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Physician Clinical Exchange > Platelet Rich plasma anyone?

Just tried some PRP on a couple of subjects. Very easy procedure - but not sure what results to expect. Supposed to improve fine lines and be good for orbital areas and neck - anyone have any experience?

01.28 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

Did you used the mesotherapy technique for injection of PRP?

01.28 | Unregistered CommenterCanMD

No - never been a fan of meso. Just injected 1.5 - 3 mls on each side of the face - mainly periorbital - in subdermal - lower dermal plane with 1.5inch needle to produce a swollen type appearance that disperses very quickly. Results should take 3 weeks to 3 months I am told

01.28 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

I also just startred the procedure about 1 month ago. I have not seen dramatic result. May be I have to wait it out a little longer. I think you have to "over-correct" the area in order to get a response. I also used the threading technique.

01.28 | Unregistered CommenterCanMD


What system do you use for your PRP preparation?

01.29 | Unregistered CommenterCanMD

draw 1- 2 syringes of blood with anticoag citrate dextrose from Regenlab, centrifuge 3000rpm 7-8 mins, aspirate off bottom 3/4 of plasma, mix CaCl 1:10, then inject. Very simple. Centrifuges cost $2-300, syringeds with anticoag cost $70 each (seams like quite a mark up there - wonder if they are available elsewhere cheaper, but i am in Australia so not so easy to get supplies like that). Even so your costs per treatment are $80-170 per treatment plus your time - 15mins per treatment plus consult time.

01.29 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

Just another thought - you apparently have to drastically overcorrect - you are looking for some real swelling at first - injecting 1.5 ml per intraorbital area, another 1.5-2ml just for the malar region on each side. Patients look like a chipmonk at first, but the swelling apparently settles within the hour.

01.29 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

Mixing PRP with fat seems to be increasingly popular way to go. Lasting and effective results.

Any comments on this?

I first saw this procedure done 2 years ago when a visiting physician from Japan demonstrated the technique for us at our hospital. He removed a small piece of flesh from the buccal mucosa. The sample is then delivered to a lab where platelate Rich Plasma is quantitated. A few weeks later the ready to use PRP is sent back for injection into the candidate's collagen layer (naso labial fold). I do not see immediate results like fillers (Restylane , radiesse....) Our patient never followed up after the procedure. I am very curious as to how well it works. Will it ever replace popular filler injections? The cost of doing PRP is substantially higher than fillers (Radiesse, Retylane, Juvederm, Aquamid).

This is a very different procedure to what I describe - which is very quick and relatively inexpensive.

02.3 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

We have just started using the Regen system. My wife is black and blue at the moment ( I did not do the treatment). Has anyone seen any results?

hi! i'm a dermatologist. i'm curious about this procedure. kindly correct me if i got the procedure right....if i aspirate 4cc of the plasma, i place 0.4 cc of the calcium chloride? i've tried to put this amount (when i did this procedure for skin rejuvenation) but i've noticed that the plasma hardens almost immediately to a gel such that it is hard to do the nappage technique since the plasma doesn't flow out of the syringe easily. because of this, i just place a very small amount of the calcium only 0.04cc. will that even give a significant effect on the patient's skin?

09.30 | Registered Commenterbarbara uy

Yes - 10% by volume calcium. Have not noticed any hardening but regen says should be injected within 10-15 mins or so of adding the calcium ions

10.4 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

thank you very much for your reply. what about the prp filler...i was told by the distributor (regenlab) that we don't add the 0.4 cc of calcium chloride to the red tube (thrombin tube) but instead add it to the blue tube and then aspirate 0.1 cc of the plasma from the red tube and mix it with the 0.9 cc plasma from the blue tube. but based on the protocol given by regenlab, it mentioned that 0.4 cc calcium chloride is added to the plasma in the red tube and none in the blue tube. so which is which or either will do? i was also told that the plasma in the red tube hardens within 3-5 minutes. is that true? won't that limit the prp filler procedure? how do you go about with your prp filler procedure?

OK now I am confused. In Australia Regenlab is only distributing one type of tube - blue and black mottled top. We put 10% by volume Calcium with it and it does not appear to harden for some time.

10.7 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

oh. so you just have the prp for skin rejuvenation. there is another kit from regenlab which is called the prp thrombin kit and this is what we use as fillers. anyway, just did this procedure this afternoon...very simple and results are very nice. the nice thing about this is that, my patient tolerated the pain of the injection as compared to the very painful injection of the hyaluronic acid fillers or other fillers for that matter. will see the patient again after 1 week. will update you as to how effective this is.

Hello New to your forum. my practice is in london Done a bit of PRP with interesting results (according to patients).. Very interesresting and cinfusing comments (pro and cons) on this forum, and apparently hard to get correct answers from manufacturers.... how surprising!
Well, january the 8 I have a fix meetng with regenlab CEO, in private... please follow mw all specific questions you would like me to ask face to face, and I will forward the answers..!!!

Also could someone give me the korean companie(s) manufacturing those kit? does anyone really think one kit is better than another one? Regenlab? MyCells? Promoitalia? korean? Harvest? Biomet?

really looking forward to as many answers as possible before the january meeting...

Sincerely yours (all)

Dr Sister

Try Mycells system, they just got the FDA approval for their system. Please note that FDA approved Mycells for the technical side of it. As far as the efficacy of the PRP for cosmetic use is up to the medical community itself to decide. As PRP has been used in orthopeadic and facial maxillary and plastic surgery for at least 10 years.

Some research has shown that Mycells recovers the most amount of platelets when compared to other systems. I have been shown the Korean system and it looks like a hour glass but with no separating gel, unlike the Mycells or the Regene system. It looks like a complicated process with many steps to follow, I still cannot understand how it works so far. And they are made of plastics. But they seem to have some advantage as the Korean system would allowed you to draw 40 cc of blood where most other systems will do 20 cc of blood at a time. However, my experience is that 20 cc of blood is sufficient for most purposes if you are doing the face and the neck only. Unless you want to do the upper chest and the back of the hands as well, may be 40 cc would be your choice.

Try type Dr. Jacques Otto and Boland cell on Yahoo or Google, you should get a fair review as they are quite the pioneer in these field

12.21 | Unregistered CommenterNk

From these posts it would appear that the one thing we all want is proof of longevity of results and proper long term clinical studies - also evidence of benefit for alopecia, stretch marks, acne scars etc etc

12.21 | Unregistered CommenterTopher

Hi everybodyThanks for the tips.. but do any of you have any specific questions they want me to ask REGENLAB ceo when i met him?

dr sister

12.22 | Unregistered Commenterdrsister

I've had it, not impressed. Had Isolagen 5 or 6 years ago, BRILLIANT !
Shame they closed down. Had prp in September ( 09 ) expected something similar,
Nothing seemed to happen at all , a waste of money.

BRING BACK ISOLAGEN, or someone invent something similar.

03.2 | Unregistered Commenterneeyo

Just returned home from a trip to Hong Kong where PRP is very popular and can be seen in many magazine advertisement. Spoke to a few derm friends of mine who offer this type of treatment. Most of them prefer the liquid facelift results obtained via Restylane over the PRP dermal injection. You can get a photographic result immediately after the Restylane injection and the procedure is reproducible time after time. PRP dermal injection seems to work great for some clients and often not at all for people with visible deep wrinkles. To each his own when it comes to doing PRP injection. Remember your reputation rides on the result of the work you perform as a Doc.

03.2 | Unregistered Commenterkw

PRP works well only for very superficial lines. I use it in conjunction with fat transfers with amazing results that are of a permanent nature. I use the Magellen system for processing the blood and mix it with the fat 10:1 but also inject prp at the end by itself. It gives great skin rejuvenation and the fat restores a more youthful appearance . We need to be able to post pictures so you can all see what I'm talking about!! I also add PRP to fat transfers to all other areas.

I am really curious about Topher’s procedure for PRP preparation. Have you ever tried to estimate the platelets count in your final sample? Because theoretically the method is correct but practically I am not sure if the final sample is PRP and not PPP. You know that in literature the PRP should have 106 platelets in order to achieve the desired result. So if you only take some plasma after blood centrifuge it doesn’t mean that this is PRP.
I also tried many times to prepare PRP with similar methods, taking about 20-25cc blood. I tried with one or two centrifuges to isolate the platelets and have PRP. I gave many times these samples to a lab to estimate the platelets count but I didn’t have platelet concentration 106 but much less.

12.11 | Unregistered Commenterkim park

Beautydoc, what PRP kit are you using? Anyone used Eclipse Medical's kit?

05.1 | Registered CommenterJIM CAIN

From the experience of doctors who have used PRP for awhile now....So does PRP work for crepey skin for the decolletage,hands and superficial lines in the infra orbital region?
What is the recommended protocol for one to see result?
From the drs who have used it ,it works for some patients and not for others.
I'm interested to hear from any dr who has a protocol that works.

Has anyone combine PRP with Sculptra?..and what sort of result or side effects seen?

05.3 | Unregistered CommenterDr Li

I like the Harvest Machine. You get a large volume (10cc), which gives better results. I was skeptical and used on a friend who wanted to cover a bald spot. I was shocked when he came back and we took a pic and compared to his before picture. This was just one treatment, in conjunction with mesotherapy and carboxytherapy. He now wants me to do more treatments on him. Also tested on a patient with lots of volume loss on face and so much acne scarring that when I first tried to inject him, I couldn't do it because there was so much resistance. After meso and carboxy for a few weeks, I tried PRP. Scars are much softer now and he has asked for 2nd treatment with PRP.

I will let you all know about further results/experience with PRP.

06.11 | Unregistered CommenterDr. V

hi friends
who has done prp for hairloss? has seen any results?
thank sfor reply...

10.11 | Unregistered Commenterdr.m

PRP inventors in Russia say on their website ( that it is dangerous to mix in anything at all, it has to be pure blood, no additives. Unfortunately, the site is in Russian only, and I have no time to search for the English version. It is a lot of info there, and a huge stress on the fact that all other PRP technologies were stolen from inventors and they use additives that can be dangerous and negatively affect the results.

01.15 | Unregistered CommenterJK

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP, A-PRP) is inferior to the many other cosmetic products that are FDA approved and supported by science. Regarding facial rejuvenation in aesthetic practice, PRP is not well supported by robust science and has a poor level of evidence-base, competing poorly with the established commercial fillers from cosmetic houses.


There was a big mistake made by one of the PRP lab equipment companies in 2010 that amounted to selling screw drivers and trying to tell people to use them like a hammer.

The following video shows the latest research on PRP and how to use it (I've trained over 300 physicians how to use PRP over the past 2 1/2 years) and also explains the mistake (as well as reviewing some of the most important literature).

A second video (on the same page) shows an example of an extreme scar that I treated using PRP in combination with an HA (a strategy well supported by the wound care literature reviewed in the previous video).

Hope this helps.

Feel free to contact me.


Charles Runels, MD

P.S. Right now (Dec 2012), in the US, the best PRP at the best price in the US for cosmetic use is Regen PRP

Has anyone any experience with Promoitalia hair restoration kits?
They also have tubes for PRP with CA in them. The above said that perhaps this could be dangerous. Any new info.

Hi, I would like to try PRP in my face because I have scars from laser burn damage. Do you think it could repair the skin or it is better stem cells injections fot this purpose.

07.14 | Unregistered Commenterap

anyone using the PRP - CGF protocol ?

07.31 | Unregistered Commenterbrunon

Check out the Plasmolifting™ method.
It's like PRP, but better 'cause they don't use any platelet activation additives and only single spin. They've got their own sertified tubes with patented gel and everything.

What brand of equipment have you been using? Regen lab kits are pretty popular for PRP, but quite expensive. Plus, they haven’t been FDA-approved to use on skin. Proof
Anyway, have you tried it and what do you think?

Medifuge ( Silfrdent - Italy / ) is a variable speed centrifugal device that creates PRP and a layer of C.G.F. ( concentrated growth factors ) and a PPP layer.... use vacuette tube ( 8ml ) without additives but with time delay content becomes a gel or with sodium heparin to avoid gel formation etc.... and tubes cost approx $3.00 each. Australia email me otherwise silfradent

01.26 | Unregistered Commenterbrunon

Rada...the Silfradent device " Medifuge " use vacuette tubes that are readily available from various suppliers > U must use only these tubes ( 3 versions ). "White cap tube" has no chemistry or additives... pure glass is ideal as 100% autologous. Presently Plasmolifting or similar mask ... ( Silfradent will have their own version soon ) are saturated with the CGF "concentrated growth factors layer" plus PRP layer created by the Medifuge...... Also they are launching a cream that u add the CGF etc.....

01.28 | Unregistered Commenterbrunon

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