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I have recently acquired(5 months ago), the new Velashape and i believe itis very user and technique dependent.Any comments would be appreciated.

09.23 | Unregistered Commenterskinrenwal

Does it work?
Do you get referrals? Are patient's happy?

09.26 | Unregistered CommenterMDR

if anyone is interested in purchasing a working velasmooth/velashape with a 1.5 yr warranty, pls contact me so I can forward you a phone number. A fellow MD in town is trying to sell his for $17,500 OBO but I have too much right now and can't by it myself.

10.9 | Unregistered Commenterjmd

interested in the velashape 17,500. my email

10.11 | Unregistered Commenterkgbmd

still interested in buying the velashape, lost alot of my equipmnt in the Hurricane, LA. Dr.

10.13 | Unregistered Commenterkgbmd

It's still available. I will try emailing you. -jmd

11.21 | Unregistered Commentercarrmd

do you still have the velashape for sales? i have the old faithful velasmooth and it is about time to go for velashape .

03.22 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

I wouldn't buy a VelaShape now. Syneron is coming out with an upgrade this summer (surprise, surprise).

I think the success with VelaShape does vary by location. I know the West coast does a lot better than where we are (PA). We had a hard time getting the momentum started. I tried the $200 OFF coupon you can post on your website and on Syneron's, email newsblasters, radio, etc. What truly launched it for me in my area was two things:

1. We offer a few free sessions with every laser lipolysis patient. We truly believe it helps them get to their clinical endpoint much faster with fewer lumpy areas.

2. I ran a promotion where if you buy 1 - 6 session package for one zone, you'll get a second 6 session package for another body zone absolutely free. This was a tremendous success. Now word of mouth is moving us along.

As with any procedure you do, patient selection is of the utmost importance to truly get great results from VelaShape. And we do get great results! Queen of skepticism here, I lost 2 inches of my C-section pooch! I went back into my size 6 jeans which makes me a happy 47 year old mother of a 3 year old!

Counsel your clients to be compliant with their treatment schedule, weight them each time, take photographs, and measure every time. Instruct them on diet and exercise. We do have occasional patients come in weighing 5 pounds more than the week before and say it's not working. I cannot stress enough to thoroughly educate your patient first for optimal success!

an upgrade so soon?
Velashape was launched not very long ago. Surprise...surprise...thanks for the tips!

03.24 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

Yeah these updates come so quickly. I opened my spa 2.5 years ago with VelaSmooth - then came VelaShape - and now an upgrade on that. It's frustrating. I've started renting some equipment rather than buying all the upgrades. My short term costs have been a little higher but I'm not obligated to anything once the equipement falls out of favor.

I've had no success with VelaShape. I would love to get rid of it.

03.26 | Unregistered CommenterCBC

What other options are out there besides Vela?

03.26 | Unregistered CommenterChristen


We have done some side by sides and have seen a tremendous difference over Vela Shape with the Lipo-Ex.
You can check out more info on the web site

03.30 | Unregistered CommenterCkramer

If you have vela, (or can get a good deal on vela), and can get results, so what if syeron has something new? Everything new has to prove itself in the market anyway.

With proper patient selection (challenge #1), proper technique (#2) and proper pt expectations/education... You WILL get results. I got 2 3/4 inches off a 10 month post partum tummy. She was a slim drug rep eating right and walking three miles. Just didn't feel bikini worthy. Great patient.

I agree you must weigh EVERY visit and I measure every visit. If I don't see an 1/8 to 1/4 inch change, I know there's like a technique problem. Check myself. HINT: heat is key for effective tx. RF is conducted by h2o. I coach my patients to come well hydrated as well as drinking lots of water after.

06.6 | Unregistered CommenterBeth

That was after 4 tx btw.

06.6 | Unregistered CommenterBeth

want to buy a velashape let me know if anyone selling one

07.27 | Unregistered Commenterkgbmd

DO NOT BUY A VELASHAPE from another physician. treatment covers are required for the treatments and Syneron will not sell you new head covers unless you buy the device from them or pay them $25k to have your device checked out before they will supply treatment covers.

Call Syneron. Tell them you just bought a Velashape from another physician and need new treatment covers...see what they say.

08.4 | Unregistered CommenterChris

I have been experimenting with the velashape on the neck and face - small head only and at lower settings. The clients are delighted especially on the neck. I am very careful to monitor the skin temp with every pass. The system may not be licenced for this but neither is Botox for most of the face but it works. I know there have been concerns with bipolar on the face - fat atrophy any other issues anyone is aware of?

I would value any comments and advice



08.10 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

I am interested in buying a used velashape for my own personal home use. I almost bought a velasmooth, which is much cheaper, but upon viewing this website, I may not. I didn't know you couldn't get replacement heads through Syneron. What do you all think of just buying something for yourself? Does it matter as much which one you buy? Is it pretty self explanatory on running it? I would like instructions but don't know if I would get them with a used purchase.

i highly doubt you can get the replacement heads. When your heads run out, the system is pretty much useless.
You have to be the registered owner of the system in order to get the head.

03.7 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

If you purchase any Syneron system from anyone besides Syneron, there is a $25,000 fee required in order to obtain service from Syneron (this includes purchasing the Replaceable Treatment Heads from their online store).

I have access to treatment heads for anyone who has a VelaShape, and is not a registered Syneron user.

08.2 | Unregistered CommenterMark M.

I'm thinking about buying the Velashape so I'd like some clarifications. People are saying that there are treatment covers and replacement heads that need to be purchased from Syneron. Are the treatment covers the piece that you put over the handpiece? Are replacement heads referring to the same thing or are we talking about the handpiece itself? Does it keep track of how many pulses and then stop when you reach a certain number? Thanks!

10.1 | Unregistered CommenterLC

The treatment covers go over the handpiece and have a certain amount of usage.I believe the VelaShape 1 and VelaShape 2 differ in the amount of usage.You also need the VelaShape spray as that is required to give it enough "slip".

It makes great $ for us, but the consumables cost for the Vela2 is very high, and reduced the net profit of each package. It appears as though Syneron is lowering the price as Vela2 is less (?) but costs more to operate. Probably to entice smaller practices to buy. If you have a high volume of Vela patients you won't make as much if you upgrade from the Vela1 to the Vela 2

Thanks BetterOffNow! I see the treatment covers for sale on Ebay. Is it trustworthy?

Does the Velasmooth have the same consumables because I would consider getting it if it doesn't? How many Velashape treatments does it take to see results? How good are the results and how long do they last?

10.2 | Unregistered CommenterLC

Hi- The eBay auction looks legit. The challenge is those won't last very long, and it will be hard to find a steady supply.

I had a VelaSmooth when it first came out-the results were less than satisfactory. Switched to the Vela1 and we have done very well with it.

The biggest problem I see with the Vela is that it is very operator dependent. If someone isn't trained on appropriate technique, it's really just a waste of time for the patient. And they get pissed about it. And you'll deal with refund questions all day long.

My advice is to bite the bullet and work with Syneron directly. They have the system set up, so you can't game it.

If you buy from them you get:
-free training
-access to all the consumables w/overnite shipping
-their 24 hour turnaround service contract. Yup, this thing breaks down about every 60 days.
- the rep picked up the tab when I had an intro to Vela party so free booze and food

Honestly, it's more $ to buy direct from them initially, but my time in actually running the business is more valuable to bring revenue through the front door than trying to squeeze out every nickel and dime of existing business to maximize profit.

They're going to try and sell you the Vela2. It is supposed to be a more powerful machine and has a lot more bells and whistles. If I was starting out I would buy this.

The challenge for my centers is we have SO many patients hooked on the Vela1 that to switch to the vela2 with more expensive consumables would drive down our profit per treatment.

Just keep your eye on the bottom line- make sure your staff gets that it costs $ per treatment so they won't be giving it away for free and you should do well with it.

Good luck!

Sorry just realized I didn't answer your last questions:

"How many Velashape treatments does it take to see results? How good are the results and how long do they last?"

You know what my answer is going to be right? depends on the patient

typically I sell a package of 8-10 treatments. They see results in about 6. They need to do maintenence treatments. Explain nothing on the human body lasts- even going to the gym needs maintanence. Most patients use the remaining treatment on their package on another area not maintanece- because they get hooked on it.

then the up$ell fun begins.

Again it ALL goes back to the technique. that's why the Syneron training is KEY to success- plus I made friends with my trainer, took her out to lunch and schmoozed her so she is available to me by cell if I have a question and don't want to pay for more training. They also send you a nice certificate for your providers. It doesn't mean crap-but patients seem to be reassured by it if it's framed and put in the treatment rooms.

Take measurements, weight AND PICTURES!!!! every patient every time. Do NOT let the patients get out of taking the pictures. They are protected by HIPPA laws, and it has saved my ass too many times to count when they claim not to see results and want a refund.

good luck!

Thank you so much for your help BetterOffNow! I will consider the Velashape but do you have any experience with any other noninvasive body contouring methods that you are happy with that I should also consider? Does anybody know how much the Velashape 2 costs - I heard around $60k?

10.6 | Unregistered CommenterLC

LC: If you provide your contact information I can send you some helpful information about this product category.

Hi LC-
I've only had VelaSmooth and VelaShape1 so I would take @medspaguy up on his kind offer. The VelaShape2 is less than the VelaShape1-I think because the consumables are so much more expensive. Not sure on price, it's been about 7 months since Syneron pitched it to me. I also wanted to bundle it with some other equipment, so 60K sounds about right but I'm guessing.

Hi, I just bought discounted sessions of Velashape from a med spa to use on my abdomen. I haven't gone for my treatments yet, and have a few questions:

1. Seeing how people have been saying that results are very skills-dependent, how can I tell whether the operator knows what he/she's doing?
2. Are there questions that I can ask to ensure that the spa isn't skimping out on consumables or purposely operating on a non-effective setting such that results are minimized? (and thus lures customers to buying more sessions)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Smart questions.

They SHOULD be taking before pictures, measurements and weight. Insist that they do it at EACH session, even if they advise you to come in 2x per week. You should see some improvements after 3 sessions, or 3 weeks whatever comes first. If you don't-ask to see the pictures and measurements, sometimes our eyes can trick us and there will be much more improvement documented than felt.

Also- make conversation with your practitioner, they should be fairly transparent with their training etc. There are also thermometers on the newer models that will help to guide the practitioner how much heat the head is giving off- which is crucial for effective treatment.

The "consumables" is the VelaShape spray and the heads. The spray gives the head enough "slip" so it feels like it's dragging- the reason may be that they're scrimping, but the spray really isn't that expensive- the heads ARE.

The machine won't work properly without new heads-so you will know because they will cancel you appointment until they can get more in.

If they try to sell you more treatments, different services, a maintanence plan, let them know you are using their performance with the Vela as a guide for purchasing additional services and spending more $$$.

Also just FYI- the abs are a tricky area. If there is a lot of loose skin due to pregnancy, it may get "sucked" up into the larger head, and will hurt. Try and get them to use the smaller head if that is your issue. It tacks extra time onto the treatment but may be worth it.

Plan to be in the bed for about 30 minutes, less than that, and they may be shortchanging you.

Good luck!

I need to know where I can get addition advice on the Velashape tips for proceedures. I was hired a month ago and the trainiing was very basic.... I feel there may be advise on some good techniques...

12.1 | Unregistered CommenterSandra

What type of VelaShape machine are you operating? Syneron's website as well as YouTube have excellent video demonstrations on technique.

Syneron has a password protected site. It's no problem if your practice bought directly from them your rep can give you the password, but if they didn't but directly from them you won't be able to access it.

(although I would have made the patient remove her piercing as it conducts heat)

The skin's temp. is very important in the treatment. If you have an older version of Vela, there is no temp. guage. You or your medical director should buy a baby thermometer to measure the heat being absorbed for maximum results and of course to avoid thermal injuries.

If you are with ALC- it is my understanding that they have training videos online for their staff as well as additional training with their own in house trainers as they have different treatment protocols.

Anytime I have a laser tech that wants more training and more knowledge, I am very impressed. This request means that you really care about doing a great job. Approach your manager/medical director and see if they are able to offer you any continuing aesthetic/medical education.

p.s. Take Pictures, pictures, pictures. Every patient, every time. It will show progress that you or the patient may not ordinarily see. Every 3rd tx. take measurements and weight.

Good Luck!

We have Velashape and get the best results using it in conjunction with LipoEx. I've asked syneron to let us demo the Velashape II because it supposedly works better and faster. The reason Syneron came out with Velashape II so quickly was because Velashape and Velasmooth were not producing the expected results. I have only seen results with Velashape when used in conjunction with another technology but not as a stand alone procedure. Does anyone have experience with VelaShape II? Is it any better than VelaShape??

I would like to say that I just bought yesterday a Velashape in Brazil and here we can buy the consumables here in Brazil as much as I want.
Now the piece I can get for $160 and the cream for $40 dol.

If anyone interest.
Contact me

I have a 2010 vellashape 2 for sale
It is in excellent condition. If anyone is interested
Let me know. Thanks

07.21 | Unregistered CommenterMike

Please post all classifieds in the medical spa cosmetic laser classified ads area rather than individual forums.

looking for velashape spray. if anyone has them please let me know

10.23 | Unregistered Commentersriram

I have heard the back and forth motion with the roller piece can cause a reverse effect and actually cause more cellulite later. Have you ever encountered this?

02.26 | Unregistered CommenterShelly L.

Can you please describe your techniques? I have seen it done so many ways and I'm wondering if what technique is the most effective and efficient?

03.10 | Unregistered CommenterBeulah

Like almost all FDA Approved cosmetic procedures, Velashape does provide great results (mostly in terms of cellulite treatment and less when it comes to fat removal) IF the whole procedure is carried out by an experienced physician!

For the best results you have to keep in mind that you need to work zone by zone. If you try and heat up a huge area you will be working forever. You can also try stacking pulses in a grid pattern depending on the area combined with sliding back and forth. I also keep the areas I have worked on covered with a blanket or towel as I work other areas. I would recommend investing in an infrared thermometer to see the heat you have achieved. Remember you have to go back and reinforce the previous zone up to three times. Your client should feel the warmth for at least a half hour after the treatment. I hope this helps!

06.9 | Unregistered Commenterk murphy

We roll towards lymph in curve patterns and straight strokes but only one direction not back and forth. I've never heard of a motion causing more cellulite! That's crazy. Maybe it makes sense though, if the treatment releases interstitial fluid, and it isn't guided to a specific direction to get rid of it, it could probably make it worse.

07.3 | Unregistered Commenterjessie

Get the real deal 2011 Syneron Velashape II. Accessories: Power Cord, Software Key, Key, User Manual, Velaspray, Mast, & Parameter Guide. This has been well cared for and works great also has overall low usage.
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