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Cosmetic IPL Laser Reviews & Comparisons > tatoos

Im looking for a good used tatoo removal laser, whats the best one out there??

01.17 | Unregistered CommenterBVBMD

Depends on the type of tattoo.... The Ruby laser is fantastic for Greens, Blues and blacks and the q-switch for colours....
The Ruby is slower BUT carries less risk.
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I would have to agree with Dale Oliver in the previous post, the Q-Switched Ruby is an excellent wavelength for Black, Blue, Green and dark tattoos, especially stubborn tattoos that may have been faded by other Q-switched lasers but have not succeeded in achieving complete removal.

It s not uncommon to see a professional tattoo that has faded quite well after the first three or four sessions with a standard 1j-1.2j 1064nm laser, but then struggle to achieve further breakdown and clearance following subsequent sessions.
Colored tattoos add an additional level of complexity that often requires a combination of techniques, different wavelengths (such as Dye handpieces) or a more powerful laser to achieve complete fading. We have found pre-treating the tattoo with an ablative fractional laser (either Erbium YAG or CO2 to be especially useful).

We have worked extensively with the German made SINON QS Ruby that has a decent 2Hz repetition, a large spot size and a very short 20 nanosecond pulse. Studies have shown the 694 nm wavelength of the QS Ruby to be superior to the QS Alexandrite laser for pigmented lesions in terms of faster and more complete clearance.

At our laser training centre in Melbourne Australia we typically work at very low fluences or defocus the laser to create a larger spot size of less intensity due to the sheer amount of power and high absorption of the Ruby's 694nm wavelength.

If you already have a Q-Switched laser that is not giving sufficient clearance on all colours (including black inks), you will be extremely pleased with what this system can do.

Being a 'Red' visible laser, the ruby is generally very well absorbed by most tattoos other than some redish tattoo pigments. When treating red or orange inks we tend to use the 532nm Green wavelength commonly referred to as the KTP laser.
Most professional NdYAG 1064nm lasers have an internal KTP conversion crystal and switch that enables the 1064nm Infra Red wavelength to be "frequency doubled" to half of 1064nm (i.e. 532nm Green).

The SINON is quite a workhorse and has been around for a number of years so you might be lucky enough to find a used one in that has been well maintained and serviced. The SINON made by Wavelight/Quantel Derma has been sold in the US under the Palomar banner. If you cannot find a unit in excellent condition it might be worth contacting your local Alma rep in the US as this system is now manufactured and sold by Alma GmbH:

I trust this helps.
Best regards


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