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Esthetician & Skin Care Products > Skincare Insanity!!!

Would love your responses on the following lines. I have met with all the reps, sampled the product, but would love to hear from those of you already implementing the following lines in your practices:

1. IS Clinical (Innovative Skincare) Another branch off from the original Skinceauticals gang. Only one cleanser in the line. They do a lot of work with skin cancer though, which I find alluring. They have an ultra healing serum that is up for FDA approval for radiation dermatitis. The usual serums... A cream based peel, but has glycolic. Eye Complex is amazing and so is their marketing and advertising. Check out the Youth Complex ad in New Beauty. DO have a powder spf 30 like Colorscience, but spreads much more nicely.

2. Skin Medica: Beautiful Packaging. Patenting HGH technology. Great lip plumper set that can be sold with your filler injections. Dermal Repair is amazing for mature/oil dry skin. Acne toner has no comparison.
I am interested in their pharmaceautical prodcuts Micro Epicuin (hydro-Q with retinol...4 week cycle) and their micro benzoyle peroxides...anyone using these?

3. Therapon: Packaging horrible. 70% lactic peel amazing. Great results and user friendly. Have gotten some great lightening with both melasma based hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The OPC repair gel is phenomenol. You can apply it right after any peel or laser procedure and you don't feel a thing! Plus, it's awesome as a water based hydrating moisturizer for oily skin. Otherwise...I'd leave the rest of the products to the side. I am attending a full day lecture with them on Friday though, so I'll report back.

4. Dermalogica.... I know..I know...they're not your stereotypical physician's grade skin care, but seriously...I consistantly get happy patients with their products! Plus they have an amazing back bar if your practice is perfomring clinical facials with desincrustation and iontophoresis (post bleph especially). Their sunscreen selection is unsurpassed in my book. They have a sunscreen for any skin type or condition out there.

Alright- so what products does everyone else like out there? Our clinic is looking to incorporate two more lines.

Thanks so much for your input and advice.
01.29 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
Can't speak for any of the products other than SkinMEdica. Their TNS is one of our most popular products. That probably has to do that our RN's love it. You will find that the products you or your staff love will tend to sell better. We also use SkinCeuticals because they love CE Freulic. We use a sunblock from Laroche Posey that seems to do well. We have also just started using our own private label since the margins are so much better. We use CVI in Dallas.
01.29 | Unregistered Commenterdexter
Just started looking at the skin care lines and mineral make up. Any suggestions on product lines (prefer something you can't purchase on line).
01.29 | Unregistered CommenterChrisite
I'm getting addicted to this site. As far as makeup, there is Jane Eiredale and Glo Minerals. We currently have Eiredale but are changing to Glo.
01.29 | Unregistered Commenterdexter
Thanks for the input everyone. Dex, I would not recommend Glo. Beauty salons carry it, their color palette is horrible, and their liquid foundation is like diesel fuel to spread on the skin!!! LOL... They are becoming a salon line.

Jane Iredale foundation is like caking plaster of Paris on your skin! Their color palette is awesome though. And the pigment in their eyeshadows and lip products are great.

I have come to love TRUE ( They DO NOT sell online. They are a mineral makeup deviation from Trish MacEvoy. Really neat edgy products. PLUS, they have idebenone laced into the powders. For those of you with oily skin, you'll probably find the powders too irredescent.

I worked with Skinceauticals for two years and was just not impressed. Plus, if your staff isn't properly trained on the cosmetic chemistry you can really compromise the sensitivity of patient's skin.

Will comment more later! lol....
01.29 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
Hello, I've been looking at mineralogi and Pur mineral. I have been using the mineral foundations pressed powder and loose from Cosmedix and love the quality. I'm hoping they will expand their makeup to pressed eye shadows, lip colors etc.
I think their skin care line is excellent, it does require patient education and I usually give them a small sample first then teach them how to add products to their regime. These products are all supportive of their peels. They have 5 or 6 unique peels that are very effective and the nice thing is they are depositing antioxidants into the skin. I have read that Co Q10 is possibly more effective than Idebenone, and that Idebenone has become another marketing effort, but still a good ingredient. I have first hand experience w/ the efficacy of the Cosmedix products and I was impressed with the changes to my skin and to many of my clients skin, you do have to be careful however because the ingredients are very active and need to combined w/ some knowledge of the products.
01.29 | Unregistered Commentermarytb
Thanks Midwest. I'll check into your recommendations.
01.30 | Unregistered Commenterdexter
Has anyone heard of Skin Sense Oxygen Botanicals? They offer skin care lines and mineral make up. Any good recommendations on microderm equipment and a supplier for chemical peels?
01.30 | Unregistered CommenterCHRISTIE
I carried skin sense and used it in past...switched to SkinCueticals. Happy me and Clients....
01.30 | Unregistered CommenterSC
Wanted to send this link out to everyone. Two weeks ago I met with a rep from Therapon Skincare. They have about four lines within the product line. THERADERM is a more clinical based skincare lines, and then their is an acne line, outdoor line, and body line.

1. the packaging is terrible and I would never take on the entire line because I think the products are average.

2. the body line contain highly refined lanolin that irritates a lot of people's skin

3. the acne line is nice because it has lactic acid along with salycilic, which has gotten me and several patients great results with issues of 'conjestion', but not active inflammed acne...(still study on benzoyl peroxide applications for that)

4. the lactic peel is, frankly, awesome. (the pH is high to accomodate the concentration) but it takes the fear out of dealing with PIH.

5. the product that I do RAVE about is the OPC reparative gel. It does seem pretty standard..hylauronic acid based..yadah yadah...but man, this stuff really works! I have put it on myself immediately post peel and their is absolutetly NO uncomfortable stinging or burning. I think it's a really beneficial post peel, micro, laser product. check it out at

Is anyone also using it?

I am attending an all day workshop by Therapon on Friday. Hands on lec/demo with their Jessners Peel and Lactic. A Plastic is speaking about skincare protocols post various procedures and the application for Radiesse. (the whole non-surgical rhinoplasty craze I'm sure). I will report back to this site of my finding upon my return.

So basically, I would recommend the purchase of the Theraderm Jessners Peel, Lactic Peel, and purchasing a 16 oz backbar of the OPC Reparative Gel for all post procedure.

Other than those products, I'd leave the rest of the line behind.

;) Midwest
01.31 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
IS Clinical has a couple of nice products, but are not that easy to deal with and they are always comparing them selves to Skinceuticals. It is actually sad because they could stand on their own merit especially with Active Serum and Super Serum.

Skinceuticals was a great line before L'Oreal bought them. Look at what Loreal did to la Roche Possey, enough said. But the gel peels are the most efficient on the market. The senior sales reps were excellent.

Skinmedica works especially tns and the peel. It is developed by Richard Fitzpatrick.

Dermalogica? Seriously. Yes it does bring people in, but they have nothing in terms of clinical. Other then that it is nice for the fluffy stuff and low price points.

Go PL, but not with Topix, that is crap. Work with Covalance out of Arizona, to customize formula's and CBI makes medical grade and are nice.

Mineral makeup is good and jane Iredale colors are nice, but true about the foundation. Try Colorscience instead.
01.31 | Unregistered Commenterskin girl
Does anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive zinc sunscreen that isn't pastey and loaded w/ chemicals for post laser? I know some excellent expensive ones.
Thank you,
01.31 | Unregistered Commentermarytb
anyone used BelleDerm?? what did you think??
02.2 | Unregistered Commenterls
Skin Girl,
I used to totally be on your side about Dermalogica until I tried the entire line. I got 'Mapped' out in LA and on a whim, bought what was recommended. My skin has never been in better condition. I never recommend products I don't use and it has earned me a great rep in my community. Believe me, I WANT to be that person that says you have to use physican recommended skin care. There is definately a time and place for strong active ingredients, but sometimes the best thing we can do for the skin is protect its current state, maintain the barrier function, and not compromise it. If I can offer that to patients in the guise of an incredibly effective, middle cost, and frankly fun and accessible product...HELL YEAH! I'm going to. That being said, I bring out the 'big guns' when our patients need them, but so many of them are so happy with this skin care line. Plus, Dermalogica doesn't sell around you. Patients need to come to you to get the products. I think this philosophy is very responsible and I respect the company for standing up for itself and its accounts.

All I can say...don't diss it before you try it. I am paid to be a product junkie. I am my patient's guinea pig. I am proud to offer them cost effective responsible products when it suits their conditions and concerns. I do not hesitate to offer 'clinical' products when a mutual decision is reached that it is what is best for their skin.

In this day and age "CLINICAL" is completely subjective. It's on every label. The proof is in the tangible and observational results, not in a preconcieved notion.

02.2 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
Regarding Therapon. I echo everyone’s remarks regarding the OPC gel! Fabulous. I also love the Fruit Acid Exfoliator! I swear the exfoliator and OPC gel combo will put me out of the Laser peel business. I send every peel home with their sample package. They can immediately post peel, use the cleanser and the OPC gel. And after their skin has healed and when they are ready they can start to use the exofoliator.

I know that the packaging is very simple but I actually love it! It’s not too girly! Or too medical. I prefer the clean lines.
I totally agree after attending the Therapon conferance. The fruit enzyme is fabulous. Are you using their Jessners and Lactic peels in your clinic. Are you combining the Jessner's with TCA?. Would love your insight on protocols.

02.3 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
We actually only do Laser Peels at this time. We have the fully loaded sciton laser and use the erbium for all our peels. Our protocol is to combine different Laser therapies with the peel for outstanding collagen stimulation and results. We can do as little as 2 microns but usually start with a 10 micron. We get such fabulous results and happy clients using the erbium we haven't found the need to add chemical peels yet. We are open however to the possiblity.

As far as post laser sunscreen, the best I have found is a 17% micronized zinc made by Topix pharmaceuticals..

06.5 | Unregistered Commenterjill

In regards to an awesome skincare product line, check out VIVIER SKIN. This line is by far the best on the market. It is a pharmacutical skincare line & Dr. Exclusive. The name of the company is Vivier Pharma. My friend who recently opened a medical spa came across the product & has tried them all: Skinceuticals, IS Clinical, La-Roche, Neostrata, Phytomer, Dermalogica, you name it. She said that the quality of Vivier Skin is phenomenal & has seen the greatest results! Due to the ingredients, formulations, molecules, & science behind the product. This pharmaceutical skincare is outstanding & will continue to grow in the market in the next year! It will continue to be regulated only in physician directed offices & I will gaurantee you that you'll see it!

02.7 | Unregistered CommenterKari

We have carried bellederm in the past. You can get the exact same products thru Bionet and it costs less and you can have your own private label. The only 2 products that we couldn't find with Bionet that Bellederm carries is the enzyme peel and intense eye cream. Does anyone know who makes these products for Bellederm? We have been very happy with glo therapeutics and celex-c and the training and support has been much better than with Bellederm.

04.5 | Unregistered Commentermdspa

About Dermalogica:

I have used them for 18 (!) years and I am sad to say that they used to not sell around us ... no longer. Haven't you noticed that they are found online allover the place -,, etc. They even announced on the last Profit Flash that they allow deeper discounts to "some" accounts "based on volume"!!! Which basically says that if you aren't buying over $10,000 per month, then you don't get the deep discounts and the clients/patients you've spent time recommending products to will simply look online to "buy them cheaper". It's happened to me already! Thanks for they loyalty dermalogica.

04.10 | Unregistered CommenterSkinPro

I discovered an amazing skin care line from Italy all natural, pure ingredients by the name of Domina skin care. They are easy to work with, no opening order, packaging is high end, their filler gel product is to die for can't keep it on my shelve . My contact has been in the skin care market forever he has great ideas and suggestions to help sell through products. Very happy with them they have a complete line of products. I would recommend you look them up ask to speak with Darnell he is the best.

04.5 | Unregistered CommenterKraken

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