in the striae with very good results in 2-4 sessions(resolution>80%).

02.20 | Unregistered CommenterCharry

I am still waiting for them to add coagulation to the profractional. I hope it is coming soon. I want to see more tightening as its main competitor is the fractionated CO2.

Dexter, I think the reason Charry uses the 590 is that most of her clients are darker skin types. I hope I am not speaking out of turn for you Charry. I have mostly fitz 1 to 3 and use the 560 for the vascular issues.

02.20 | Unregistered CommenterLH

LH,Charry: Sign me up as well. I am a sciton user based in Taiwan / China. Currently using the Sciton BBL (420, 515, 560, 590,640, 695and the ST),2940 Erbium, and the 1064 ND YAG. I treat the type III-IV population in my area. I would like to share my treatment parameters with fellow Sciton users.

For Rosacea: My parameters are
BBL 560nm 30ms Pulse width 18J 10 Deg cooling, Single flash, one pass.
I would follow up with single point 1064 ND YAG 3mm 70ms Pulse width 280Joules/Cm2.

What are your settings for typoe IV skin?

charry, sign me up, too. i own the nd: yag profile by sciton.

02.21 | Unregistered CommenterGeorge Gr


My clients are mostly fitz 3-4 so i think that the 590filter is more safer for these patients.Anyway i don't think there is a lot of difference between 560-590nm wavelength.
Kenneth Wang
For rosacea in fitz 3 i would start with pulse width 15-20msec and fluence >11J/cm cooling 20 C (either 560 or 590 filter) and i would go at higher fluence at the next sessions.I would follow up with Nd YAG 1064 ,3mm spot,15-20msec,140-180 J/cm and for flushing after the BBL i would follow with Nd YAG 1064 ,3mm spot, 300μsec , 20-24 J/cm.All these parameters for Fitz 3.For Fitz IV i am using BBL at 20msec but i am not following with Nd YAG.

02.21 | Unregistered CommenterCharry

Hi George Gr my friend from Greece.

02.21 | Unregistered CommenterCharry

Does anyone know what is the cost of ProLipo(not with the 1319nm module),just with the 1064 module,in US dollars?

The cost of Profractional in USA is about 40.000 $ + the Erbium module?Do you know if it's true?The Lux2940 Fractional by Palomar has a double mode (ablation + coagulation mode)?

02.22 | Unregistered CommenterCharry


Yes the Profractional is about $40,000 I am not sure about the erbium module but I bet you can get a significant reduction in price if you purchase the 2 together. I am still waiting for the Profractional to have coag. Yes palomar beat Sciton to the punch on this.

I am hearing the the 1064 for laser lipolysis is best for small delicate areas like the neck and the 1319 is better for larger areas like the tummy. I will likely purchase both the 1319 and 1064 with both the vein and lipo attachments. I am hearing about $100,000 for a system like that.

02.22 | Unregistered CommenterLH


Do you know if the Lux2940 Fractional has the same power as Sciton's Profractional?Which is the most powerful?I think that Profractional has max repetition rate up to 75Hz while the Lux2940 has max rate up to 6Hz.It seems that Profractional is more powerful than Lux2940.

"I am hearing the the 1064 for laser lipolysis is best for small delicate areas like the neck and the 1319 is better for larger areas like the tummy"...What the explanation for this?It doesn't make sense.

02.22 | Unregistered CommenterCharry

From what I understand, it is in the smaller areas like the neck that you can get too much energy absorption from the 1319 causing problems. The 1064 seems to have a little more safety in the small areas with less risk of burns.

I am still waiting to see.

02.22 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Dear Sirs,
I am a user of lasers, and looking for your independent opininon.
I am a a woman of 37, with very looked after skin, no brown spots or sun damage.
I had two MLP with Sciton followed by 3 Cynosure pulsed dye treatments 2 years ago. Followed by 2 more pulsed dye treatments 6 months later, and followed by another two 6 months later, and I think it was combined with BBL. I am thinking of having another 2-3 treatments again. My biggest concern is fine lines under the eye area and general skin/pore tightening. I have some Bio-Alcamid injected in my nasolabial folds 1.5 years ago. I have a choice between Elos, BBL and MLP. Which one would you recommend? Is it safe with the Bio-Alcamid?
Nora Sutori


From that you said seems that a powerful 1064nm laser is the appropriate wavelength for laser lipolysis???
Dear Nora
If your biggest concern is fine lines under the eye area i would recommend a combination of MLP + ST.I think that LH could give you a better answer about that.LH what is your opinion?

02.24 | Unregistered CommenterCharry

Has anyone used the Sciton Clear Scan for hair removal? It is a NdYag. Can it treat all skin types?


For under your eyes, I would go deeper than a MLP and use coag to shrink up some of the tissue or go to a CO2. You will have at least 1 week of downtime. They will need to put in intra-ocular shields and come up to just underneath the eyelashes. I feel that with the erbium you will need to be at least 150 microns deep other wise the results will not last.


What I was trying to say, is that it may be a combination of wavelengthe that will be the best for laser Lipolysis. There are supporters of both wavelengths. It seems to be that whatever wavelength you have you feels that is the best. Some that have experience with both the 1064 and the 1319 feel they each have their place. One doc I have talked to feels that the 1319 is best for larger areas such as saddlebags tummy etc and he feels the 1064 is a better choice for smaller more delicate areas. He feels the 1319 can heat up the skin a little to much in small delicate areas and cause sloughing of the skin. In larger areas being able to heat up the skin more is an advantage of the 1319. So I am still waiting to decide if I will get one wavelength or both.

P Hicks,MD

The Clear Scan is a 1064 therefore can treat all skin types.

02.25 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Anything new about the Contour TRL by Sciton?What is the difference from the Contour MLP (ablation 5-200μm ,coagulation 25-100μm)?What is the cost for it?

03.6 | Unregistered CommenterCharry

Has anyone done much deep resurfacing with the Contour? I have one, and have underutilized it in my facelift/bleph patients. What types of settings are people using for lower eyelids, perioral, and cheek/forehead? I've seen multiple protocols:

Alster (80-90 ablate + 50 coag)*2-3 passes, which Pozner also seems to use periorbitally

Pozner, Burns perioral: ablate only perioral*300-500 microns

Reminton's multiple passes with/without coag

Any personal experience with these or other protocols?


03.10 | Unregistered Commenterkc


I tend to go 50 to 100 microns depending on the area and make multiple passes. Total 300 to 500 perioral and 150 to 250 periocular. I usually add 50 microns of ablation to the last pass. I am not sure why some add coag to each pass because you are ablating the tissue you just got the heat into from the previous pass.

Give it a shot I think you will really like it.

03.10 | Unregistered CommenterLH

That should have said 50 to 100 microns per pass.

03.10 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Thanks, LH

How do you judge your endpoint? Papillary dermal bleeding? I've tried the 300-500 microns, no coag, periorally and obtained perhaps a 50% improvement in wrinkles, not better than that, with one patient verging on an upper lip scar.

I guess I'm just looking for better results? Do you think it's that last 50 of coag?

03.10 | Unregistered Commenterkc

Is it true that Sciton will add a coagulation mode on the Profractional?

03.12 | Unregistered CommenterCharry


I like the coag on the last pass if I am staying at a consistent depth. I will follow what Pozner dose with deeper wrinkles and take them down individually without coag usually to the point of papillary bleeding. Just watch it. You do not want to scar and you will be more likely to scar using the coag on these deeper wrinkles. If the wrinkle is too deep the patient will have to live with it or use superficial fillers.


I do not think Sciton has a choice. Palomar has it already. I think it is in the works. Hopefully soon. I will not add Pro-fractional until they do and even then I want to compare to fractionated CO2. Downtime is a huge concern in my area.

03.12 | Unregistered CommenterLH

We have stopped doing a lot of the deeper resurfacing and replaced it with combination MLP and Profractional. We do 20-40 MLP and 150-300 micron profractional (based on the depth of the wrinkles). We have also started to combine with BBL 515 if they have pigment or 560 if they have vascular. Surprisingly, our MLP and Pfx. have showed very similar results to the deeper peels yet we have much shorter healing times. We do all of this with topical and the zimmer chiller. Takes about an 45 minutes to an hour. If they have deeper lines in areas we will also use the 2 MM spot and shave down the high points.

Regarding all the talk of the CO2 fractional I'm sure what they hype is all about. We know that micron for micron erbium has less healing time. Maybe the results aren't 100% of CO2, but they are close enough to accept the trade-off of results vs. downtime. Like LH this is very important for our clients. I wouldn't want to give up erbium anyway for sculpting wrinkles. In my opinion it's better for sculpting and acne scars. If we need some coag. around the eyes while resurfacing we can add it. Anyway, just my opinion. Might be a good topic for further discussions.

03.12 | Unregistered Commenterdexter

by the way, jason pozner has the pfx. coag prototype. he's doing histologies.

03.12 | Unregistered Commenterdexter

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