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Bodysculpting & Liposuction > average cc's of fat suctioned for smart lipo

Hello, I just met with a cyno rep today and discussed the smart lipo. I am interested in adding this to my practice. I live in an area that recomends all surgical centers become certified. If not you are limited to no more than 500cc of fat in any one session. I was wondering what the average amount removed is, i know the canister has the tumescent fluid in it and blood so you cant just measure the top level.
Thanks for your info

According to Robert Weiss, laser lipolysis with wave length of 923 is the best to melt fat. He recently presented his lecture in the IMCAS in July in Hong Kong. I believe Smart Lipo is of wave length 1064, most expert has now think 1064 is not the best wave length for fat. Although Dr. Weiss also endorsed 1320 ( Cool lipo) a spin off from the Cooltouch. The Slim Lipo which is using 924 and 975 is the one he lectured on. I recently started on using a laser from Korea with a wave length of 980, and I am getting quite a satisfactory result with minimal bruising and downtime. And most recently I am starting to test a machine from Germany called Quadrostar, they also give you 2 wave length to choose, 940 and 980, results awaits. But the consensus seems to be on 940 and 980, and they also give skin tightening besides lipolysis.

Coming back to your question, 500 cc removed, fat + tumescent liquid + blood is considered very safe. Safety is mainly related to Lidocaine toxicity, and the safe recommendation is 35 mg per Kg of body weight, that is the lower figure, it can go up to 55 mg per Kg body weight, but I would prefer a bigger cushion of safety. BUT please remember the dose is TOTALLY different for the face because of the vascularity of the face, expert quote a figure of 7 mg per Kg of total Lidocaine injected. As a new player to laser lipolysis, better be conservative and follow protocol from the experts.

09.2 | Unregistered CommenterDr. N


It is rare that I remove less than 500cc of fat with laser lipolysis. You will only be able to do very small areas such as small saddle bags or arms. You would be able to do only small abdomens. Check with your local laws and be sure. I do not know of any states that allow such a small amount of fat removal.

09.2 | Unregistered CommenterLH

thank you, my question is because in my state (ny) there are new laws regarding procedured being done outside a traditional OR. Many sites are getting surgical site credentialed, I asked the rep what if im not or it takes a year to get this credentialing and he said then you are limited to 500cc fat/pt/day. I know there would be tumescent fluid in the jar plus blood and fat but wasnt sure of the actual fat amount. I have seen a few procedures and the collection jar seems to be leveles at about 1100cc after an abdomen and armsor thighs . If after all that the fat content was only 500cc I would feel that I could practice within a reasonable standard of smart lipo without cheating the patients on the volume of fat loss they could get otherwise.

Dr. N and LH thank you for this info, I would really want to know the procedure completely before I start. Besides the preceptors for the laser co is there any auth. book I could read as well. Also, are there any independent preceptors
thank you again

500cc's of fat removal only? My husband has been doing laser lyposuction ever since Cooltouch received FDA aproval in May of 07', and if he only removed 500cc's of fat, his patients would have served his head on a platter. Are you writing about using the laser only, or laser with a power assisted cannula of some sort? (i.e. PALS, Vaser, BodyJet, Manual cannula...). I can just tell you with first hand experience of patients and their corresponding satisfaction rates as a patient care coordinator, that you would have to find some tiny candidates to only suck out 500cc's and have a lipo. patient happy with his/her results I'm talking about a woman that is a size 4 or less and they may still be unhappy. Actually, I had laser-assisted liposuction in 2007 myself, with lipo. on love handles and upper and lower abdomen. The amount taken out was 1100cc's and I fluctuate between a size 2-4. Any less than that and I would have not have been pleased to say the least. Could you set up an ambulatory surgery center first, then buy your equipment to perform your procedures? This way, you can best ensure patient safety, while providing the type of liposuction your patient's are going to be expecting. Most every patient we have ever had has wanted both the laser for tightening and fat to be taken out. If cost is a factor, are there any other Surgeons in your area that already have accreditation in their office? Could you possibly pay a fee for usage? Best wishes and good luck!
-Wendy Hovorka

09.2 | Unregistered Commenterwendyh

thank you wendy for the reply. I am going to speak to the rep in the morning to find if I didnt hear correctly. I know from some of the gi docs that getting accredited could take many months and in one case 2 years! When I asked the rep what the requirements for ny were he said dont worry most of the new physicians start offering the procedure and start the credentialing process. I thought he said you will be limited to 500cc but i could be wrong I just didnt know if that corresponded to a significant amount of lipid . I believe he was also talking about using a pals.
thanks again


Never trust the reps. They will tell you something even if it is wrong. Start with the state medical board and if you do not get a straight answer then have an attorney take a look at the laws.

I bought my first laser 7 years ago and the rep gave me wrong information on our state laws.

09.7 | Unregistered CommenterLH

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