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Esthetician & Skin Care Products > Image Skin Care Products?

I'm considering a job at a dear friends practice. I'll be in charge of all the inventory and skin care products. What do you guys think of Image Skin care products?

Have tried image in our practice. Think it is a good product line but is overpriced for what you get. Suggest trying some of the pharmaceutical companies and have the products private branded. That has worked well for us. Than way you don't get someone hooked on a product only to have them find it cheaper elsewhere.

08.18 | Unregistered Commenterpfbrn

We work with DermaQuest skincare and chemical peels. The price/quality ratio is very good. I discovered at the AAD where I bought an age kit. I was sold after using it. Beyond this we work with Lycogel as we dont need a broad mineral make-up line as we really only wanted a product to use after our laser treatments. Our patients really love it. Good luck.

08.19 | Unregistered CommenterRT

I love DermaQuest-awesome line, we sell through it pretty quickly. It is about 5-9% of our biz depending on the month.

I have been a very loyal Image Skincare user for over 5 years and I would recommend it to anyone. I've used many products in my lifetime and when I finally went to school for Aesthetics I was hooked! You can use the products to fit your skincare needs. I swear by the Vital C Anti Aging Serum. I think the pricing is actually very reasonable and a little goes a very long way. Plus their peels are amazing. Take a course or watch the owner speak at a convention.

08.26 | Unregistered CommenterJanine

Good skin care products....customer service:-(

01.13 | Registered CommenterEmily Dunn

Image is a great line, if you are concerned meet with an Image rep and they should be able to give you some training and education on the products. I have worked with several skin care lines and I personally use Image on my own skin (along with obagi), and I love Image in my backbar. I love the lightening serum with the anti aging serum smells and feels great and I see amazing results!

I currently offer the Jan Marini Skin Care products, but would like to also offer a makeup line to my medical spa clients. I need a representative that will come and train/demonstrate their product line. Any suggestions/ideas would be much appreciated. I am located in Kentucky.

02.6 | Unregistered CommenterJLC

Hi, if you want a mineral make-up range i would suggest dermaminerals by dermaquest.
However if you are not interested in all the accesories such us lip sticks etc and just want a medical camouflage that is also suitable to use as daily makeup then i would suggest
good luck.

02.12 | Unregistered CommenterRT

What are some of the top cosmoceuticals used?
Are there any comparison charts?

I use Image at home and love their products. I like their short but active ingredient list. I like the smell and consistency. And I like that they don't use all the ingredients i try to avoid - silicones, parabens etc.

Image Skincare is the ONLY skincare I will use personally and carry at my day spa. If you don't use it personally, you need to start because anything you have bought previously will be knocked out of the water! This skincare has the ingredients dead on and perfected- If you are an ingredient junkie you will understand :). They are inexpensive not only for you but for your clients as well because they actually work and since they are so concentrated, they last a very long time also. The chemical peels are incredible as well!

I have always been successful with Image. The price point is affordable and the results and client satisfaction are always great. My new love is ZO Skin Health. I always believe in offering multiple lines, when clients are given a choice (and not limited) the "sale" is more successful.

I have been using Domina Skin Care line for Italy the products are result driven, the company is easy to work with, they provides training,samples, marketing support, no minimum order. They have a Filler Gel that is out of this world can't keep on on the shelves. I would highland recommend them.

08.4 | Unregistered CommenterKraven

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