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Hello everyone,

Hey I was just curious if anyone would like to share some of their Botox dilution rates used for specific uses and/or areas injected. Reason I am asking is I have come across a couple of dilutions, maybe new rates? are different than my own anyway, and it got me wondering what is everyone else doing or using. Also what new areas have you all been asked to inject? I had my first request for underarm. Anyway just for fun, a note comparing thread.

01.21 | Registered Commenterrkn

Are you using Allergan Botox or Ipsen Dysport? The conversion units between these two products are 1:3 (1 unit of botox for approximately 3 units of dysport).

I use 3mL Normal Saline to dilute each vial of Botox or Dysport.

3mL of NS into one vial of 100 units of Botox = approximately 3-4 units per 0.1 mL
3mL of NS into one vial of 500 unitis of Dysport = approximately 20units per 0.1mL

Some examples of units used in some common areas
1. Glabellar = 12-15 units of botox or 36-45 units of dysport
2. Frontalis= 15-18 units of botox or 45-54units of dysport
3. Crow's feet= 8-12 units of botox or 24-36 units of dysport per side. Double that for both eyes
4.Masseter muscle (lateral pterygoid muscle) to slim facial side profile= 30-50 units of botox or 90-150 units of dysport per side of face. Double that for both side of masseter muscles.
5. Calf muscle reduction for slimmer leg silhouete = 150 units of botox or 450 units of Dysport per leg.
6. Underarm axilla injection for dyshydrosis= 100-150 units of botox or 300-450 units of Dysport per side of axilla.

These are the most common injection sites I do in my practice. I train some local docs and residents on botox / dysport injections and always tell them to start at a lower spectrum of unit dose and add additional units 2 weeks later when patients return for follow up. The follow up session for masseter, calf, and dyshydrosis are scheduled 2 months later because larger muscles require a much longer period to see results.

I reconstitute 100 units/ml for dilution. There is less risk of migration causing assymetry or ptosis, especially when treating around the eyes.

05.28 | Unregistered CommenterBTX MD

I use 2mL Normal Saline to dilute each vial of Allergan Botox

My favorite is 2:1 dilution. It's a convenient way to measure how many units I inject. Say for example, .2 cc=10 units and it does not disperse. I believe 1:1 is the most potent form cause I can see immediate effects.

05.31 | Unregistered Commenterluna

We dilute 1:1. That way a unit is a unit! Also, you don't have to send the patient away with swollen injections sites from having to use more volume to get one unit. Results start being visible at about 3 days post treatment with peak effect in 2 weeks.

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