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Esthetician & Skin Care Products > SilkPeel by Emed 

I met with two reps from SilkPeel today. Was able to test the unit on two models. Actually, I really enjoyed it and got a fabulous result. The patients loved it! Is anyone else using this ?

Would also like to discuss prices you were quoted for your units.

Am I alone in feeling like these units (MegaPeel, DermaSweep, HydraFacial, Vibraderm...etc) are way over priced for what they actually are? They're not even lasers!!!


Thanks again for the input...
02.28 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
Hey, way overpriced. The market is going down on the price of microdermabrasion. A very successful chain in our area is using a diamond head machine and only charging $70. At that rate we need to be buying cheaper equipment. Our spa decided to do regular micro at $75 and infused at $125. We love the silk peel for the infused, but we have the cheaper option for the sanding. By the way, to answer your question,we paid $14,500. Is that in line with your quote?
I agree with your concern in regards to system pricing, however there is a tremendous discrepancy in prices for the systems listed above ( it is worth exploring the different price structures). Some systems have the capabiltiy to do infusions and others do not or continue to use crystals. It is important to find out what the company is willing to do in order to help you drive business and seperate yourself from your competition. Also, depending on your geographic location, per treatment pricing varies tremendously.

If you look at pricing on any modality from 8-10 years ago, you will see that eventhough system prices seem high, they are either the same of in most cases lower than years past.

These are not lasers, but lasers also cost significantly more and though lasers generate large revenues, it is important to look at a few factors. Such as expense to practice, per treament price, and lenght of time before these systems can be payed off.

Thank you for you questions. Some of us in the industry feel these questions help keep everything in check.

The silk peel with my experienc has caused some hyperpigmentation due to suction. They have strong suction.

Traditional microdermabrasion is really a thing of the past. It should be crystal and suction free so that'it's easy to use, no worries about anything. And find one that comes with other modalities. Microdermabrasion alone these days dont'do much.

Check out systems that provide exofliation with LEDs, innovative systems that are easy to use, no sterilization of hoses, contaminants, because at the end you will have to upgrade some day with all these new technologies.


10.25 | Unregistered Commenteranais

I work with the JetPeel and find I like it the best due to using saline with infusions. No down time, no scratches, no allergic reactions and can be used in-btwn-visits. Alternating with dermaplaning can really bring great results!

12.4 | Unregistered CommenterRipper

I love the Silkpeel it is by far the best and th highest in ROI. Everything is backed on science hyrdrofacial is a pure knock off. I love my silkpeel and annually I make an extra 115 k :) very happy

I'm practicing in Malaysia and just starting my own Aesthetic practice. A rep here quoted USD16500 for the silk peel. Another company gave an option for a separates set i.e., a diamond microdermabrader and an infuser machine for almost half the price of the Silk peel. Anyone here using a separate infusor machine after dermabrasion?

Appreciate your input.

12.14 | Unregistered Commentermatt

Need some advice. Which is better the Silk Peel or the HydraFacial and why?


I am an esthetician for the past 12 years and I think everything too hard on the skin can cause skin-problems.

- Light therapy can cause hyperpigmentation ( LED)

- Light peels can cause hyperpigmentation

- computer lights ( lights in general ) can cause hyperpigmentation

- hard suction can bring up JetPeel





Dear Dr,
I am dealing with silkpeel for the past 2 years and I think that SilkPeel is an excellent machine interms of the result.I am very pleased with this technology.Anyone in Malaysia would want to know more can contact me at 016-2065890 or email me at

06.22 | Unregistered Commenterdavid teh

If anyone is looking for a very favorable acquisition cost for a SilkPeel, I have a demo unit available for under $10K. If interested, contact me at or via cell at 561-723-1143. Thanks, BT

What is a silkpeel worth used when it is 5 years old....

According to my 1 year experience with silkpeel, I had 2 conclusions
1. Don't rely on emed's solution, it give you a subtle result. I've broken my guarantee and research for others new solution with far more better than emed.
2. Don't use it with any photo-acoustic laser methods. It'll double time for PIH.

Hi dr Joup ,
I'm planning to get silk peel so that my staff have something to do . I heard from my peers that don't really rely on emed solution.
Now they come out with Vit C solution.
Anyway , are you willing to share your experience and your "cocktail" of silk peel solutions?

10.15 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

first of all, you may contact your local dental supplier. They had many solution which may cleanse your system. According to my understanding, it may cross apply to each and dental cleansing solution is more patients friendly.
For other cocktail, you may use any of your formula or add some mesotherapy solution to your current emed's. I suggest growth factor or any peptides added to emed's solution.

That's very interesting what you say Dr. I work with SP now 2 years. please introduce me little more to the ''coctail' subject. Also for what kind of the skin you decided to make a changes and how strong they were? I am only one therapist in United Kingdom, and can't exhange experience with any one here :/

10.22 | Unregistered Commentertherapist

The easiest way is to add some growth factor to your current solution. Usually I'll use about 1-2 cc of EGF in 2ppm concentration. You may try others growth factors there but, EGF is a must.

thats a great tip

10.23 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

Hi dr joup..
I try to look for EGF in malaysia..but i cant find any supplier...or distributor..
there are alot from china and korea...( from internet)
can you recommend which company or product that i should consider??

10.26 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

I'm using products from caregen. You may find distributor in their website,

thanks again for the info
I have emailed them..and hopefully they get to me soon !!

10.27 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

RT@Dr. Shah
I've ask for Singapore and Malaysia's distributor, you may contact them at

really appreciate it so much

10.28 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah doesnt exist..i try emailing them..

10.28 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

sorry they exist...typo...

10.28 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

Hi dr Joup...
I manage to get hold of caregen product ..
there are 2 type...1 is for rejuvenation and the other is whitening..which the main ingredient is arbutain..
anyway...initially i mix the whole ampule of EGF and peptides with the silkpeel solutions..and use it for 2 patients..
now when I read back the thread..u recommend 1-2 mls
I guess I over doit...
anymore tips ?

11.24 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

@ Dr Shah
It's depend on how much solution did you apply to one patient? I usually use about 1 bottle / 4-5 patients so, 1 bottle of iDerm SR is ok for each bottle. If you are using more than that, you may reduce amount of your EGF. Another idea is make it yourself by add both iDerm SB and SR mix them with NSS for a whole bottle, I think it had a better result than vitamin c solution from emed. How about the result?

hmm..well last time the rep told me ...not to mix sb and sr ...but if U say it give a good results...then...i believe U ...
I use 1 solution for 3 patients..
what is NSS??
well all the patient I started with solution + iderm either sr or ..i cant compare...
so far..the patient ..kinda like the instant results... no complaints..
I have 1 patient who have a nasty acne... the rep told me to do salicylic solution every 2 weeks...
is it wise to do it weekly? ..or 2 weekly?

11.24 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

@Dr Shah
NSS=Normal Saline Solution
If your patients are dark skin group, don't do it every week. They tend to got more PIH like common microdermabrasion.
As for vit C + SR, you'll need 3-5 days to see the optimal result. However, SB didn't has any EGF, they contain only alpha arbutin and licorice pt40.

does salicylic acid + SR will give good results for acne patients? do I do it weekly or every 2 weeks? I dont have PDT ..i have ipl...any other combination treatment good for pustule acne?

11.24 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

@Dr Shah
Try IPL with 530 filter after silkpeel, IMHO SR not work for acne.

@Dr Shah , decreased IPL power to 70%-80% of what you usually use.

ok thanks...
great advice

11.25 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

hi dr Joup
few of patients develop "pimple" like problems at their face ..few days after silkpeel. previously they were doing aha peel and have no prob. anyway , they also recently buy a sunblock from me..
could it be due to the silkpeel..or sunblock...or ?
and what is your advice ?

12.6 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

@Dr Shah
Try decrease vacuum level or give antibiotic for any suspected acne-prone patients after silkpeel, otherwise you have to test your sunscreen for comedogenic factor.

i suspect the sunblock the culprit ...
thanks for the advice

12.6 | Unregistered CommenterDr Shah

I have experience with many microderm machines as well as their companies. I can educate you on just about any unit out there as I have many units myself available at:

Dont buy anything until you know whats available!!!

Could anyone please give me a recommendation for a diamond peel machine. The Viora is now 14,000 and I am not sure if I need to spend that much, does anyone have one and can confirm its worth the money ? I currently have a Diamondtome, but feel I need to upgrade.

Thanks Deborah

Dear Dr Joup,
The silkpeel solution from Emed is supply by Benev in year 2006.Subsequently,we find that the solution contain alot of impurities and we stop using them.We have change to a new supplier from US which come in 125ml bottle.I believe you are still using the Benev solution(400ml).
We have also produces the new Lumixyl Brightening Formula solution for Silkpeel which give a very good result.This soultion contain Decapeptite and can get more info from
Pls feel free to contact me at if you need further info.

06.23 | Unregistered Commenterdavid teh

@David Teh
Thanks for yiur advice, can you ship to Thailand?

06.25 | Unregistered CommenterDrJoop

Dear Dr Joup,
Pls contact me through


07.10 | Unregistered Commenterdavid teh

We looked at the Hydrafacial and The SilkPeel MD. We ended up buying the SilkPeel MD model. It produces nice results. We charge $130/treatment, which I think is a little bit much maybe, thats what they suggest, but when you tell people, they have many whoa's about it. And other places in town have cheaper microderms available. I don't think the general public understands the concept of dermal infusion, and you can explain it, but in the end, to many its still "just a microderm" to get the dead skin off. And most won't pay it everymonth or 6 weeks. We have no other option available for people if they are just looking for "a microderm". Something to think about I guess. We also have the body part of the SilkPeel, DON'T purchase this! People are just not interested and if they are, you can you the normal heads, it may just take a little more time. The body heads are a waste.

Please comment if you have a Viora Pristine dermabrasion machine. Just wondering why this Isreal made machine is costly as compared to the China made machine. Practioners who use this machine... do you find it better than their cheaper model? Thanks

09.19 | Unregistered CommenterEarth

The hydrafacial is WONDERFUL. I'm an aesthetic nurse, who's worked with lasers and has had laser txs, chemical peels (30% tCA) and microderm/facials. The hydrafacial is the only tx I've had that actually rejuvenated my skin with immediate results and no down time. Hands down, it is the best non-ablative skin resurfacing, dermal infusion system I've ever been introduced to and will recommend it to anyone as it can be used for all skin types.

Hello, I am using silkpeel for a year and have many problems with the heand pice. Anyone have the same problems?

01.25 | Unregistered Commenterkat

I have been using SILKPEEL for 5 years and I ave found is the best system in the market, and all my patients can see a difference on their skin after 4 treatments,also you can do it in all body, with the new attachement!
I love it!!!!!

04.25 | Unregistered CommenterEva

Anyone having experience with the mini vac- ep system from ecleris, which has crystal free dermabrasion and electroporation , are the results comparable with silk peel ? thanks

06.1 | Unregistered Commenterdermdoc

I prefer the patented DiamondTome systems with the HydroWand attachment.

02.13 | Unregistered CommenterPam

Hi Every One,
I've 1 year old Silk Peel (Clean interior & Exterior and Serviced 3x annually). The diamond heads are still in good condition. Kindly drop an email if you want to purchase it. By the way, the Silkpeel's location is in Malaysia. Email>

03.14 | Unregistered CommenterStephen L

I have 2 SilkPeels. 1 is the most current model and has body attachments, the other has been totally refurbished and upgraded by EMed, then not used. I simply have too much equipment and would like to sell one of my SilkPeels. I have a small high end esthetic practice and my equipment is very gently used and perfectly maintained. Please let me know if you are interested. A good value for sure. (Colorado)

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