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Bodysculpting & Liposuction > ILipo

Has anyone used this machine for fat reduction? I need some feedback since i am planning to purchase it soon. thanks

11.8 | Unregistered CommenterS.R

I-Lipo is clinically proven. Shows up to 30% reduction in fat layer depth in ultra sound imagery. It has comparable results achieved by liposuction

06.18 | Unregistered Commenteraven272

I have an I-Lipo in our center and so far, our clients are satisfied with the outcomes. However, proper diet and exercise is still needed to achieve optimum results. Part of our program includes patients to join even a 30 minutes intense cardio workout--otherwise, it won't work. Highly recommended for patients with localized fat deposits only.

Does that mean that if your patients don't comply with their diet and exercise, this treatment won't work?

So if the patients don't do any exercise or diet the 'treatment' will not work. What happens if the patients do the exercise without having an iLipo treatment? Forgive me if I sound cynical, but it is obvious that people will lose weight if they exercise and eat properly. Or am I missing something????

10.16 | Unregistered Commenterhenllsmuth

S.R., save your money. I–Lipo has never been clinically proven. They only received FDA clearance by filling a significant equivalent to the Zerona Device. Better look elsewhere. Good luck!

With i-Lipo you identify the problem area/s like tummy, chin, thighs etc. Exercise and diet alone will reduce overall fat. It's targeted fat reduction.

11.9 | Unregistered Commenterjustin

I use the Ilipo non invasive laser and the patients love it for liposculpture.

04.18 | Unregistered Commenterbessie

I have been using i lipo at my clinic for over 2 years with good results. It works in combination with exercise and good eating habits.Patients should have realistic expectations though we have seen some great results

08.6 | Unregistered Commentergilani

The I-Lipo is a great modality to enter the non invasive body sculpting market. Treatments typically generate $1,700 to $2,100 per 8 treatment session, in most states, properly trained staff can operate the equipment. It is FDA cleared and delivers a 8% to 10% reduction in the treated area over the protocol. No pain, downtime most patients are candidates. 3 new Patients a week is about $240,000, consumables are nil.

09.30 | Unregistered Commenterrrj

I find 8-10% reduction too small for my patients. This one's got nothing to be excited about. How can you improve this result without altering the cost? I own an Ilipo laser and patients often opt for the minimally invasive laser Lipolysis with liposuction because of the predictability of the latter. The cost difference in Kenya is minimal.

10.12 | Unregistered CommenterLorna

Many patients are happy with this type of reduction without a surgical procedure. The product does not replace the procedures you are doing now but is an alternative for them. You could continue past the 8 treatments and increase the reduction, we see this in many situations. You may price these as you see fit based on your overhead costs etc. The labor required to run the equipment is low and in most situations can be lower cost to entry level people.

10.15 | Unregistered Commenterrrj

All these non invasive machines give a very subtle results if at all.the patient dissatisfaction rate is quite high specially with high expectations. The high cost does not justify investment.

10.20 | Unregistered Commenterlokesh

I also agree with lokesh that the results are not so promising compared to the cost of treatment. I have lost couple of clients due to slow results

It would not be accurate to lump these devices into one group or category. Many of these devices are not lasers, but LEDs. They do not perform on the same level as Lasers. The I-Lipo works very well as it is used in contact with the skin and uses Lasers, not LEDs. We see 8% to 12% reduction in the treated areas in 8 sessions in about 85% of Patients. Does it work for al; no. The I-Lipo delivers very good results in-line with its clinical studies and a vast majority of the Patients.

11.18 | Unregistered Commenterrrj

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