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Candela: Gentlelase, Smoothbeam, Vbeam > where to buy parts of candela and hoya conbio C6?

I bought used candela mini gentlelase and C6 from some agents. and now I meet difficulty to replace my parts such as flashlamp, HVPS system handpiece,etc. I have searched on the internet for several days to find out a better parts supplier but in vain. They are too cost! Dose any1 here can introduce me parts suppliers, websites or even you are the one I am looking for. Thx a lot.

04.16 | Unregistered CommenterGimi

As far as i know, to get parts for c3, c6 or revlite are almost impossible. Hoya will not offer parts to second hand market buyers. If you need parts, I think like any other laser companies, one needs to pay for the royalty first, which may cost more than your laser alone. By doing this, it is in the best interest of laser companies and therefore will eliminate the second hand market for used lasers.
I learned my lesson first hand after paying close to 50k for my used laser last May. After couple of months of usage, one of the optics blew, and that was it. Now the 50k laser is just a piece of scrap metal in my office.

04.16 | Unregistered CommenterIsacc

Isaac: Have you ever asked Hoya to inspect your laser and give you an estimate for the cost of repair? I would expect that there is some value with your laser even "as is" as the parts and accessories for most of the "leading lasers" are very expensive. Your situation clearly illustrates the hazards of buying used devices without having the device checked, "certified" and covered by an extended service agreement before buyng. Unfortunately, buying used medical devices is NOT like buying a used car.

In order to have Hoya or any laser company inspect the used laser, it means you are enrolling into their royalty program which will cost an arm and a leg. The reason for buying used in the first place was to save some bucks.

04.16 | Unregistered CommenterIsaac

In order to have Hoya or any laser company inspect the used laser, it means you are enrolling into their royalty program which will cost an arm and a leg. The reason for buying used in the first place was to save some bucks.

04.21 | Unregistered CommenterIsaac

i suggest a call to a good lawyer these are fda approived medical devices and they MUST SELL TGHE PARTS patients are suffering. Its tiime for a good class action law suit

07.6 | Unregistered Commenterglennm

You may want to try this.

again, please be careful in selecting your tech.

Good luck.

07.7 | Unregistered Commenterc.lee

Where are you located? We can help.

Larry Smart
Luxor Photonix, Inc.
(720) 67-LUXOR

This is the road block almost every manufaturer throws up, and I wish someone would get a class action going.
It is simply yet ANOTHER way for the manufactuer to fleece the buyer since they know after the laser sale, there isn't much opportunity to make additional $ if there aren't consumables.
They have different terms for this. Cutera will tell you they need to do an "inspection" to "bring it into the family". This "inspection" will cost you thousands and in most caes the tech just gives it a once over, turns it on and checks for error messages and that's it.
Others (Syneron) will not even answer the most basic question if your S/N doesn't jive with what have on record. Hoya ConBio is just as bad, if not worse.
As a 3rd party ISO, I deal with this daily and having worked for several of these companies in the past (I've been doing this since 1979) I can tell you these companies are just robbing you. Their "techs" usually are previous biomeds pulled from a hospital basement, given 2-3 weeks of training and sent out in the world with the title "laser specialist" These are the guys "certifying" your laser!

07.28 | Unregistered CommenterGlass

"Glass": As this thread illustrates -- and you have reinforced -- most of the aesthetic device companies are following a similar pattern of business practice and the buyers (usually physicians) are getting screwed time and again. I am an attorney and I can tell you that it is doubtful that these facts would give rise to a cause of action that could be litigated as a "class action". This is really the free enterprise system running wild. Caveat emptor!!

I have to suggested to a group of aesthetic practitioners the prospect of forming a "consortium" to foster improved buying power, improved communication and information sharing (i.,e., clinical protocols, treatment pearls, side-by-side device evaluations, credentialing, etc.) but virtually nobody expressed any interest. Everyone seems OK with the fact that it remains the "Wild Wild West" out there-- with "aestheticians" firing lasers, lasers being sold to anyone with a few bucks, and who knows what else is going on!! There is a great deal that could be accomplished if even a small group of aesthetic practitioners would band together.

med spa guy
Isnt it true that since these lasers are fda approved medical devices they must supply the parts. How can they legally say to you that because you bought a used laser that you can not get it fixed without them "recertifying" it at a marledly inflated price. I could understant $2000 for a inspection but @$K is an outrage. Then to mark up the part price.
The patient also pays the price by not being able to complete a treatment plan due the roadblocks place dby the laser co.

07.29 | Unregistered Commenterglennm

Glenn: Class actions are pretty difficult to get certified by the courts. The traditional view is that four "core elements" are needed to support a class action:

1. A Large Number of Plainfiffs with the Same Cause of Action: There have to be so many possible plaintiffs and lawsuits against a defendant that it's not practical for them to join together in a normal lawsuit, or file their own. When possible plaintiffs number in the hundreds or thousands, this requirement is met
2. Each Plaintiff Must Have the Same Claim(s): The claims alleged need to raise common legal and factual issues, making it efficient to deal with all claims together. For example, thousands of people have claims against a manufacturer for a faulty dishwasher switch causing a fire hazard
3. There Must Be a "Typical" Case: The people named as plaintiffs, the representatives, must have the same claims and defenses as the larger class of claimants. In the dishwasher example, the named plaintiff's claim couldn't arise from a defective pump causing flooding
4. The Representatives Must Provide Fair and Adequate Protection for the Class: The named plaintiffs and class lawyers must provide proper representation for the class. The lawyers' competency is the main focus here, but courts also look at the representatives. A court could find, for example, that someone with a history of fraud isn't the right plaintiff to bring a class action involving consumer banking issues.

If each of these four conditions is met, the court must then "certify" the class for the lawsuit to go ahead as a class action. The court would need to confirm that the elements above exist, and would then certify the class if a class action is the best way to manage the claims. The proposed class needs to show they have the same claims and seek the same relief, such as money damages. Certification is usually granted when the class wants the defendant to do or stop doing something, such as stopping a restaurant from playing loud music late at night.

We are LaserTeks Services, Inc. We service several makes and models of medical and aesthetic lasers and IPL systems. Including , but not limited to Candela, Hoya ConBio, Cutera, Cynosure, Ellipse, Lumenis, Deka, Dornier, and many others. We offer a full line of OEM repair parts and consumables for most lasers and IPL systems that we support.
I can be reached at 512.569.5979;

09.9 | Unregistered CommenterChris B

MD Laser can fix your laser(s). Austin Texas 512-829-4353. We specialize in Candela.

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