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We just purchased a hydrafacial system. Given the costs of the consumables, has anyone found an alternative source for the serums? Does anyone reuse the tips? Do you sanitize or sterilize them?

I had the same reservations when I originally purchased the Hydrafacial machine until I found out that if you use any other serums through the machine, it automatically voids your warranty. And with how often we use the machine, the warranty came in handy. Also the tips are disposable so they are the safest way to prevent cross-contamination between customers. It also helps comfort them because they'll know that those tips are clean and new each time. Not to mention the blade-like surface on the tips that become dull and don't exfoliate the skin as well as they did after the first use. Try calling your rep and asking if they have a first-order deal for you. Or get on Edge's e-mail list because every monthly newsletter has a monthly promotion in it. Good luck!

I own a HydraFacial Nectre & since I purchased from a private party, I have no warranty. I, too am VERY INTERESTED in "cocktailing" highly effective solutions for my unit. I know I am not the ONLY person who feels the need to search for affordable. but effective alternatives to the factory solutions. I am in need of solutions NOW, so if anyone has solutions that are not expired they wish to sell or has created their own results-oriented solutions, contact me at I welcome your input!

01.15 | Registered CommenterLa Tricia

A new company does offer serums for hydrafacial users which are improved and less expensive. 16oz bottles instead of 8 oz bottles for $35.00. Warranty issues are only for first year and main issue is the clogging from using expensive cartridges. These are thicker serums which really don't stay on skin and are immediately vacuumed up into lines causing clogging. The tips should be disposed, single use but they are no very good exfoliators, very smooth surface.

If you purchased a unit outside of company they will not warranty unit nor supply unit making it difficult.

Serums alternative found at

Sorry for bumping an old thread but I was wondering if someone could help me out with the cost of Hydrafacial consumables in the US. I am in another country and my local distributor is charging me $60 for Activ-4 and Beta-HD and $95 for Antiox-6. A pack of 6 Glysal Prep Peel (i.e. 1 box) costs me $125.

04.30 | Unregistered CommenterX-mind 20

Our clinic just purchased a serum / aqua based unit that is very cost effective, much better value than the over priced hydra unit. Actually found this company , Ageless Serums that has serums for our hydra unit so we tried them first. We found that we could lower our cost to provide and thus increase our profitability. The serum cost was unbelievable, half the price, twice the size plus additional updated serums.

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