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Bodysculpting & Liposuction > Favorite Body Contouring Device?

What is your favorite minimally invasive body contouring treatment? I've used Accent and am not too impressed with results.

Patient selection is critical in the success of any treatment. We have tried Titan, Thermage , Accent and now have the Sciton Skin Tyte. As the primary laser operator, I can tell you we are getting phenomenal results that the patient notices immediately in most cases. My colleagues are using Exilis and they are also getting great results with that device. You might look into it as well.

11.2 | Unregistered CommenterFLEM

There are many RF and Infra-red platform out there promising real photographable results. The most important factor is patient selection and an acceptable price point for patients. Many machines with expensive disposable tips will dramatically drive up the price of each treatments. In the real world patient expectaion is comparable to the price they pay and the amount of pain they endure during the session. The major down side to Thermage and ULtherapy is the expensive tips, painful experience, and results which are hard to justify for the amount of price, preparation, and pain during the treatment. Although majority of patients will be happy with their result. But

. In the long run, I prefer the Sciton Skin Tyte unit over the various RF / Infra-red modules because of result, comfort. and most importantly lack of costly disposable tips. You have the choice to offer an effective treatment at discounts and offer free demo session to sell the procedure. It is a tough pill for patients to pay Thousands for a skin tightening procedure in this economy. Must also weigh in the cost / performance value VS other procedures such as fillers, botox, and face lift surgery.

We've been using Exilis for a year. Impressive results. It is by far the best device for skin tightening and body contouring. It is very critical for the operator to be mindful of her technique to produce results. Would definitely recommend this.

11.14 | Unregistered CommenterE. Shehorn

We have also been using Exilis in our clinic for a year now and let me tell you that we've been seeing impressive results just after 4 sessions.

This is my 2nd year of using Exilis. I am yet to see a single RF or US device that provides better results than Exilis. I have reviewed almost all RF, US and combination devices, many not available in USA, and their "before" and "after" images posted on respective websites. Aside of photography flaws, I am yet to see a single one that delivers better results than Exilis.
There is a small percentage of patients that may appear to have less than satisfactory response; however, after certain modifications of the protocols I can affirm that fat reduction treatment should see 100% success rate!
In addition, I use Exilis for off-label indications which adds significantly to its versatility.
I will be happy to share my experience with anyone interested in Exilis, including "before" and "after" images of our patients.

It is rewarding to read that exilis has been a favorable system. I purchased one recently as well. I did alot or research and felt that this system which allows for lipid loss coupled with skin tightening gave the best most physiologic results in a single system

11.28 | Unregistered Commentergm

I'm glad to hear this. I would like to add that Exilis operating costs are truly negligible. The only consumables are the grounding pad and coupling gel/baby oil. The machine is a "workhorse". IF you delegate the operation of Exilis to your staff, please make sure they understand the technology, reasons for each parameter and appropriate coaching of each patient before the treatments. Make sure they read the manual; it contains several key statements that will assure optimal results.
Good luck!

I am operating Venus Freeze. So far, so good. I have also been treated with the Freeze. It is a fabulous device, no pain, feels good and gives great results. Worth my investment.

I like Bodytite. Gives fantastic results.

For contouring, we love the results from the Liposonix. Most patients are able to withstand the higher levels of the treatment and we have seen an average of 1-2 inches of circumference loss. The treatment not only reduces the fat in the area, but also tightens the skin due to the high frequency of the ultrasound.

02.6 | Unregistered Commentersw

Accent doesn't work. The concept of heating breaks down clinically and the amount of effort and time required by the operator are prohibitive and that's if the patient could tolerate the amount of energy needed which they cannot.

03.7 | Unregistered Commenterpowell56

YoloCurve is the clear choice for contouring. It is completely painless, completely non-invasive and most importantly, shows immediate results.

04.27 | Unregistered Commenterembla

There is no RF device that is FDA approved for body contouring, and RF devices are falsely advertised as RF lasers. There is no such thing.

If you check the FDA approvals for these devices, they are listed as electrosurgical units, including all predicate devices (Bovie, Valleylab Force series, etc). These devices are designed for high powered surgical cutting and cauterizing.

All the contouring devices do is re-direct this RF energy into a heating element- this is no different than applying a hot towel to your body for an extended period of time, and maintaining the temperature.

Basically- scientifically, these devices make absolutely no sense.

RF at 6MHz is targets skin tightening and 28KHz ultrasound is clearly the most effective frequency for emulsifying fat cells. The combination of the two is very effective and very affordable. "Minimally invasive" fractional RF is very expensive and obviously does not help with circumferential goals.

05.7 | Unregistered CommenterSofie

We have Zerona and Liposonix and are not happy with these devices. What other suggestions do you have for non-invasive body sculpting and how satisfied you are with it?

We have Coolsculpting and couldn't be happier! Our results have been incredible (Including my own). The company support is the best of any we've experienced. The price point for treatment is reasonably affordable for patients. We've had it for 7 months and are very very pleased with our choice. We did look into several other non-invasive body sculpting options and this one rose to the top.

07.4 | Unregistered Commentercurtis

I'm surprised to see some of the posts here, i have both Zerona and Accent and the results are phenomenal.
Keep in mind that the Zerona does body contouring while the Accent does skin tightening and cellulite reduction.
A few notes, Zerona is being advertised as 2 weeks program, most people wouldn't be impressed with their results after only 2 weeks. I do 12 or 18 treatments (4-6) weeks and the results are fantastic.
Another note, i would usually sell Zerona packages and mix in an Accent treatment once a week as well. The combination of the two gives amazing results plus mentally clients feel that something happens because of the Accent. I sometimes get complaints that they think the Zerona doesn't work because they don't feel anything. Funny thing, once i show them their before/after photos, they can't believe they lost that much.

07.4 | Registered Commenterflafson

We had the Zerona in our medspa & I've experienced the Venus Freeze treatments as well and was very disappointed in both. Clients were very unhappy and saw little if any result in the Zerona and I felt the same with the Venus Freeze. Don't waste your money or time. You don't want the hassle of unhappy clients or refund requests.

07.11 | Unregistered CommenterRikki K

@Rikki, did you see what i wrote? How many treatments did you give your clients that you say they were unhappy?
Did you take before/after photos and showed them? Did you measure before and after? Everything adds up.
I've tried MANY things on the market, if you know what you are doing, the Zerona is much better than anything else.

07.11 | Registered Commenterflafson

I've been in the aesthetic space for along time and seen many different technologies come and go. I've been working with (selling) the Reaction for 7 months as it has exceeded my expectations. I would not of signed on if I didn't see the fantastic results. I definitely set-up a free demo.

07.17 | Unregistered CommenterLaVecchia

CoolSculpting is effective. I would like to know what the community feels is the best non-invasive skin tightener for the body.

07.28 | Unregistered CommenterMP

Zerona is a complete waste. Vaser and Ulthera use ultrasound which has received decent reviews.Zeltiq (Cool Sculpting) uses cryo freezing technology and seems to have the leading results. At the end of the day there are really no quick fixes to fat outside of surgical liposuction, working out, and eating right.

08.1 | Unregistered CommenterDN

I truly believe in the Reaction by Viora with CORE technology, this really sets it apart from any other RF technologies on the market (whether uni-polar, mono-polar, bi-polar, tri or octo-polar). CORE has the ability to precisely target different depths of penetration (whether in the dermis, or fat layer) for the most controlled and precise treatment available.

I posted this under the Liposonix tab as well.
I am real provider, with real staff, with a real medical degree and reall value of making both money, paying off student loans and ethical treatment toward patients.
I have to agree with Mickey, I have not seen an RF make any difference at all....whether mono polar, unipolar, bipolar, Venus Freeze, Alma/Accent, Velashape, Velasmooth, Thermage,
It is akin to heating your skin and subQ tissues to moblize, destroy and resculpt fat.... I am glad that others have seen results, b/c I have NOT. PICTURES, MEASUREMENTS AND PERSONAL STORIES ARE NOT FACT. We would need temporary tatoo with rock solid measurements, before/after tissue sampling, etc
We have had a Thermage, Liposonix, Velashape, Venus Freeze and an Accent, tried others as well.
We have a Liposonix Bought it new. 120K with a thrown in Clear & Brilliant.
Wish I didn't I was hoping it worked better than RF and Freezing...which really don't work well at all and have some s/e like paresthesias, nerve damage, pain, etc.
I was hoping HIFU was the method for nonsurgical fat/cellulite reduction without a scalpel.
My take on Liposonix is that the company Solta DOESN'T TELL YOU is this:
1. You will have added cost of almost $10K/yr in continued warranty (so build that into your cost),
2. You can never sell if on open market b/c they have a recert fee (which is likely illegal if someone would pursue lawsuit like the old auto manufacturers of the 30-40-50's) and it breaks all the time with software, problems with heads (which they seem to have fixed a bit, or with error codes),
3. The disposable fees are just B.S......which are their bread and butter of making money.
Well, you cannot charge as much as they say for sure. Don't use their numbers, they don't work. Use your own numbers of patients, lower the charge by at least 1/3 and map out a business analysis for the addition of this (and any new laser service or investment)
The machine doesn't remove 1" of fat in 12 weeks, the MACHINE SEEMS TO HURT A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF PATIENTS that makes it unacceptable, unusable, problematic and require your staff & you to really walk the patients thru a severely painful situation despite percocet, demoral, toradol, ativan and even tumescent.
Yeap. As a matter of fact they just lowered their disposable price per head (was only #525 hits now #900, was around $5K now seemingly somewhat negotiable) b/c they realized that giving patients only x3 passes at 60 joules could not be tolerated in a significant # of patients
I think Soilta is concerned about one thing $$$$ first, then about telling you that they have another machine to purchase that just 'jkills it'
Beware, their model is to make money anyway they can initial sales, then disposables, then recert fee, then another machine, it is NOT a good business model.
Does anyone want to buy a Liposonix?
WIll sell it cheap - See more at:

The best non-invasive body contouring treatment out on the market is the Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser by LiLa. You will see results after a 20 minute treatment. This is an FDA approved product and you can read up on it at
It was FDA approved in Sept 2013. It is amazing. You can expect to lose 2 inches or more in a 20 minutes treatment - per treatment!!!
Feel free to email me if you need more help.

While the jury is still out on radio frequency both multi and mono polar, it seems Zerona is a complete waste. Vaser and Ulthera use ultrasound which has received decent reviews.Zeltiq (Cool Sculpting) uses cryo freezing technology and seems to have the leading results. At the end of the day there are really no quick fixes to fat outside of surgical liposuction, working out, and eating right.

01.31 | Unregistered Commenterdn869

Can someone tell me what the Ca requirements to do Endermologie are? I am going to be trained by LPG next month, they say all I need is certification from them, Anybody know ?

Jean Carruthers uses zeltiq cool sculpting in her clinic. Would the lady of botox use it if it didn't work ? Or am I being naive ?!

06.14 | Unregistered CommenterBenpal1

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