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Cosmetic IPL Laser Reviews & Comparisons > Feedback on Syneron RF Devices ("ELOS")?

Does anyone have any feedback or opinion based on experience with the Syneron RF devices? The general consensus seems to be that the performance of the ELOS devices is just not as good as the rest of the leading systems based on the cost of the equipment. How about service and reliability? Anyone have any experience?
Mr. Berglund,
I do not have personal experience with the Elos, but had an hour long conversation with an RN in the southern part of the state this week about it. I encouraged her to join this site, so maybe you'll hear from her soon too.

She is working with an Elos that I believe is two years old. Her consensus was that she loved it, but it took her one year of use before she cultivated those amorous She fond that there is a strong potential for arch burns before you really become skilled with the technique of its use for laser hair reduction. Once she did though, she had great results. We're talking, first four treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart and the last two treatments in a package used as maintainance.

She also commented that although white hair were not reduced, their texture and coarsness was thinned out. This is where she believes the RF comes in.

Hopefully she'll be able to give you more info if she's on the site soon.

Take care.
02.3 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest

Skin New York of Southampton deals exclusively with the Emax laser. We utilize the DLS, ST, SR, ACNE, and the LEG VEIN. We absolutely adore all our syneron products, and will be happy to answer any questions.

K. Storemski
Skin New York of Southampton

Does syneron have any peer to peer (not white papers) explaining that using RF and light energy together ("synergy") is far superior result or safer than just using RF or laser alone ? No. This idea of the 1-2 "punch" by Dr. Bitter and Mulhouland is simply not true. No proof. .. but they sure do make lots on money on the idea. I have sold my emax systems for lumenis and cutera.

ELOS is the best technology I have ever had the opportunity to use. I a certified plastic surgical nurse with over 12 years of experience in the aesthetics and laser business. ELOS skin rejuvenation, hair removal, skin tightening and cellulite reduction are amongst the best devices in the industry. Having experience with Lumenis and their IPL and Light Sheer Diode technology, I am pleased to say that Syneron equipment is FAR SUPERIOR! My patients are SOLD on the technology. In the end, isn't that what matters?

08.22 | Unregistered CommenterJH

Syneron Refirme ST (bp RF + IR) - not happy Jan!!! The only tightening I am seeing is in the layer of dust particles now sitting on top of my machine!!!

09.6 | Unregistered CommenterDoc DU

It been two month i am getting elos laser tretment but i dont think i got a satisfactory result, the hair keep growing back and i have to constantly shave my face that i dont like to do. what should i do?

11.6 | Unregistered CommenterMalika

I think you will find that many of the long term users of these machines feel that Syneron is "baby" technology. Someday it may grow up to play with the big boys but at this point the elos technology is more marketing hype than reality.

11.6 | Unregistered CommenterLH

All right, I attended the Fotofacial RF course by Mulholland and Bitters, and Nay sayers need to put up or shut up. I had two other IPL systems before my e-light system. Using the techniques incorporated by the fotofacial RF system I have seen objective improvement with syneron's equipment that I never got with the others. Spectrapulse and Palomar. Sysneron has many safety features that makes it far superior to other systems.

11.19 | Unregistered CommenterMM


I will put my BBL up against the Syneron any day.

11.20 | Unregistered CommenterLH

what is a bbl
i'm purchasing a laser from syneron emax and the velashape
and am looking for some discussion
also how do people feel about buying used equipment. seems like more of a hassle you save 10G but not sure if the other servicing will hold up.

06.5 | Unregistered Commentermpd

velasmooth is the biggest piece of garbage on the market

06.10 | Unregistered Commentersrk

BBL is the IPL device from Sciton. I am a Sciton user as well. It is a sturdy and predictable piece of equipment. I also own a Syneron Velasmooth. I really can't comment on its long term efficacy because I have owned it for less than one year and I let my cosmetician do all of the cellulite treatments.

06.11 | Unregistered CommenterLASkinDoc

I have been having ELOS laser for the past nine months and I have seen little or no improvement. I am a 57 year old woman with facial white hair and I was told by my SPA technician that without any doubt ELIOS ILP treatment is the only treatment on the market that will kill grey or white hair after 8 to 10 treatments now I am finding out it is all a big fat lie hundred of dollars later. To all you folks out there Elois ILP do not remove white or grey hair. Don't waste your time and money.

07.8 | Unregistered Commenteranita

The SPA Technician must have learned that from her sales rep. That is to bad someone would not know better. It seems like 4 years ago Syneron came out with an Elos "RF" system and touted that it would remove grey or white hair. I know 2 doctors personally that purchased it based on what the manufacturer claimed and those systems are now nothing more than glorified coat racks. I have never been to impressed with Syneron.

If you look at Syneron's studies they did get some red hair, white or grey hair compared to on of the other systems (I can not remember which laser they compared it to). But when you look close it was a very small percentage. So in reality they do a little better than one of the other laser systems but still suck at removing grey, red or white hair.

We as clinicians need to be more diligent about reading the studies and knowing what they mean. This means that patients will have more confidence in us and our practice will grow. Honesty is what will make your practice grow. So know your lasers and IPL systems inside and out. Always under promise and over deliver.

Lornell E. Hansen II, M.D.
LazaDerm Skincare Centre

07.9 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I have been using ELOS, elaser, and Refirm on clients for 3 years now and I am not that impressed. I have lost clients who have told me they had better responses from other clinics using a "real laser" instead. I couldn't argue since I saw the difference. When I was first trained I was told it could do blond and red hair. I have learned this is not the case. Also, I was told it was considered permanent hair removal. During educational updating, this has all been taken back and now 3 years later laser is considered "reduction" and Electrolysis as the only permanent removal. It bothers me that I look like the liar. I have done extensive research, and I am now looking into the Gentlease by Candela - a YAG or diode is better for hair removal, still is it only reduction ? maybe, but better than IPL. I believe Syneron marketed to spas and small time businesses with their "safer" lasers as they new the money they could make. Fair, just don't LIE ! They just bought Palomar and maybe now they will be able to market a real laser. Lets very wary, they are marketing genius, I give them that.

12.4 | Unregistered CommenterMW

Syneron bought Candela. I do not think they bought Palomar. Candela makes very good lasers.

12.4 | Unregistered CommenterCanMD

I would not recommend syneron ReFirme. I know there is alot of talk about how great it is but what you are not hearing is the dangers. I received severe burns and scars on my face and I am not the only one. I would definitely think twice before using.

12.21 | Unregistered Commenterburned

i have had 6 treatments with the elos laser treatment and very disappointed with the results and so is my daughter who done two different areas . Neither one of has any results, none, zip, zero!!!!!!!!Don't waste money on this, I have gone to several other places and was told i had to start at the beginning, that they couldn't tell that i have done anything,( and my hair is dark and it suppose to work good on dark hair). I was told the elos is ipl machine and doesn't do the job, that you needed an actual laser (i forget the name of the machine) that will give you results. Went today and the machine that was used was more powerful nothing like the elos and i felt like this could really work.. not a ipl... it was done at meadow surgical arts (706-335-3555) if you wanted to get the exact name of the machine to look for. Very impressed with the whole office.

02.10 | Unregistered Commenterdonna

I have the syneron emax.
I think it is one of the best investment all these years.
It is reliable, can be powerful with right setting, and technique.

I also have the matrix rf.
I get some incredible results on my matrix rf.
it depends on the operator as I think it plays a big role in getting good result.

I perform 2-3 matrix rf txt daily.
The trick is the technique and setting.
I get very good result from rf on the peri-orbital areas. The wrinkles are visibly lightened after 5 txt., but usually one gets result 2 weeks after the initial txt.
If setting and technique not right, you will see any result.
I love my Matrix RF, but I hate to pay for such limited shot disposable.
The tip is expensive and not very user friendly on the nose area.
Matrix rf works on acnes scar, wrinkles, skin textures, pores.
It will not work on pigments, and lady killer melasma.
This is my experience on elos rf.

02.10 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee


You have been on this site for a significant amount of time and have been one of the few that support the Syneron equipment. Can you tell us what other equipment you have experience with and what your background is? I have always thought your input has been good and I appreciate it. I would just like to know a little more about you.

02.11 | Unregistered CommenterLH

to c lee:
do you have the SR and/or SRA head for hyperpignemtation? have you used it on melasma? what are your thoughts on it? Do you perform the Triniti series? that is ST, WR and SR/SRA together? What are your thoughts on the acne head used with the EMAX? Like LH I am curious about you.

to Monica-
what were you having done with "elos technology"? the lasers offer a variety of services. I am happy to let you know what I charge but understand prices vary from region to region

to MW:
It has always been my understanding since I first got into selling MedSpa in 2003 that the FDA does not allow any laser facility to claim "permanent hair removal" that all that can be claimed is "permanent hair reduction"
I have always been careful to state that in any consultation, particularly for the face. Believe me, it saves a lot of aggravation for both you and the patient down the road.

I have used Syneron lasers since 2003 and have never been told in any training that it was permanent hair removal. The reps may have claimed that but in my experience the trainers never have.

Like you,however, I have been told it works on blond, red, and at one time I was even told it worked on gray hair. In theory I suppose it should but it really doesn't.

I myself am a natural redhead and have had extensive LHR because of PCOS. My hormones are under control due to hormone therapy and I HAVE seen significant reduction on my facial hair-but OMG it's taken a hell of lot longer than 6-8 treatments.
Absolutely does not work on white/gray or blond long vellum type hair. Sometimes can work on blond if the root is dark enough but it takes a lot of treatment and may be cost prohibitive to offer for both you and the patient.

I have managed other facilities that used different equipment by Alma and candela. Good to excellent results with both but the service contracts and reliability in the face of a huge volume (used all day, every day sometimes 12 hrs. straight, 7 days per week) they just can't hold up to Syneron.

just my opinion but I would rather offer a laser with less efficacy that I can factor in more treatments for a patient and set their expectations accordingly that to offer a laser that constantly goes down and is unable to be replaced in 24 hrs. It sets back the scheduling so much that the time that the patient spends waiting for equipment to be fixed and to get back into the schedule-I could have done more treatments on them with the EMAX and it would still be the same amount of time.

I do use sr for pigments; I rarely use sra for pigments as I think sr is good enough to take care most of the sun spots. For age spots, I do use fotona erbium short pulse cold treatment to take care of them. Many of the age spots are more like A/K and even sr or 532nm Ktp can take care of them, but the raised spots are still there. With erbium, it usually takes 1 treatment to get 80% clearance. Yes, it is messy, but it works, I get many referrals on dealing with age spots.

As for melasma, it is associated with pregnancy or with the use of oral contraceptives. We can treat chloasma but not cure it. I do use sr + Alma pixel to deal with them. Sometime, I get 80-90% clearance but the spots can come back anytime. The treatment is coupled with topical bleaching agent 7% arbutin , 20% azaleic acid , kligmans formula ect and sun screen to maintain long term remission. I usually do EMAX sr 26 J / 25 rf for initial txt, for the rest of the txt of chloasma, I use Alma pixel (9x9)1400 x 4 stacks on the spots. Sometime, I get excellent clearance but never total clearance. I have quite a few successes with such txt path. I am starting to use Matrix RF for chloasma, so far, with little success. I will play with the RF more for melasma, but the cost of RF tip is $$$.

I do offer Triniti. It is pretty much the same as Alma 360 program. But on top of trinti, I do add matrix rf right after each triniti. I call it "Triniti Plus". It is a very successful program for my office. --I do, st-max setting, sr, matrix ir-max setting, then rf. Good result, but never as good as my co2.

For acnes, I do use acnes AC head max setting, 3 stacks on each spot with 2-3 seconds in between. One txt a week for 8 weeks. I usually perform SA30% peel right after second and fifth txt. I do use fotona erbium VLP 7mm, 500 power to coagulate the sites of infection right after the first ac txt. I also use isolaz to treat ac. It is a wonderful piece of fine machinery but many do get Johnny Walker red face for 1-2 days after Isolaz txt. I use 580nm (3/2) setting when using Isolaz. I have found if power and suction not strong enough, I don’t get good result.

I use 90-120 / 25 rf power setting LV head to treat PIH from acnes inflammation. But it can hurt a little. I strongly recommend Zimmer. Zimmer is good to cool the dermis prior the txt, and secondly, I also use Zimmer to cool the Martini /Johnny during clinic open house once a year.
I want a vbeam, but my bank says no, and the dye job can cost about 15,000$ a year, so I shy away such laser for now. I use my sr prior LV head. If no result, I do use my powerful fotona long pulse to do the job. The acne PIH will go sooner with help of topical bleaching cream.

As for hair removal, we should know by now, there is no possible way to remove all the hairs. I use the EMAX DS,--bikini, under arms, ---excellent. DSL for arms and legs. -----fast but may need to do few more times to see good reduction. Chest, back, front I do use long pulse from fotona.--very good result. Contact dermatitis is my end point of each txt. I use revlite C9 q-switched / Alma q-switched to do upper lip hairs removal. I always use max RF for DSL hair removal.

I have emax, harmony, revlite, c6, isolaz, fotona erbium, fotona long pulsed, co2, and elaser. I also have the accent XL, velasmooth, and velashape 2 for cellulite txt. This mean, I am loaded with debts. Like many of us, I really hope zerona can really work, because if it works, I will be more than happy to sell one of my kidneys, my old faithful VW and do a third mortgage on my flat to buy it. But so far, clinical datas, and research papers do not appeal much to me.
Interestingly, there is no one such laser can do the entire job well. I do get best result from the combination of different modalities.

I am not a syneron rep. I am not a deka or Alma rep. I am just a poor soul out there trying to offer the best for my mates, because I don’t think there is enough clinical information from the manufacturers for us to reach the full potential on our huge investment. This is why we come to this forum where we can exchange clinical datas and information. I do like to play around with different lasers.

I am a strong supporter of syneron. I like their 3 years return to depot / loaner services, zero consumables on their heads except the MATRIX RF. Emax is one of my favourite lasers, because it is easy to use. It may not be the best in each specific category, but it is a machine that never gives up on me. I have my emax for 3 years now; I have never had a service issue or any problem.

By the way, this is an excellent forum, never forget why we are here. This forum has come a long way. Enjoy the time, enjoy the clinical exchanges and enjoy the stay, don’t ruin it.
That’s all folks, just one man’s opinion.

02.11 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

thank you so much for your outstanding feedback-wow am I impressed with the amount of equipment you utilize!
We have VelaShape1 but are being pressured to get the VelaShape2. We do so many treatments that I am concerned that Syneron has lowered the amount of time the heads last from 10-11 hrs. for Vela Shape1 down to 1 hr. for VelaShape2 yet the price on the heads has stayed the same. ouch!
Have you switched from the 1 to the 2 or did you start off with the 2? If you started with the 1, have you noticed that lowered initial price "makes up" for the increased expense of the heads?
by the way, I'd love to attend your next clinic open house to have one of your Zimmer chilled martinis-lol!
Thank you again for your generosity in sharing what has worked for your practice.

I am hoping someone may be able to help me a bit. We have invested in the e-max and are selling the trinity. Both my partner and I have had little positive feedback after the full series. The SRA head is wonderful but we are seeing no results with the ST or IR heads. We are treating on the highest levels possible and mutliple passes. The RF head is okay but for the cost to the client they should be great.
Please help.

02.18 | Unregistered Commentera.jeff

-how many treatments are doing in a series?
-What order are you using the lasers-i found it does make some difference and had to experiemnt with the order. If SR is done first the skin hold too much heat to get the other heads up high enough to make a difference
-Are you taking before pictures on the first treatment and at each treatment?
-how often are you having them come in?
-Are you using micros/chem peels in between appointments?
-what expectations are being set for the patients? Are they realistic?

I have seen amazing results and at close to 50 yrs. old have seen them on my own skin. Oftentimes it is on the same visit-so something doesn't seem right.
Have you contacted the Syneron trainer that originally trained you and your staff?

we have seen many bad reviews on velasmooth. Yes, I do agree. But believe it or not, velasmooth your neck, face with small applicator prior st will give you good result. It is a slow process but it does the trick.

I vela neck for good 2.5 min -5 min on one side first. The clinical end point is erythema . Right after, i apply room tempt gel on the velalated side of the neck, and do ST right away. Then, I will switch to other side of the neck and do the same thing. One portion of the area at a time.
The ST takes me about 75min-90 min. I never do the forehead with vela.
Give it a try if you have the vela.
I get amazing lifting result on the neck, cheek, but not too much on the peri-orbital area. For peri-orbital result, I will use my matrix rf. / co2.
I do get some moderate improvement on Matrix If head. The trick is I do four passes for the eyes,or the wrinkling areas.
Hope this help. Goodluck.

02.18 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

Thanks for the response
We are taking befor and after but still little change for the price the client pays.
We don't do peels inbetween but will give it a try.
We spend 45-60 minutes with ST but we don't have a vela.
Typically we do SR/SRA next ST and finally IR which we do 4-6 passes.
We book our clients 3-4 weeks apart.
We sold packages of 4 but now are doing treatments 5 and 6.
We have had the trainer in several times and she is great! However the results are not....for our clients anyway.
As far as laser hair removal, the cool glide system is far better. Our clients are experiencing acne and the hair even dark is very resistant.
I wonder does Syneron stand behind their product?

03.16 | Unregistered Commentera.jeff

I will offer you my technique by private mail. Please send me your email. I will give you my technique which works 90% of the time.
Syneron offers the standard protocol for S.T. but I have found sometimes listening to what your customers want and spend more time and pulses there.

03.17 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

Syneron them self is a piece of crap.

Customer Support is poor. They do not believe in customer satisfaction in the long term and are only focused on making you buy the product. They only follow up with you the first few weeks you buy the product. After that, they don't care at all.

Agents/Reps are constantly changing without the clients being told.

Every time there's a problem they send new people to "try and help you out" but at the end of it it's a big waste of time and you're back at square one.

I bought a BRAND NEW Velashape and it was BROKEN. It took 3 technicians and 2 nurses later until they realized that the machine WAS NOT WORKING. This took 4 MONTHS! I paid $55,279 to have a big machine sit in my salon for 4 months until they believe me when i said IT WASN'T WORKING.

It has now been 5 weeks, they have taken my Velashape to "repair" it, but I have not received a single phone call from my agent, anyone from head office or any technician to follow up on my product.


11.19 | Unregistered CommenterAvjan

they should have given you the loaner at the mean time.
It is pretty much Syneron's standard warranty.

11.19 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

I agree- that is quite odd that they didn't send you a loaner.

Also, you should have received some fee training and when the nurse trainer came out to show you and your staff the machine, the fact thatthere were glitches should have been resolved right then- did the nurse come out to you?

As far as changing reps- yup, there is a huge attrition rate within ALL sales jobs right now. There are so many new faces popping in to say Hi that I can't keep them all straight.

Once you sign the contract, consider yourself on your own- and deal with the technical support people only for technical support. The sales reps are good for industry "gossip", tricks on how to sell, ides about marketing, and some help with marketing collatoral.

But IMHO they are not account managers, they are in their position to gain new clients and then they move on.

It sounds to me like there may be other issues here, because what you are claiming is quite a violation of their contract agreements.

have you sought legal counsel?

Hi c.lee,

I am considering purchase of a eMAX and was wondering if I could email you about it?

I am new to this site so do not know if I can send you a personal message.



08.14 | Registered Commenterhappypappy


I am also interested in your techniques I have an emax with SR SRA DSL ST LVA, LV and sublative hand pieces.
I get good results and have had few complaints in the past 5 years but always looking for a way to improve my results. Have you ever tried the sublative for scar revision? You seem to have a lot of experience and knowledge. I would love to share experience. I would be happy to give you my personal email Thank you for your help in advance. Honesty, integrity, and a willingness to help others are rare qualities and I look forward to sharing of experience.

I have sat here and read everyones replies on the use of Syneron Systems, I have personally been using Elos for 8 yrs now and would NEVER consider using anything else! I have had unbelievable results with my DS, DSL and SRA heads and am moving onto the wrinkle reduction handpieces.

I find that the Post treatment advice is priceless, i have worked and managed other laser clinics before moving onto ELOS technology, and in each and everyone of the Clinics i managed, i found that by telling your patients to continue to shave in between treatments obviously prolongs the results and amount of treatments they will need? Shaving stimulates growth so the least amount of times they shave in between treatment the far better the result, and the amount of treatments required then is lowered, Again this all is dependent on the patients hormonal activity......white and Grey hairs may be softened but you can't reduce their growth?

I take my time during the initial consultation so as they understand how and why ELOS works and that their expectations are very realistic? I swear by this technology and you could'nt give me any other system as the majority of other systems on the market place restrict who you can treat?

I treated myself with my system 6 years ago and i can count how many hairs i have under my arms! And the few that grow back are so fine you can't see them at all!

You do have to know how to use the machine whether it's an Elight, Emax or any other Syneron system, as the contact of both electrodes has to be spot on otherwise it can cause Arching and burns. Like anything, your technique takes time but once you have it down pat there is no going back.


HI C Lee,
I have rear the whole post and seems like you have alot of experience.we have acquired the emax with sra,sr,st,matrix ir,dsl and lvn heads,please tell us your technique for the email is very much appriciate it.Thanks!

04.30 | Unregistered Commenterhg

Dear C Lee,
WOW! You are such an asset to this blog. ! Hi, I just starting training on the syneron elos so every piece of your info , knowledge, expertise is so valuable to me. I am in such a beginner stage now so I am obviously very cautious, etc, . I have an amazing clientele who value my integrity , so any new trx I bring to them , if I am excited, they are. if I can email you and you can so graciously provide me with your valuable experience which I consider priceless . I know your time is valuable , as I will have the upmost respect for that. . My name is Jowell and I live and practice in south Florida. Thank you, Thank you !!

Hello C.Lee
I am also going to br trained on the syneron emax, I would really appreciate if you ca advise me on your
Techniques . My email is
Thank you so much!

07.13 | Unregistered CommenterElsa

I USed the Syneron Elos for year and was not very impressed. Small spot size and again the potential for Arch burns was just so high, that every treatment took longer as there was NO room for error in footprint placement. I also took over from another technician that had told clients that it could treat Red, white, grey hair as this is what the company had touted years earlier. Much better machines out there with safer and more effective technology

08.2 | Registered CommenterLaura J

dear c lee, i have an emax in my practice. i only have good result with sr handpiece for skin rejuvenation, but not for pigmentation. it will be very helpful if u can email me the technique/ paramater for the device handpiece, i have sr,st, ir, ds and ac handpiece. i'm in indonesia, working for fst 4-6. btw, d you have ematrix? what do you think about the machine? thanks in advanced

I have had eMax (DSL,DS, LV, LVA, SR, SRA, ST, WRA, Matrix IR, AC) for 5 years! And it is the BEST machine for face capillary removal. SRA works 100% for capillaries and this is the most popular procedure in our clinic. The trick is to make one pass in one cheek SRA OP 28-30, RF 25 and second pass after 40 minutes. If you do the second pass too soon it will not work. between the passes use cold packs to cool the area. Some times for nose we do the thread pass next day.

For pigment spots we do SR OP 33-35 RF 25 and it works every time. We have permanent clients who come after every summer to remove melasma. For hair removal ... you need to use maximum energy DS OP 45, DSL 50 and small areas (bikini, face ...) DS OP 38-40 and 2 passes! And you need to overlap 30%.

For acne we do SRA OP 22 or SR Op 32 and 2 passes 1-2 times a week and we mix it with aced peels. Some clients get results some not! We did AC (OP maximum and 3 passes ) but we did not get results!

matrix IR and ST we do for free if client wants it! I think it does not give results!
WRA we do nor use at all. It is to painful!

(sorry if I make spelling mistakes , I am from EU)

11.20 | Unregistered Commenterfrom EU

I personally had Emax SRA head performed on my face and unfortunately right up to my eyes. I have fat loss under my eyes, a bumpy skin texture, increase wrinking and generalized skin thinning. This has all been confirmed by multiple doctors. I also experienced eye damage (nerve damage in particular and massive floaters) . The settings were 25 optical and 25 RF. Be careful using this machine and keep it far away from the eyes. It can penetrate deeply near the eyes and over the facial bones. Doctors believe the RF component is responsible for my damage to both my eye and the skin around it as it is known that it can destroy the fat layer when used at a higher setting over thinner skin. Paper eye shileds may not protect against a direct hit to the eye area.

11.22 | Unregistered Commenterajapel

I have done over 15000 cases of SRA and SR using emax in 5 years. I have been getting very consistent good result. I have never encountered any fats loss issue on my patients.

11.23 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

Hello I have read every post here. I am an medical esthetician and I have used Elos Emax Syneron for many years now. I love the work horse. I use the DSL, great for skin types 1-3. Types 4 do not get good results I have noticed over the years. I try not to treat type 5 due to arcs and burns, which I have caused even with 11 yrs of experience. The key to good results is a high setting on each piece. With the ST it does get good results but you must take before and after pics. Also wait about 3 months for the after pic. I only had a few disappointed clients w/ ST. the trick is to couple it WITH THE Matrix IR (3 PASSES NO OVERLAP) wrinkle hand piece and medical skin care. It yields results everytime! Never used the WRA or the Martix RF. However I have used the VELASHAPE Smooth, for 3 years. I can give you advice...DO NOT BUY IT! It burned patients we never saw results and so many patients were so mad at us, and wanted refunds. We took the pics and the whole nine yards. The rep was continuously there with us showing us new techniques that never worked. To this day just seeing or hearing that name gives me bad vibrations from what we experienced. We obviously STOPPED USING THAT DARN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02.14 | Unregistered Commenterstephanie

I found this site while researching the ELOS system. I am currently deciding between the ELOS and the sciton this is a major purchase for a new business and I don't want to make a a bad choice

If you are purchasing used, neither is a great choice.

I own an EMax with ST, DSL, SR, SRA, and Matrix IR. I also have a Hoya (Cynosure) Revlite with 1064, 532, 585, and 650.
I love my little Emax. What a work horse. We have had our first problem after three years with a broken SRA. We have really very good results. Thought about doing the AC, but get great results from my 1064. Have also discovered a little secret: if you run the ST at max setting, you will clear even resistant eczema in about 24 hrs. Not a cure, but keeps it tamped down for a good month, or so.
When it comes time to retire "Betty", I will certainly look into another EMax.

Skin Renaissance Clinic

Interesting info!

C.Lee, hope you are still `here`, can you sent me your techniques please.

Any other help would be very appreciated. Settings etc. for best results.

Also what-NOT to do would help.

Emax with SR, SRA, ST, Matrix IR, LV, LVA, DS, DSL, WR, AC.

If anyone from the Netherlands is here on this site, and can help me with the right settings, that would be great!

Thanks in advantage.

08.25 | Unregistered Commenterlisa

Does anyone have experience on using the consumer product, Mē, My Elos? QVC is selling it and it sounds like it has mixed results.

09.2 | Unregistered CommenterJG

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