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We are looking to update our laser/IPL and have two options. Palomar Icon or Cutera XEO platforms. Both have a lot of great things to offer but trying to figure which to go. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Pls pls pls also evaluate the sciton joule with BBL and the desired lasers.
Best IPL design on the market
Good luck

01.8 | Unregistered CommenterRT

We have two Cutera Xeo's. We have been very very happy with them. The 1064 Nd:Yag is a workhorse doing laser hair removal on skin types 1-6, laser genesis, a non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment that works well for acne also, laser vascular for both legs and face. We also have the Limelight handpiece for ''photofacials', as well as the ProWave handpiece for laser hair removal. We have the Pearl handpiece for fractional resurfacing, also. My Xeo has over 25 million pulses! Its 7+ years old. Downtime has been minimal. Cutera has worked hard to step up customer service the past few years, providing access to great education on its VIP website. Palomar was bought by Cynosure recently. I am not as familiar with Palomar, although I believe its a good machine. Make sure the rep is savvy with Palomar.

Both laser companies have good reputations, so a lot depends on the rep you have and support you will get. We are fortunate to have a great rep, John Richardson, in our area.

01.9 | Unregistered CommenterMary

Thanks Mary. I feel like we're leaning toward the Cutera. The reps and training are difficult to get a hold of, with Palamor and the tech staff, at least some, are(were) condescending. I've had past experience dealing with them. Although I did like the equipment. So I'm hoping its better with Cutera.

Cutera has the highest peak powers and it is a work horse. it is made well and very versatile. I have worked with alot of lasers and Cutera is my favorite.

Let's be clear about one thing- you CANNOT substitute IPL/BBL for laser. It is a cheap imitation, and you will ALWAYS be better off with proven science. What is the proven science? 1064nm and 755nm are the two best wavelengths for a variety of treatments on all skin types. Period.

Also, it is completely inaccurate to state "Cutera has the highest peak powers." Completely untrue. One simple reason- Cutera has among the smallest hand piece of any delivery device on a laser or light based system for cosmetics (10mm). This alone discounts about 50% of the perceived power output vs. actual. The highest peak power, or highest average power, is on the Light Age Epicare series. The Candela Gentle series lasers come close with their 18mm hand pieces, as does the Cynosure Apogee Elite with it's 15mm hand piece. The spot size is one of the most important things to consider IF peak average power is a concern.

As far as service- Palomar/Cynosure was a far greater company BEFORE Palomar was integrated into Cynosure. Ask about what is covered in the warranty. If possible, negotiate the following, or go for used: minimum 12 month warranty on all optics, hand pieces, and foot pedals (the optics are usually covered for 3 months on new systems, and accessories are not covered); Pay less than $10K for every annual extension- if you get 3-5 years, you should not pay more than $6K per year. If they won't do this for you, DON'T BUY. You have the power to negotiate.

On another note, Cutera systems are always better if bought on the used market. This is not a system you want to spend $100K plus on, only for it to be worth 40% or less one or two years later.

Thanks everyone for your info. Still trying to make a decision.


We are a company that buys used aesthetic Laser equipment as well as have a very wide range of new lasers available for purchase in our inventory. I wanted to see if you had anything available for sale? I would love to assist you if there is an interest in selling something. Not sure if you know, but our company is the only company to have taken over the account of the American Laser Skincare account. It was a HUGE LIQUIDATION! So we hold the largest in-stock selection of Aesthetic Lasers. Some of the things featured are… 100 Gentlemax Pros, over 100 Vela shapes, and much more new lasers between 40-60% off. We do trade-ins as well if you wanting to change from your old Gentlemax to a new upgraded one. Attached below you will find a document detailing the relevant information we will need to evaluate your equipment. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. Or if you don’t have anything and just want our information, then keep us in mind for future changes and we would love to assist you with lasers that just are sitting around.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thank you,

Mychel Jones | Rep
MedShare Technologies
2601 W. Mockingbird Lane
Suite 100 | Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: 469.709.8948 x2016 | Fax: 469.709.8948 x2042
Email: |Web:

07.20 | Unregistered CommenterMIKE J

I have a palomar starlux 300 and I have heard you can make your own chiller fluid with distiller water and alcohol? If so does anyone know the correct measurements

I know I am late to this post, but looking to see if you have found a solution for your office yet? Would love to be of some assistance.


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