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Injectable Treatments: Botox & Filler Injections > Macrolane VRF30 Just released

My Restylane Rep has just released the the Macrolane VRF30 in my market and I have ordered the first batch of sample this week. From what was told, the Macrolane VRF30 particle is 10x larger than Sub Q @ 100 particles /mL. The indication of Macrolane include body filling and breast augmentation. The large particle size requires a larger bore needle , 18 Gauge or larger. My sales rep tells me some physician uses 21 G needle and has no problem injecting the filler in areas other than body parts. Does anyone know how this Macrolane behaves when used as a filler for facial deformity, Nose / Chin Augementation? The cost of Macrolane VRF30 is around US$700 per 10mL ($70 /mL) where as the cost of Sub Q (US$400 /2mL or $200/ 1mL), Cost of Perlane (US$200/ 1mL). I think we will see more physicians using Macrolane for facial injection due to the lower cost ($70/mL). As far as safety is concerned, Hyaluronic Acid is Hyaluronic Acid. All products from small (Restylane touch) to large (Macrolane VRF30) should be equally safe when used on the human body. The only down side is the larger bore size of needle one needs to use with Macrolane VRF 30. The larger the size particles the longer the filler tends to last. Macrolane may just be the right filler in the right hand and the right group of consumers.

Dear Dr Wang
I totally agree with your opinion. I can’t understand why macrolane is safe for breast and not for face. I think that VRF20 macrolane could be better in facial deformities because it needs less coverage compared to VRF30. I would like to get in contact with you. Could you give me your email ?

10.5 | Registered Commenterkim park

Hi Kim:
I've started using Sculptra injection lately to add to my arsenal of restylane, radiesse filler for facial rejuvenation (liquid facelift). The new dilution method for sculptra is now adding 6mL of diluted water + 1mL Lidocaine to each vial. The procedure calls for meticulous massage sessions to prevent nodule formation. Hope the introduction of Sculptra's new dilution method will allow user's to forget the previous bad reputation of scultra nodules in the future. Shoot me an email at We can share our experience using various fillers in performing liquid face lift procedrues.

Ken :)

I had my training about 6 months ago wit sculptra and I am using 8ml of bacteriostatic water an 2ml of 2% lidocaine without epi. If you can you want to mix the day before you use it. I have not had any granulomas.

10.6 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Thanks for your input LH. Will definitely give your dilution method a try. Using 8mL of bacteriostatic water and 2mL of lidocaine should be easier to inject with less chance of nodule formation. Injecting sculptra with 25G needle was difficult using my old dilution ratio. My needle jammed multiple times during the injection. Oh by the way I tried using Macrolane VRF30 on a patient today using 23G needle. The syringe flows nicely without the need to move up to the larger 21G needle. For beginners fearing the larger puncture holes associated with Macrolane injection using 18G needle, the 23 G or 21G needle work just as well in my case with Macrolane VRF30.

i also tried the macrolane in face....actually i used tha VRF20 because i think it is more safe for face as it needs less soft tissue coverage. I usually use 25G needle for nasolabial folds.....i have no problem with the injection.... i have the control to inject the quantity which i want and furthermore it is not painful for the patient. For the other facial areas i use 23G needle.
ken i sent you email but you didn't reply
i'd like to talk to you and share our experience or trade some photos

10.12 | Registered Commenterkim park

this is my email
if any of u want to share the experiences of macrolane for facial filling with me, please sent an email , would be much appreciated, thanks

dr liu

10.19 | Unregistered Commenterliu

I had Macrolane injected in my face 2 years ago and it is still there now, I cannot believe how long it has lasted, it was quite painfull at the time and I needed to take pain killers for 24 hours as my face was sore and there was some swelling for about a week but all in all considering the cost and length it has lasted I am thrilled

03.17 | Unregistered Commentersuzanne

I have been considering mixing Macrolane 20, 75% and a 2.5% polyacrylamide/sterile water solution at 25% for
deep facial line treatment. My thought is that the HA will reduce the rare but concerning reactions that occur with Hydrogel injections while promoting the permanent collagen structural growth. Any thoughts?

07.19 | Unregistered Commenterm newman

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