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Candela: Gentlelase, Smoothbeam, Vbeam > Candela Alexandrite OR Asclepion diode laser ???

Hello everyone,

New to the aesthetic field of dermatology,thinking of starting in hair removal.After some research I have concluded that these two lasers are very good for my job.Could you please provide some help to choose the best between them ? Thank you very much in advance!! (I have mostly patients with phototypes I, II and III).

10.14 | Registered CommenterVIB

I would tell you to take a look at the Lumenis Light Sheer Duet. I bought one in june and I have been happy with it so far. The high speed hand piece is much faster for large areas. Also, you should let us know what the primary skin type you will treat. Are they all fitzpatrick 1 or 2 or are they fizpatrick 4,5 and 6?

10.15 | Unregistered CommenterLH

The skin types I mainly treat are phototypes 2,3 and sometimes 1and 4 but mostly the 2 first.So, youpropose adiode laser.Doesn't it cause more pain than alexandrite? How many times do you needfor an optimal result in different ares (i.e legs or axillae).And of course how much it costs? Thanks a lot for your answer!

10.19 | Unregistered CommenterVIB

VIB, try out the Lux R or Rs on the Starlux Platform. it will cost nearly as much as a lightsheer, but can expand to do much more. such as fine hair, pigmentation, facial blood vessels, leg veins, fractional ablative and non-ablative, skin tightening.
The Lux R can be used in skin type V patients. I've used my Lux R on almost every area imaginable with the exception of the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Treatment is simple and fast. both armpits in under 5 minutes. results are fantastic and patients keep referring friends over. Average treatment to 50% reduction is 3 and clearance is seen in 5 to 8 treatments depending in patient tolreance.

11.21 | Registered Commentersandy tan

I found success with the EpiCare LXP for all skin types from 1-5, speed, reliability and customer satisfaction. The company is easy to work with and make a system that is 100 watts in average power.

The GentleLase is the best device I have ever tried and I have tried many different system during the last 10 years. Lightsheer is a nice system, but why using a laser where you need messy gel and a sapphire prism in contact with the skin when you can use a system where you can see the treated area all the time for perfect control.

I would NEVER buy the Duet. It needs at least three years of "field experience" and some really serious studies to prove itself. I must say that with all my experience I am skeptic about this low energies and long pulsed systems. Do not listen to the salesrep....

IPL:s can not even be compared to the high end lasersystems. I have tried and compared some "High-end" IPL:s.

Dr. W:

I have used the GentleLase (during my fellowship), also with good, durable results. Now that I am looking for my own system I am hoping to cut down operating costs on each laser unit, including consumables (I hate consumables!!). Could you give me an idea on what you spend in maintainence on the unit and the cost of the cryogen cooling; also, has your unit broken down/required frequent maintainence, or changing of hardware?
I am having a hard time not choosing an 810 diode (lightsheer, mediostar) based on the reliability of the diode system and the savings on consumables. Thanks in advance for your insight.

06.11 | Unregistered Commentermark


The GentleLase is a fantastic laser and YES it requires more service than a Diodlaser. The service issue and consumables are our problems as owners of the equipments. Our patients do not care about this, the ONLY thing they want is GREAT results. If you deliver GREAT results your reputation as a serious clinic will grow and you will get more happy patients... You see the snowball growing....

Cryogen is a minor cost for happy patients! Happy patients means great business...!

Thanks Dr. W
Message heard loud and clear!

06.15 | Unregistered Commentermark

It really depends on hair and skin type. It also so happens that any laser procedure for hair removal may be completely ineffective for some people no matter where or who applies it to you. I know a group of people for whom laser was a pure waste of money. The sad part is you can't know for sure before you undergo the whole series of procedures and all you get at the end is lack of results and " I'm so sorry, this never happens".

Removals company

There is no IPL or BBL that can compare with the efficacy of a laser. It's just a scientific fact. As for service, a laser may require more "frequent" service, but an IPL or BBL may end up being more expensive to service on the long run due to the manufacturer's dodging of FDA laws. The same holds true for some lasers, but Candela is one of the companies where the information is so prevalent that there are many capable technicians to choose from.

A word of advice for ANY laser: Follow ANSI and ASLMS recommendations to have your unit undergo preventive maintenance twice a year. Choose a company that will tell you in writing that they abide by 21 CFR 1040.10-11, and that they acquire all information pursuant to that regulation for service and maintenance of your particular device. Also, try to shop for a warranty on any used laser BEFORE purchase. This can help preserve the value of your laser, and limit your service costs on the long run.

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